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Job # 2885 Superpretzel-the Bavarian

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Feb 5, 2007 @ 19:36
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Feb 6, 2007
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This project was posted last week. Our client would like to hear more reads on all the characters posted again. All are welcome to re-submit, but we would prefer new reads and multiple takes would be appreciated.

About Us:

Blissium Motion Graphics is a full service motion design studio. We offer a wide variety of services, and we have the capability to meet and project needs, creatively and technologically.

We have 26 web videos that we are producing. Sample lines and character descriptions have been included here but the full script is in pdf. We are working on a tight deadline so we need audition reads as soon as possible. One person can read more than one character if they are capable. This project is for web-only, non-broadcast.

A NOTE ON THE VOICES: Some are almost normal speaking voices. Some are over the top, but mostly, the voices are just quirky enough to be engaging and funny. The voices never get in the way of the character or the script. Lastly, if you didn’t see the cartoon, if you could only hear the voices, you would still be able to follow the story. Because the voices are the characters. The very sound of the voice should make us laugh.

The campaign as a whole is designed to look like a very low-budget affair. The pretzels are real, not animated. They move a little stiffly. We’ve found that this sort of authenticity resonates very well with our target audience of 13-17 year olds (mostly male). Giving them the expected ceases to entertain and engage them. On the contrary, to do the expected, even with voice characterizations, is to sell to them.

That said, the characters should be broad and a little over the top to start with. Use pop culture as a guide and go from there.


Character: An older, authorial type, the Bavarian is a combination of Dolph Lundgren in Rocky IV and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Believes the right way to eat a pretzel is “plain and pure.” Hates all “these kids today” with all their dipping in substances like cheese, etc.

Voice: “Plain and Pure” is his catchphrase as is “I must bake you.” Obviously this character is somewhat stock with Arnold and Dolph providing the main reference points. But even so, the voice can be any variation on German/Eastern European.

WEB VIDEO XVIII: Web Video XVII is a press conference at which the Bavarian talks trash about everybody. Open on the Bavarian against the press conference background:

REPORTER: You made the DoubleDecker Brothers sick.

BAVARIAN: Zat is ze best news I’ve heard all day.

REPORTER: Cinnamon and Sugar say you’re too old.

BAVARIAN: Ze substances have warped zeir minds.

REPORTER: Wasabi says all the pretzels should just get along no matter what they’re topped with.

BAVARIAN: Again with ze substances. Is worse than cheesing.

REPORTER: Speaking of which, Action Snacktion alleges there’s cheesing in professional SuperPretzeling.

BAVARIAN: If he is not filled with cheese, he is filled with lies.

REPORTER: What about your upcoming bout against El Salsador?

BAVARIAN: I grow veary of your questions. Don’t you vant to ask me if I am cheesing? If I want to destroy ze stupid DoubleDeckers?

REPORTER: Um, do you?

BAVARIAN: I do not now, nor have I ever cheesed. And I hope upon all zat iss plain and pure zat ze children of Agent Saltsvorthy can beat a couple of girls so zat I may crush zem in ze finals under ze weight of my superior pretzelness!

REPORTER: Ok, not sure what that means but thanks.

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