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Job # 2955 Simulator prototype - nurse

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Feb 15, 2007 @ 15:50
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Feb 15, 2007
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English (North American)
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Job Description

Imagine a young female nurse in a computer simulation. She can ask the patient questions.

We need voice over for the following questions (& possibly a few extra ones tbd soon after the bulk of the questions have been recorded).

The voice & intonation should be professional & matter-of-fact, yet kind & interested in the patient---exactly the way you yourself as a patient would prefer a nurse talked to you!

Each line must be a separate file. You must name the files according to the voice over, e.g., "How old are you?" would be named "docHowOldAreYou.mp3". We will send the list of file names. It is important to type these names exactly as specified, otherwise they will not be understood by our system.

It is best if you can upload the final files to your own ftp site under some name, say "area9" in 44kHz mp3 format.

We need the recordings by Monday (February 19) morning our time (10am CET), which probably means you need to record them at the latest Sunday night (February 18) your time (assuming you are in the U. S.). To make sure there will be no problems, we would like you to upload 10 samples that we can check Friday, i.e., your time Friday morning.

Many thanks for your help! If this works out, we would want to use your help in future projects as well. We will hopefully be making many more simulators, needing voice over for both male & female nurses, doctors & patients.

Kind Regards,
Tommy Olesen
Area9 Healthcare

Lines to be Recorded:

What's your name?
Where do you live?
What's your address?
What's your phone number?
How old are you?
What's your date of birth?
What's your ethnic background?
Are you married?
Are you single?
Do you live alone?
Where were you born?
How do you feel about having to seek health care?
About what?
Do you have any other symptoms?
Why did you come here today?
What are you most concerned about?
What triggered you to come here today?
How have you been since last consultation?
Do you remember more precisely when it started?
Can you tell me more about that?
What else did you notice?
Is it getting better or worse?
When did the symptoms start?
When were you last quite well?
What made you decide to get a check-up?
How long have you experienced it?
Have you had a similar illness in the past?
When did it change?
Is it getting better or worse?
How did the symptoms start?
When did it change?
Is it getting better or worse?
When do the symptoms occur?
Did the symptoms come rapidly or gradually?
Have you had the symptoms since it occurred the first time?
Do the symptoms come and go?
For how long does the symptoms stay?
Are the symptoms episodic?
Have the symptoms become worse?
Have the symptoms become better?
Have the symptoms stayed the same since they first occurred?
What were you doing when the symptoms started?
Can you show me where it hurts?
Where does it hurt?
Is it sharp pain?
Is it dull pain?
Is it stabbing pain?
Is it boring pain?
Is it burning pain?
Is it cramp-like pain?
Does the pain go anywhere?
Does it radiate or go to any other part of your body?
How intense is the pain?
Rate the pain on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being barely noticeable and 10 being the worst pain you have ever experienced?
Does anything make the pain better?
Does anything make the pain worse?
Do you have any pain?
Exactly where is the pain?
Do you have any other problems that seem related to this pain?
Does your symptoms influence your sleep at night?
Does your symptoms influence your ability to work or any other things?
How are the symptoms altered by season?
How are the symptoms altered by time of day?
How are the symptoms altered by sleep?
How are the symptoms altered by food?
How are the symptoms altered by exertion?
Describe how your daily activities affect the symptoms?
What do you take them for?
Do you take any tablets or medication?
Can I see you medications, please?
Do you take any over-the-counter tablets or medicines?
Did you experience any effect?
Have you tried any treatments to relieve the pain?
Have you seen a doctor before regarding your problem?
Have you been treated for your problem in the past?
Have you been tested for your problem in the past?
Tell me how you feel?
What does the pain feel like?
Why do you think the problem occurs?
What do you think caused this problem to start?
Why do you think you have this problem?
Why do you think you are ill?
Why do you think you have these symptoms?
Who is affected by your illness?
How does the problem affect your life and daily activities?
What do you think will happen with this problem?
Do you expect to get well?
Are you experiencing pain now or have you in the past 24 hours?
Are there any other concurrent symptoms accompanying the pain?
What were you doing when the pain first started?
Describe the pain in your own words?
Are you on any therapy to manage your pain?
Is there anything you would like to add?
Have you had any previous experience with pain?
Does any one in your family experience pain?
How does pain affect your family?
What are you concerns about pain?
Does your pain interfere with any specific activity?
Have you had any serious illnesses or operations in the past?
What type of surgery did you have?
What were you hospitalized for?
Have you ever been hospitalized or had surgery?
Have you experienced any accidents?
Have you experienced pain in any part of your body?
Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental problem?
Have you ever been treated for emotional problems?
What illnesses have you had?
What allergies have you had?
Which of the childhood illnesses have you had?
What diseases did you have as a child such as measles or mumps?
What immunizations did you get and are you up to date now?
Have you had any obstetric or gynaecological problems?
Where there any problems during your birth?
Can you tell me how your mother described your birth?
Were there any problems that your family told you about or that you experienced while you grew up?
As far as you know, did you progress normally as you grew to adulthood?
Do you have any chronic illnesses?
What have you taken them for?
Have you taken medications in the past?
Are you allergic to anything?
What is your current occupation?
What is your education level?
Has any of your colleagues been affected by your problem as well?
How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?
For how long have you smoked that amount?
For how long have you smoked?
Have you ever smoked?
How much and how often do you drink alcohol?
What do you typically drink?
Do you drink alcohol?
Where did you go?
How did you live while you were away?
Did you take any prophylactic drugs?
Have you been travelling overseas recently?
Against what are you immunized?
Are you immunized and/or vaccinated?
Is your wife in good health?
Are you married or living together with someone?
Do you keep a healthy diet?
How much and how frequently do you exercise?
Have you anyone to help and support you in the management of your disease?
Nobody in the close family who died from cancer, high bloodpressure, cardiac arrests, genetic diseases or something like that?
Do you have any history of illness in your family?
Are you parents alive?
What did your father die from?
What did your mum die from?
What did your parents die from?
How old was your mother when she died?
How old was your father when he died?
Do you have a first-degree relative with diabetes?
Have you had any pain in your chest, neck or arm?
Do you know what your usual blood pressure is?
When and where did you last have your blood pressure checked?
Do you experience chest pain?
Do you experience palpitations?
How much exertion is necessary?
Are you short of breath on exertion?
Do you have difficulty breathing?
How many blocks can you walk without getting tired?
Do you tire easily?
Do you experience fatigue?
Do you experience dizziness?
Have you ever been woken at night short of breath?
Can you lie flat without feeling breathless?
Have you had swelling of your ankles?
Do you experience swelling in your feet, ankles, or legs?
Do you have frequent heart burn?
Have you noticed your heart racing or beating irregularly?
Do you have pain in your legs on exercise?
Do you get cold or blue hands or feet?
Have you been diagnosed with a heart defect or a murmur?
Have you ever had rheumatic fever, a heart attack, or high blood pressure?
Have you ever had rheumatic fever?
Have you ever had heart surgery or cardiac balloon interventions?
Have you ever had an electrocardiogram?
Have you ever had a blood test called a lipid profile?
Do you know what your cholesterol levels are?
Do you take medications or use other treatments for heart disease?
Do you monitor your own heart rate or blood pressure?
Is there a history of hypertension, myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease, elevated cholesterol levels, or diabetes mellitus in your family?
What type of stress do you have in your life?
Describe what you usually eat in a 24-hour period?
What type of exercise and how often?
Do you exercise?
Describe your daily activities. How are they different from your routine 5 or 10 years ago?
Does fatigue, chest pain, or shortness of breath limit your ability to perform daily activities?
Are you able to care for yourself?
Has your heart disease had any effect on your sexual activity?
How many pillows do you use to sleep at night?
Do you feel rested in the morning?
How important is having a healthy heart to your ability to feel good about yourself and your appearance?
What fears about heart disease do you have?
Have you noticed any color, temperature, or texture changes in your skin?
Do you experience pain or cramping in your legs?
Do you have any leg veins that are ropelike, bulging, or contorted?
Do you have any sores or open wounds on your legs?
Do you have any swelling in your legs or feet?
Do you have any swollen glands?
Have you experienced a change in your usual sexual activity?
Do you have difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection?
Describe any problems you had in the past with the circulation in your arms and legs?
Have you had problems in the past with blood clots in your arms or legs?
Have you had problems in the past with ulcers on your arms or legs?
Have you had problems in the past with coldness in your arms or legs?
Have you had problems in the past with hair loss on your arms or legs?
Have you had problems in the past with numbness in your arms or legs?
Have you had problems in the past with swelling in your arms or legs?
Have you had problems in the past with poor healing in your arms or legs?
Have you had any heart or blood vessel surgeries or treatments such as coronary artery bypass grafting, repair of an aneurysm, or vein stripping?
Do you have a family history of diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, or elavated cholesterol or triglyceride levels?
Do you or did you in the past smoke cigarettes or use any other form of tobacco?
Do you take oral or patch contraceptives?
Describe the degree of stress you normally have?
How have problems with your circulation affected your ability to function?
Do leg ulcers or varicose veins affect how you feel about yourself?
Do you regularly take medications to improve your circulation?
Do you wear support hose to treat varicose veins?
Are you ever short of breath?
Have you had any cough?
Do you cough up anything?
Have you coughed up blood?
Do you snore loudly?
Do you ever have wheezing when you are short of breath?
Have you had fevers?
Do you have night sweats?
Have you ever had pneumonia or tuberculosis?
Have you had a recent chest X-ray?
Have you had any bleeding or discharge from your breasts or felt any lumps there?
Are you troubled by indigestion?
Have you had pain or discomfort in your belly?
Have you had any abdominal bloating or distension?
Has your bowel habit changed recently?
How many bowel motions a week do you usually pass?
Have you lost control of your bowels or had accidents (faecal, incontinence, incontinence)?
Have you seen blood in your motions or vomited blood?
Have your bowel motions been black?
Have you had any difficulty swallowing?
Has your appetite changed?
Have you lost weight recently?
Have you gained weight recently?
Do you have heartburn?
Have your eyes or skin ever been yellow?
Have you ever had hepatitis, peptic ulceration, colitis, or bowel cancer?
Do you have nausea?
Have you vomitted recently?
Do you have difficulty or pain on passing urine?
Is your urine stream as good as it used to be?
Is there a delay before you start to pass urine?
Is there dribbling at the end when you pass urine?
How often?
Do you have to get up at night to pass urine?
How many times at night?
Do you wake up at night with an urgent need to urinate?
What is the frequency of urination?
Are you passing larger or smaller amounts of urine?
Has the urine colour changed?
Have you seen blood in the urine?
Have you any problems with your sex life?
Have you noticed any rashes or lumps on your genitals?
Have you ever had a venereal disease?
Have you ever had a urinary tract infection or kidney stone?
Are your periods regular?
Do you have excessive pain or bleeding with your periods?
Do you bruise easily?
Have you had fevers or shivers and shakes (rigors)?
Do you have difficulty stopping a small cut from bleeding?
Have you noticed any lumps under you arms, or in your neck or groin?
Have you ever had blood clots in your legs or in the lungs?
Do you have painful or stiff joints?
Are you joints ever swollen?
Have you had a skin rash recently?
Do you have any back or neck pain?
Have you eyes been dry or red?
Have you ever had a dry mouth or mouth ulcers?
Have you been diagnosed as having rheumatoid artheritis or gout?
Do you fingers ever become painful and become white and blue in the cold?
Have you noticed any swelling in your neck?
Do your hands tremble?
Do you prefer hot or cold weather?
Have you had a thyroid problem or diabetes?
Have you noticed increased sweating?
Have you been troubled by fatigue?
Have you noticed any change in your appearance or hair, skin or voice?
Have you been unusually thirsty lately?
Have you had any miscarriages?
Have you had high blood pressure or diabetes in pregnancy?
Do you get headaches?
Have you had memory problems or trouble concentrating?
Have you had fainting episodes, fits or blackouts?
Do you have trouble seeing or hearing?
Are you dizzy?
Have you had weakness or numbness or clumsiness in your arms or legs?
Have you ever had a stroke or head injury?
Have you had difficulty sleeping?
Do you feel sad or depressed or have problems with your 'nerves'?
Please tell me what an average or typical day is for you?
What do you usually eat during a typical day?
What kind of food do you prefer?
How often do you eat throughout the day?
How much do you eat?
Can you recall what you ate in the last 24 hours?
Can you recall what you ate in the last 72 hours?
Do you eat out at restaurants frequently?
Do you eat only when hungry?
Do you eat because of boredom, habit, anxiety or depression?
Who buys and prepares the food you eat?
Where do you eat your meals?
How much of this is water?
How many sugary, caffeinated, or alcoholic beverages do you have each day?
How much and what types of fluids do you drink?
What is your height and weight?
Have you lost or gained a considerable amount of weight recently?
Are you now or have you been on a diet recently?
Any recent changes in appetite, taste, or smell?
Have you had any recent difficulties chewing or swallowing?
Have you had any recent occurrences of vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation?
Have you vomitted recently?
Are any members of your family overweight or obese?
Do any members have heart disease or diabetes?
Does your religion or culture have diet restrictions or requirements?
What current vitamins or supplementations are you taking?
Do you prepare your own meals?
Do you have sufficient income for food?
What is your daily pattern of activity?
What types of exercise do you do?
Do you follow a regular exercise plan?
Are there any reasons why you cannot follow a moderately strenous exercise program?
What do you do for leisure and recreational activities?
Tell me about your sleeping patterns?
Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep?
How much sleep do you get each night?
Do you feel rested when you wake up?
How often and for how long do you nap?
Do you nap during the day?
What do you do to help you fall asleep?
For what purpose did you take the medication?
What medications have you used in the recent past and currently, both those that your doctor prescribed and those you can buy over the counter at a drug

How much and how often?
Do you drink coffee or other beverages containing caffeine?
How many packs per week?
How long have you been smooking?
How many packs per week?
For how long did you smoke?
Do you know or have ever smoked cigarettes?
Have you ever taken any medications not prescribed by your healthcare provider?
Have you ever used, or do you now use, recreational drugs?
Do you take vitamins or herbal supplements?
Who is the most important person in your life?
Who are the most important persons in your life?
Do you have a religious affiliation?
Do you consider yourself to be a religious or spiritual person?
Do you believe in God?
Do you consider yourself part of an organized religion?
Are you part of a religious or spiritual community?
Do you have personal spiritual beliefs independent of organized religion?
Tell me about your experiences in school or about your education?
Are you satisfied with the level of education you have?
Do you have future educational plans?
What can you tell me about your work?
What are your responsibilities at work?
Do you enjoy your work?
How do you feel about your coworkers?
Any major problems?
What kind of stress do you have that is work related?
Who is the main provider of financial support in your family?
Does your current income meet your needs?
What types of things make you angry?
How would you describe your stress level?
How do you manage anger or stress?
Do you believe you are ever in danger of becoming a victim of violence?
Do you have a meal plan?
Do you monitor your blood glucose at home?
Do you already see a diabetes educator?
Do you already see a dietitian?

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