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Jan 13, 2007 @ 12:45
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Jan 16, 2007
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We are a Golf Company that provides products and services for golf outings on a national level.

Golf Invite was created to simplify that process by providing you quality products and services for all of your golf event needs. We are looking for a voiceover for our website demo.

View current demo here

The section titles do not need to be read.

Word Count: approximately 2000


INTRO: (showing Event Site Sample)

Welcome to Golf Invite, The Complete Golf Event Planning Solution!

The Golf Invite Event Website Tool has been designed with the Tournament Director in mind. In addition to receiving a custom event website, you are given valuable tools to help you promote, manage, and track every aspect of your event.

The example you see is a completed Custom Event Website. We provide you the tools to drop in your event logo, customize the body of the site, enter unlimited Website Sponsors and provide your invitees the ability to register and pay on-line. You have complete control of the event site and management tools.

The Event Management tools are broken down into sections to help you easily navigate and administer all the functions of the site. Along with the new tutorials and live on-line customer service, Golf Invite is committed to helping you achieve a successful golf event.

The red Preview My Event button in the top right will show you what the Event Site looks like. So when you are creating the site you can quickly see how your changes and updates look.

Here is how it works!


The create event section walks you through the steps in setting up your event site.

The first step is the Details. This section will allow you to add and edit the name of your event, web address, player capacity and other event details that are important to your event site.

The second step, Homepage, allows you to put in your organization name, web address and event logo, along with customizing the body of the site. Useful tools are in place to help you design the even site, import images, create links and much more. Just click Update Homepage content at the bottom and all your changes will immediately upload to your site.

The NEW Menu Section is extremely helpful in setting up the Event Pricing options that you offer. From Individual Price, Foursome Price, Member and Non-Member price you have complete control of customizing your pricing menu.

The Sponsorships section gives you the opportunity to promote and sell your entire sponsorship menu on-line. One valuable new feature allows you to enter a Sponsorship that includes golfers in the event. You can enter the number of players that are included for each sponsorship. So when they register for a sponsorship it will ask them for the player’s information and drop them into the Team pairings.

The Website Sponsors section gives you the ability to upload unlimited sponsor logos and links that will rotate on a banner in the upper right hand corner of the event site. People visiting the site will be able to click on the logos and go directly to the sponsor’s website. Now you can sell multiple Website Sponsors, which we have had outings sell from $500 to $5,000, offsetting the $295 price of Golf Invite and generating even more money for your organization.

The next step is the Payment Setup. You can select the credit cards that your merchant account accepts and the Golf Invite site will capture that information on a secure site and allow you to export that information for processing. Or we have integrated Paypal for those groups who do not have credit card processing capabilities. If Paypal is selected, the participant will be prompted to click the Paypal pay by credit card button. Allowing them to enter their credit card online and Paypal will process the transaction and transfer the money into your organizations Paypal account. The Check section allows you to enter where to make checks payable to and where to send the check if someone prefers mailing in their payment.

The Data Collection is a new feature that allows you to select what type of contact information you would like to Require, Not Require or make optional during the registration process. Another example of Golf Invite giving you complete control of what is important for your event.

Custom Questions is a valuable section that provides you the ability to ask any type of custom question during the registration process. You can capture shirts sizes, handicaps, marketing information, food selections, rental set needs and whatever additional information you need. Under Reports section you can generate an advanced report showing the answers to all your questions.


Let’s look at the Invite section and how you can utilize this tool to help promote and recruit golfers, sponsors and donors for your event.

The Invitee Lists is where you can Add Invitees names and e-mails, Import your entire database, and add previous invitees if you have already sent out an invite. The instructions are clearly stated to help you in importing your entire database. When your list is completed, click on Send Invitation tab and you will see where you can Send the Default invitation, showcasing your event logo, Name, date, link to your site and the chance to decline if they can not make the event. If you are interested in customizing the invitation, click on Create Custom Invitation and you will be given the area to drop in images, letter, and information you would like then click Create Custom Invitation on the bottom. You will then be able to preview the invitation before you send it out.

A new feature, Get Archived Invitations is where all your past invitations sent are stored so you can go in and select, make any changes and send it out again. Using this Invitation tool will help complement your golf brochure, increase on-line registration, and give you the chance to resend invites throughout the recruiting time leading up to the event.


The registrations section gives you quick access to see all those who have registered on-line as well as adding any New Registrations into the tool yourself. Each section allows you to Add a New Participant. After entering them into the system, the participant will receive an email confirmation if you entered an email for them.

Under Players tab, the list is defaulted to alphabetical for quick look up of player’s last names. If you check off, Sort by Group Registration then the list will immediately show registration by the teams that signed up. All on-line registrations will receive a confirmation email as well as the event planner. Each playing partner will receive a confirmation as well. We have added the Players Fee and Paid columns to give you a quick glance of the finances.

The Reception only guests tab is similar to the players tab. You can also enter a new guest at any time and view the finances.

Sponsors tab is where you will see all the Sponsors who signed up on-line and allowing you to add new sponsors. This is very helpful to track all your sponsorships and the total revenue.

Donors tab will show all those who donated on-line and allowing you to add new donors both cash and non-monetary alike. You can check off the Received button to show that you have that donation in your possession. This is a helpful check list to make sure you have all the donations accounted for.


The Teams section is a very useful part in organizing your team pairings. When someone registers as a foursome, they are kept together and dropped directly into the team pairings. Now you can easily name the team and assign the hole # for that group. This is where you can also enter the score of the teams or individuals that will be displayed on the event site. You can showcase the Leader board during your reception or send out a post event email highlighting the winners.

All unassigned players will drop in above. You can select multiple players, Add them to a new team or pair them with an existing team. The existing teams listed in the drop down now show how many openings are available for that team.


The finances are a very important part of all golf events.

The Payment Tracking tab will show you all the people who need to pay as well as those who have paid. The current Event Balance will update immediately after any payments or registrations have been made. If you receive checks for payment, you can click Apply Payment and the balance will be adjusted. Helping you keep up to date financial records.

By clicking on the player’s name, you will see all the details of the transaction. You can also edit the finances, apply portions of the payment, and make comments (such as Check # or anything of importance).

Misc Entry Tab will allow you to enter additional Revenue, such as raffle sales, silent auction etc. and any expenses you have for the event. The site will automatically roll up the Players, Guest, Sponsors and Cash Donations for you. You will see all the Misc Entries show up under the Income Statement.

Transaction Log will give you a detailed date and time stamp of every single transaction that has taken place on your event site. This is very helpful when checking to see when people have registered and to cross check your work of when you have entered items into the site.

The Income Statement displays your total Revenue and Expenses while totaling your net income. There is a printable version that is helpful for showing your financial results.


Every event planner needs to have all the information available and to generate useful reports for the golf course and their golf committee.

The Teams report will allow you to Print or Export the information on all the team pairings. This report is extremely helpful for the golf course.

The Players report will provide you an alphabetical list with Hole Assignment. Very helpful to check in players at registration and inform them of their hole assignment.

The Advanced Report section is where you can select the data you would like from the site and generate reports that you need for your event. You can access paid & unpaid lists, answers to custom questions, and customize exactly the data you need. This is also very helpful if you need to export data out to run letters and labels for follow up thank you letters or future mailings.


Message Center is a great communication tool for all categories of your event, teams or individuals you need to contact. For any pre-event information or post Thank You emails, this has been designed as your personal inbox for your event.

Click on Send Message and you will see who you can customize a message to along with the tools to create a message. Once you have selected the people and created your message, click Send Message and it will immediately send out your emails.


Golf Invite is the most complete and affordable solution in helping you promote, recruit, and manage every aspect of your event.

For only $295 flat fee, you receive a custom event website and management tool that will benefit you in many valuable ways.

One valuable way is to sell a Website Sponsorship with a link to their business for a premium. We have had outings sell sponsorships from $500 to $5,000 which has offset the $295 price of Golf Invite and has helped them generate even more money for their charity. The site now offers unlimited website sponsorships in the rotating banner section.

Corporate events have also used the site to generate finances from Vendors for their customer appreciation events. Corporations can easily invite a specific customer base through the email invitation and track registrations immediately.

With more people using the internet and email, Golf Invite is giving you the opportunity to provide your invitees a quick and user friendly way to register and pay on-line, as well as, providing you all the tools to manage your golf event in one place.

Start now by clicking Get Started on and it will walk you through setting up your event in minutes. If you have any questions, please contact a Golf Invite professional at 1-877-657-5700.

We look forward to working with you and helping make your event a success.

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