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Jan 1, 2011 @ 00:07
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Jan 7, 2011
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Feeling down on your advertising? Feel as though the competition is always on top of you when it comes to getting the word out and about? It’s never good to feel down when the only way to the top is up!

If you’re looking for advertisements and you’re looking to make them direct, then simply put together the words and contact the experts at adsdirectly to get a hold of the masters of the advertising business.

Don’t worry if you feel out of the technological loop when it comes to today’s world of Internet advertising. With ads direct, we can help you skip the confusing middleman of the Internet and get the word to who it needs to go to – the customer!

Adsdirectly is a company that works with businesses just like yours – we take your advertisement, put it in one of our full color advertising magazines and hand-deliver it to houses all over the greater Kansas City area. While it may seem a little strange to take the Internet out of the advertising, that’s the true secret to success – while your competitors are bogged down with blogging or Tweeting like birds across an empty Internet who may or may not be listening, you’ll be hand-delivering your advertisements directly to the customer when you work with Adsdirectly.

Zig while the rest of the crowd zags! Be innovative, and think outside of the electronic box with Adsdirectly. With our help, you can take the e out of ecommerce and get to the part the really matters – the commerce.

Ad 2

So many companies these days get stuck in a box when it comes to advertising. Worse, they do it to themselves deliberately! Think about it - so much advertising today comes out of computer screens and television monitors. Not only does it cost you money to advertise in the box, but there’s no way of knowing whether or not all of that blogging or Tweeting or Facebooking or ad sharing even gets to the customer or not!

For the discriminating business who would like to take their advertising out of the box and into the hands of the consumer, Adsdirectly has another solution. With Adsdirectly, your advertisement gets printed in color format in a professional-grade magazine and dropped off direct to the door of the customer. No emailing, and no mailing! With our services, your ads go straight from our hands to the doorsteps of potential customers all across the Kansas City area.

Don’t pay thousands of dollars just to get stuck in a box! While your competitors spend millions on box-based advertising, you can work innovatively and originally with Adsdirectly and get your advertising out of the box and into the hands of the consumer. Nothing could be faster, easier, or, dare we say, more direct.

Get to the point. Get direct. Get Adsdirectly and get away from the boxes and into business. Your business deserves it, and so does the customer. It’s not always the flashiest advertising campaign that wins the war, after all – it’s the most effective.

Ad 3

Advertising today has become a difficult, technology-laden, flashy business. With so many avenues available online to promote business, many business owners get caught up in the digital wave and forget the entire point of advertising as it stands – that is, to get the customer off of the Internet and into the store.

You could have the most technologically-adept advertising campaign in the world and it’s not worth a red cent unless it gets the customer into the store. For this reason, Adsdirectly offers a different approach – an effective one.

We specialize in advertising – effective advertising. In fact, our advertising style is so effective it’s been in existence years before the Internet reared its head on the scene. With so many companies stuck in traffic on the superinformation highway, many forget that there’s a way to advertise without ever turning on the computer!

With our advertising, your ad will get printed in a professional magazine and delivered to the consumer – by hand. No emails, no snail mail, no mail. Just simple and effective, just like everybody wants their advertising campaign to be. Best of all, advertising through magazines has been proven to be one of the most effective forms of advertising for the money that companies pay for the ads. You’ll know that the advertisement goes straight to the customer’s doorstep, after all, and not caught up in the Internet somewhere!

Get straight to the point with adsdirectly. Sure, it might not seem as flashy as Internet advertising, and it might not be as buzzword-laden as what your competitors are choosing to do – but what it does do is get the buzz about your company out on the street. And wasn’t that the point in the first place?

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