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Job # 2963 Superpretzel-Big Pizza

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Feb 16, 2007 @ 00:55
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Feb 16, 2007
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This is for a series of animated videos. We are offering $750 for unlimited web and 5 weeks TV (cable and regional). MUST BE AVAILABLE TO RECORD TOMORROW.


Character: Big Pizza is from Brooklyn. A math teacher at PS 112. Always says things in math problems like “Sauce plus cheese equals Big Pizza.”

Voice: Not a Brooklyn accent and not an Italian accent. He’s more like Will Ferrell in that he goes from calm to hilariously crazy in a heartbeat. His voice should be normal but his character only has two speeds: “on” and “even more on.”

WEB VIDEO V: Web Video V is the introduction of Big Pizza. Open on a classroom setting with a blackboard behind Big Pizza. As he talks through his math problems, they are drawn out on the blackboard behind him. He doesn’t talk in a thick Brooklyn accent, but he does talk calmly one minute and crazy the next:

REPORTER, Off screen: Are you ready for . . .

BIG PIZZA: Lesson one! Sauce plus cheese equals Big Pizza.

The problem draws out on the board and at the end there is a little picture of Big Pizza. Then he starts again more calmly:

Next problem: Sauce plus cheese multiplied by a big moustache and an even bigger rolling pin equals so much hurt that it should come with anesthetic.

The problem draws out on the board and at the end there is a picture of someone with their mouth open and a big needle of Novocain being injected.

REPORTER: So cheese and sauce . . .

BIG PIZZA: No! Talking! During! Class!

Comes up and headbutts the camera. Then more calmly:

BIG PIZZA: The square root of pizza equals Brooklyn.

REPORTER: You’re a math teacher?

BIG PIZZA: Yes. At PS 112. Your assignment: eat a SuperPretzel with cheese and sauce and stop asking questions or I will beat you.

As he’s talking, he starts tearing down the set—chalkboard, etc.

REPORTER: Uh, security!

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