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Jan 31, 2007 @ 20:03
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George Reed, Inc.’s reputation for quality spans nearly 60 years of dedication and commitment. We are as serious today about preserving and maintaining that reputation as Mr. George Reed himself was in building it.

George Reed, Inc’s activities have always been focused on construction of roadways, highways, and subdivisions; specializing in grading, paving, underground, and ready-mix operations.

This for a company recruitment video.

Vocal Direction: Documentary style, moderately dry

Word count: 387

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We use them every day, our cities and counties budget millions to maintain them. Our streets and sidewalks are taken for granted, and aside from the occasional hold up, they operate pretty well.

Let’s take a look at the inner workings involved with constructing roadway.

Today we’ve been invited to look at the operations of George Reed. We find ourselves at Table Mountain, where materials are quarried and mixed.

The first step in gathering material is blasting free some rocks. Dynamite is used, and it must be drilled into the mountain. The holes are 45 feet deep. And the drilling process takes one week. The spacing of the holes is important, that’s what determines the size of rock. This is a ten by ten square pattern.

Each hole is filled with blasting powder and detonators. The depth of powder is measured because the hole isn’t filled entirely with dynamite.

Stemming is the process of filling the top of each hole with a certain depth of crushed rock. Gravity then forces the dynamite to blast out, instead of up.

The timing is set by the blasting line. The blasting line fires instantaneously, so the delay is determined by a firing device between each hole.

This is the result.

After the smoke clears the “all clear” is given. Now it’s time to process the raw materials, they are moved to a crush facility, unloaded and sorted. A hammer breaks up any possible clogs.

A series of belts & screens, sorts dozens of types of rock. This plant is entirely computer controlled and monitored.

Other materials are hauled off to become concrete, at this facility. The concrete is mixed and loaded into the mixing truck dry. The water is added second. The concrete is then hauled to our job site. Where our curb and gutter machine forms it appropriately. A conveyor loads the mix into a compactor, it is then extruded out the back of the machine. All that is left is some finishing.

Asphalt is mixed in a very similar fashion. The materials are loaded from hoppers and into a silo, heated to 325 degrees. This is then paved into the roads we use every day.

It takes planning and hard work, to make it happen, so we need the best and brightest. Do you have what it takes?

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