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Job # 2961 Superpretzel-Action Snacktion

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Feb 16, 2007 @ 00:21
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Feb 16, 2007
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The series of animated videos will run on the web (indefinite) and limited television (5 weeks cable and local). We are offering $750 for web and tv.

The character description is as follows:


Character: Action Snacktion believes pretzels should be eaten with chocolate. Thinks he’s really an action movie star and has only become a SuperPretzeler as a way of getting to Hollywood.

Voice: The easy answer (possibly too easy) is somewhere between Samuel L. Jackson and Mr. T. Something like Eddie Murphy in the first two Beverly Hills Cop movies or Tracy Morgan or Cuba Gooding Jr. Fast talking, sympathetic.

Here is the script for the audition:

WEB VIDEO XII: Web Video XII is an Action Snacktion press conference where he alleges that some SUPERPRETZELERS may be “cheesing.” Cheesing is injecting cheese as a performance enhancer and is to SUPERPRETZELing as steroids are to major league baseball.

TICKER: Throughout, the ticker displays the following flow of information:

Action Snacktion alleges cheesing • Refuses to name names • Poll: Most agree cheesing is performance enhancer • Cheese industry denies allegations • “Our producs are for eating, not for injecting,” says cheese spokesperson • “I mean seriously, who would do something that weird?”

REPORTER, Off-screen: So you’re alleging that other SUPERPRETZELERS may be . . .

ACTION SNACKTION: Cheesing! That’s right. I said it. Cheesing. Injecting cheese!

REPORTER: And this is bad because . . .

ACTION SNACKTION: Performance enhancement! Were you filled with cheese when you left the factory? No.

REPORTER: . . . Yes. Ok. But cheese is . . .

ACTION SNACKTION: Delicious. Not as delicious as chocolate, but yes. It is delicious. On the outside of a pretzel.

REPORTER: I was going to say it’s not a performance enhancer.

ACTION SNACKTION: Hello. Earth to reporter person. Are you a pretzel?

REPORTER: What does that have to do with . . .

ACTION SNACKTION: No. You are not a pretzel. You have arms. You have legs. You have no idea what this stuff does to kids.


ACTION SNACKTION: Oh no. Nonononono. I’m not here to name names. Just look at the evidence. Show the photographs please.

Cut to a before and after shot that has a the word Before under a picture of a regular, small twist pretzel (like out of a snack bag or something). This is side-by-side with a picture of a plain SUPERPRETZEL with the word After written underneath. There are black bars across the “eyes” of both pretzels as if to disguise the pretzel’s identity.

REPORTER: But that’s not even real.

ACTION SNACKTION: Interview over. It’s chocolate time!

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