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Mountain Data Systems, Inc. strives to provide the latest in software technology for the Project Management industry. Our state-of-the-art software is based on the concept of sharing common data that applies to all disciplines of project management. We will continue to develop software programs that increase the productivity and profitability of all projects where the MDSI suite of project management software programs are used.

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Welcome to CostMate, your complete project cost estimating solution!

CostMate is the most flexible, feature rich cost estimating software available. It’s versatile enough to handle any size project, from small scale manufacturing to large scale construction projects.

Whether you’re in the business of manufacturing, construction, service or engineering, CostMate will adapt easily to the way you do business and provide the tools necessary to produce detailed, accurate estimates.

Unlike other cost estimating programs, which were designed to work within a limited environment, CostMate can adapt easily to virtually any type of business and with CostMate, you have the choice of features to build cost estimates any way you want.


Each part of CostMate has the ability to work independently of the others, giving you the flexibility to decide just how to build your estimates.

For instance, you have the choice to define as many Work Breakdown Structures as you need for each Estimate, or you can build an Estimate without any Work Breakdown Structures at all.

In addition, you have the choice of whether to use the Project Requirements Module, or jump right into defining your Project Activities.

In fact, the only thing that you absolutely need, to build an estimate, are Resources and Activities.


CostMate provides far more than the standard Labor, Equipment and Material Resources.

For instance, Labor Resources can be combined to create Labor Crews.

They can also be combined with Material and Equipment to create Installer Crews.

Labor, Labor Crews and Equipment can be combined to create Production Resources, which give you a Unit-per- man-hour or Man-hour-per-unit cost.

And finally, any of these basic or composite Resources can be combined to create Assemblies.

Assemblies, in CostMate, are one of the key features to not only construction projects, but manufacturing projects as well.

For any Assembly, you can assign an Assembly Level. This provides you with the means to embed any lower level Sub-Assembly within a higher level Assembly, allowing you to group components together any way you want.

Complete turn-key systems can be easily reconfigured based on your specific needs to provide quick, accurate estimates for engineering and manufacturing environments.


Labor, Equipment and Material Resources can also have Burdens applied, providing you with the means to add and track additional cost such as: Employment Tax, Holiday Pay, Union Dues or any other amount that represents the cost of doing business.

In addition, Markups can be applied to any of the composite resources to account for additional costs such as small tool loss, overhead or contingency.

Once your Activities have been defined, you can also apply Contractor Markups to the estimate.

All Burdens and Markups will be applied to one or more of the user-defined Cost Categories which hold all rates applied to Project Resources.

Any number of these Cost Categories can be defined for each Project giving you unlimited ways to organize Project costs.


CostMate also allows you to create an unlimited number of Sort Groups where you would define your Work Breakdown Structures and any number of additional hierarchical code structures.

For each Sort Group, you can create as many levels and codes as you want, which are controlled by character masks defined for each level.

You can then assign one code from each defined Sort Group to your Activities.

With the assigned Sort Codes, you will now have the ability to Group, Summarize and Report your Activity Costs and Resource usage in virtually any manner necessary.


CostMate also provides an extensive Formula tool for building mathematical expressions used to determine quantities of Composite Resource elements.

Formulas can also be used to calculate the quantity factors assigned to Composite Resources, which determine the true cost-per-quantity rates where units of measure and man-hours differ within the elements of the resource.

By utilizing Formulas and Variables, you can build extremely complex and powerful Assemblies which will calculate and determine the amount of labor and resources necessary to complete complex tasks.

With Formulas and Variables, CostMate allows you to build Smart Estimates that can be taught to think for themselves. This means that you can now build reusable Resources, Assemblies and Activities that provide different results depending on the values you assign to your local and global Project Variables.


CostMate provides you with an extensive Data I/O Interface which allows you to easily move data in and out of your Cost Estimate using a wide variety of data formats.

Data can be imported into CostMate using the Data Import Wizard which allows you to import and assign external data to various Resources and Activities.

The Data Export Wizard allows you to export or report data from any part of CostMate but that’s not all.

CostMate has one of the most extensive ADHOC report modules available. You can use any number of Sort and Group definitions that you create, using the Sort Groups and Codes assigned to your Activities. You can easily group and summarize your data by simply dragging the desired columns into place or, you can just click on the column headers to quickly re-sort your cost data.

With the CostMate Report Wizard, you have complete control over how your reports are organized and presented.

You can define any number of custom reports using the default templates, which may be saved and used at any time to report or export data to virtually any format.

In addition, CostMate has an interface that allows you to import RS Means data directly from their CD. You simply find the Unit Cost data which you want to import and drag it into the desired location in CostMate.


CostMate also has the most extensive interface available for sharing and synchronizing data with Primavera Project Planner. All Resources and Activities can be synchronized with Primavera including all Sort Group and Sort Code Assignments.

The same data which you used to organize your Cost Estimates can now be shared with Primavera in order to provide consistent data between Estimating and Scheduling.

The interface between CostMate and Primavera gives you the ability to control where each and every part of your data goes, eliminating the chance of overwriting valuable baseline data.

In fact, no other Cost Estimating program even comes close to CostMate’s interface with Primavera.


Another powerful feature of CostMate is its Database Connection Wizard.

You have the ability to choose between CostMate’s built in local database for stand-alone use, or you can connect to your Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server database.

You can also switch between any of these databases allowing you to create or modify a Cost Estimate and restore it into one of the other database formats.


Even though CostMate has an extensive list of features, building a Cost Estimate couldn’t be easier.

All of your Cost Estimate data is arranged in, easy to navigate, data explorers where Resources can be dragged and dropped into Activities or higher level Composite Resources.

You can build template Projects that contain the most commonly used Resources, then, use the templates to quickly create the foundation for a new Project.

Next, with CostMate’s extensive drag and drop features, you can quickly find the Resources you need and drag them into your Activities.

In a matter of minutes, you can go from a blank Project to a complete Cost Estimate.


Perhaps the most attractive feature of CostMate is its cost. If you’ve looked at other Cost Estimating programs, you’ve most likely found that they are selling for thousands of dollars per license.

Not CostMate!

We offer just as many features as other Cost Estimating programs, and in many cases, far more, but CostMate is still priced under a thousand dollars.

This is because we want all companies, big or small, to enjoy the benefits of a high-end Cost Estimating program without spending a fortune.


As you’ve seen, CostMate is a powerful, yet flexible, feature rich Cost Estimating program that can be used in virtually any environment or project where cost estimating is necessary. At the price, there just isn’t anything else that comes close!

So what are you waiting for?

Give us a call or send an email and we will be happy to show you how CostMate can fulfill all of your needs, increase your productivity and give you the peace of mind that your Cost Estimates are complete and accurate.

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