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Feb 12, 2007 @ 03:04
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Mar 12, 2007
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To tell you a little about myself, I grew up in Chicago, Illinois. I hold degrees from both Loyola and DePaul Universities where I studied accounting. Prior to starting work on my novel, I had the opportunity to take work assignments in both Hollywood and Wall St.

My novel is about a CPA firm that handles a deluge of client problems with lessons to teach the ideas of capitalism and morality. I intend to animate the book and make it available for download from the internet.

I have been working on my novel for over four years. My buget will allow me to consider only those applicants who are willing to work on a royalty basis. Experience in producing Web based animation would be an asset.

The first chapter is just over 5000 words.

Sample Script:

It was 8:30 AM when the three top aides in the Mayor’s Cabinet fanned out across the city as they did every morning. There was Sawbuck Skunk with his smelly hot dog cart. There was the newspaper wagon pulled by the Burn Chronicle’s own reporter, Flash Sunfish and Foxy’s coffee stand serviced by Sol Salamander.

What each of them had in common was that they all were insiders working for Mayor Milky McNewt. The corrupt Mayor was in charge of Burn’s budget and spending. He appointed or dismissed department heads as he saw fit. His current agenda is to squash picket organizer Cooter Armadillo and his protesting over the destruction of wetlands.

Burn businessmen are all too eager to inform these three underground vendors of their prejudices while casually getting a hot dog, newspaper or morning coffee. The information and monetary kickback goes directly to the Mayor’s office by way of a runner throughout the day.

Keeping a close watch on the Burn Chronicle is of great importance to the business community. A lot of stories are their own. Being a lot like a subliminal advertisement, businessmen pay top dollar front page headlines.
Personally, living in Burn has made me realize that I was bred to count bread. It is a twisted and treacherous place. Like the city’s name “Burn” would imply; the scorching sun would bake you in a moment; a person would greet you with a smart aleck remark or; on occasion, you’d get stiffed on a bill.

Corporate profits motivated everything. Pushing the business philosophy of maximizing profits with little government control left environmental destruction in its path. Everywhere, it was push-and-shove. People picked, poked and prodded at each other to no ends. In a typical business meeting, either a deal would be struck or someone would become part of a five course meal. Business was savage, cruel and unforgiving. Brownie points, backstabbing and getting tangled up in red tape were all part of the fierce competition.

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