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Mar 28, 2005 @ 18:49
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May 30, 2005
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My name is Dick Osso. I am the Brockton High School Planetarium Director. Besides the 35 years I have been teaching astronomy here at the school, for 12 years I was the chief videographer and editor for an outdoor fishing show here in the Boston market.

With my 35 years of instructing kids in the correct way of thinking about Space Science, and the fact that all schools are under the pressure of high stakes testing, I want to create a DVD project of cartoon characters instructing the best way to understand astronomy’s abstract nature.

“Why are we cold in the Winter & Warm in the Summer?”

“What makes the Sun come up each day?”

“What makes the Moon change during the Month?”

“Where is the Sun at noontime?”

“Why do Eclipses occur?”

“Prove that the Earth Spins!”

I am old enough to remember the 1950s cartoon-live action series…ie….”Our Mr. Sun”, “Hemo, The Magnificent”, “Unchanned Goddess” and several more.

The kids were entertained, but they were instructed in the real reasons why

science does what it does.

I’ve thought about this for years and wanted to do this project. NOW…..through cartoons.

Animations are now big in the movies….so I know I’m right on this.

I have three titles in mind.

The first one is about Space Science. The next two themes are “Rocks &

Minerals” and “Weather”

We are creating a DEMO DVD. This will provide about 10% of the real project. As we knock on doors for corporate funding, they will get enough of the concept and meet our characters.

This will be geared nationally to 4-8 graders.

Elementary teachers are the least prepared of all teachers to handle science. They spend their day on reading, writing and some math. 2 hours a week, maybe, they have to do science. BUT SCIENCE is on all the exams.

Remember…………“No Child Left Behind” ????????????????

Among all the things that I do and did, I instructed teachers as an off campus state college professor. So I know what they need and don’t know.

I will direct you to a couple of links down below to show you what we are doing. For characters, we have:

Mr Earth, Moon, Sun, a Funny Guy, 5 kids (Hispanic girl, Hispanic male, African American male, A A female, White male)…..a magic doorway so through time travel, we can bring historical teachers to the present

to help the kids… Mr. Isaac Newton, Galileo and Einstein.

We are blending humor with the kids who give all the typical wrong answers that I’ve heard in 35 years. The celestial characters will demonstrate the correct understanding. AND…we bring back the historical teachers to prove a point.

I have a couple of musicians who play the 1950s instrument THEREMIN. They are providing background music with this wonderful instrument. I have some people helping with voices.

This DVD will also have Interactive diagrams so kids can see all the options and reasons for each concept. There will be games, and puzzles. There will be paper labs teachers can print off the DVD for added activity. This designed for multiple copies, not as a single DVD to watch.

Here is the question and the deal. As I am funding this out of my pocket,

everyone realizes that as a teacher, I can’t do it. All those who want to help are doing so as Spec for a payday once we get funded by a company.

What would I need From You ?

I could use your skills to bring these characters to life.

Because this demo is about 10% of the final product, selected characters will have several lines, or a couple or one to say. I will be asking for a few voice over talents for variety and flexibility, in case

someone’s schedule is filled or they choose NOT to do something on spec.

Getting paid on the spot is understandable. On my teacher’s salary, I cannot fund this to do it right. I realize that I only have one chance to make an impression once inside the corporate door. That is why I am asking if you could see yourself helping out now as spec, for a future payday…..

We know who we are going to make our presentations for, now we have to be sure that we can bring a product to them that will get them excited.

I've seen and read a lot of your Bio material and your credentials are excellent. I could easily see that you're in demand and get paid accordingly. I have had a amateurs say they want to try and do the voices, but it is your professional skills that will make our demo FLY. Will professionals like yourselves work on spec ? I’m not sure, but I guess if I don't ask, I'll never know.

Once we get funded, I go back and book you for more dialogue and pay the rate. Again, as long it is not a budget buster. I’ve worked Broadcast TV, so I know what I’ll need for a budget and it will realistically cover voice over talent.

So that you can see what this is about and where we are, I will give you the links below. Follow them, look at the work and let me know if you can help or not. Either way, I will understand.

The sale on these DVDs will be national in scope. I don’t see anything like this out there. I asked you, because you can do characters and this would give you the opportunity to “strut your stuff”.

Thank you for allowing me to reach you and read through this. We are a few weeks away from finalizing all the animation scripts and other clips. At that point, I have to know who I have so I can set up the dialogue for voiceovers. I have kids and a few adults in mind, but your professionalism and skills will make it work and bring life to these characters. So that is the question of working on this Demo as spec to close the deal with a company.

I can be reached at the following addresses:

Dick Osso

508-580-7619W – noon – 2:30pm EST


School Web Site

Who I am

Animator Bruce Monahan and his recent updates on the OPENING Storyboard...

This is the menu page. You will have to download it as well as the link into a

temp folder to play and watch….

Several of the animated clips have been created. If you need to see more, we can send you what we have already, but hopefully, you can see what this is about.

Thank You and Best Wishes,

Dick Osso

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