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Jan 26, 2007 @ 18:50
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Through innovation and leadership, ARD, Inc., helps people across the world create the essential conditions for successful economic development. Since it was founded in 1977, ARD has led more than 600 projects in Africa, Asia, Europe, Eurasia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The goal of this project is to develop a multimedia powerpoint presentation using Flash. There are photographs, text and graphic elements that will be synchronized with the voiceover. The scope of your bid is for the voiceover portion (recording, editing, and adding 2-3 seconds of soundtrack on the intro and ending).

The entire presentation is expected to run 7.5 minutes. The scope of your bid does not include the multimedia Flash development.

Note from Voices.com: The full script has been provided for quoting purposes.

Word Count: 726


Welcome to Eye on Development, the service innovation series of ARD.

Eye on Development features global issues and the work that ARD is doing. Over the next few minutes you’ll learn about rural economic growth and the strategies ARD has initiated to end rural poverty.
With almost 70% of the world’s poor living in rural areas, the need for rural economic growth could not be more urgent.

The lack of rural economic opportunities often accelerates urban migration, confining the vulnerable to a lifetime of compromised natural resources, poor education and underdevelopment.

Fundamentally, rural economic growth interventions must serve as catalysts for improving agriculture and creating rural jobs.

But rural poverty's roots are deep and, in some countries, seemingly intractable. For development professionals, then, what are the tools that offer the best chance for creating meaningful opportunities for the rural poor?

Our experience has shown that no single approach can solve the diverse causes and consequences of rural poverty. Rural economic growth as a force to end rural poverty is driven by five cross-cutting, multidisciplinary strategies.

ARD’s fundamental approach to rural economic growth is to build sustainable market linkages between rural producers, who are the suppliers of agricultural value chains, and buyers in targeted markets.

We improve producers’ capacity to understand and adjust to buyers’ requirements – the basis of competition – as it continually changes.

This transaction-driven approach brings together value-chain participants to identify and address common issues for strengthening value-chain competitiveness and better market access.

Small industries and entrepreneurship in some developing countries are creating rural employment as alternatives to farming yet draw on a community’s agricultural resources.

Clean production is a set of cost-effective actions that increases an industry’s productivity and competitiveness while also reducing energy and natural resource use and minimizing waste and pollution.

Dairy producers reduce waste and contamination, improve efficiency in the production process, and thus become more market competitive.

Their improved competitiveness is evaluated through improved industrial processes which reduces the cost of production by reducing the use of energy and raw materials, and through expanding markets to buyers who require their producers to meet certain environmental standards.

Renewable natural resources are critical components of rural economic growth strategies. They are used to meet subsistence needs; they are traded and can support natural resource-based enterprises.

These enterprises require healthy, functioning ecosystems to sustainably produce the range of natural products and services around which value chains can be built.

ARD’s approach to sustainable natural resources management helps stakeholders choose options for using natural resources that meet short-term needs without destroying resources for future generations.

Many of our approaches include interdependent activities such as understanding ecological limits of natural systems that produce resources and determining their capacity for sustainable production.

Another key component of natural resources management programming is working with communities, the private sector, and government to improve natural resource governance, land resource policies and tenure systems.

Land tenure and property rights remain a fundamental challenge to rural economic growth and stability in many developing countries.

It is important that land legislation provide the legal context in which to settle claims, resolve disputes, identify properties, and assign rights in a transparent and equitable manner.

ARD’s land law programs work to improve social well-being by reducing the risk of vulnerable populations through the application of information technologies, targeted training, action research, surveys and other diagnostic tools.

The reform of the national agricultural policy framework is an effective way to foster enabling environments for rural economic growth.

In rendering the policy framework more favorable to rural investors and producers, it is important to obtain public and stakeholder input in the amendment of legislation.

Much of ARD’s governance and institutional development focus is founded on strengthening stakeholder involvement; participatory capacity building; and local, community, and non-formal decision-making bodies that all play a part in fostering rural enabling environments.

Almost 30 years of experience have taught us that the myriad challenges facing rural communities are addressed most creatively not through any single discipline but through a broad range of skills.

Our approach to rural economic growth is multidisciplinary. Deep knowledge of the institutional processes and organizational structures that support effective rural economic growth objectives underlies this multidisciplinary approach.

For more information about ARD’s work in rural economic growth please download a copy of these success stories or feel free to contact a member of ARD’s technical staff.

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