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Feb 20, 2007 @ 16:54
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Welcome to e-learning Solutions.

We are a new company set up to provide customised and cost effective e-learning solutions for your training challenges.

We have developed this e-learning example to show you how easy we can help you transform training delivery for specific topics in your organisation making it more effective and engaging for your employees.

Our promise to you will be to transform how training is delivered and at the same time reduce your training costs.

File 2

When you have completed reviewing this material, we are sure that you will begin to see the potential use of our e-learning approach and how we can help make training delivery more effective.

You will also see how you can solve the training dilemma of having to routinely repeat training events in your organisation all of which take from your time and the time of your subject matter experts.

During this demonstration you will witness how easily information can be delivered through this medium and how you can check if the information has been effectively transferred to the learner, through the use of simple tests performed online.

Finally bear in mind that what you see are short examples demonstrating the flexibility of using a customised approach to delivering effective training through e-learning.

File 3

As part of most company induction programmes, reference is usually made a company’s basic operating philosophies or guiding principles and values.

This small segment will demonstrate an interactive process whereby employees find out more information on the company’s Purpose, Vision, Values, principles and behaviours and how these fundamental philosophies are required to support the Business Reality.

When customised for your organisation this approach can provide employees with a much more in depth view of what the organisation wants to achieve, and how it expects all employees to achieve it.

File 4

During all company induction programmes, companies talk about the products or services that they provide to the customer.

This is always a key topic area and important information for the employees to remember.

During day one of an employee’s introduction to a company, it can be difficult to remember everything, in particular trying to remember either the name of all of a company’s products and their uses or all of their services that a company provides.

This session shows you a novel way of introducing your new employees to your company products.

This may also be useful for existing employees in your organisation in particular if your company manufactures a series of complex products or a combination of products.

This can, of course, be applicable also to service companies.

File 5

Depending on the size of your organisation in the context of your plant or company layout, you may see a need for new employees to become familiar with the geographic layout of the various locations around your facility.

This simple interaction can help employees explore the locations of each area of you facility.

Further in depth overviews of your organisations can be put together showing the organisation structure and the various functions. You may also wish to give employees a further in depth understanding of each of the areas with a description of roles and responsibilities relevant to each of the areas.

File 6

Safety is a key area for the Chemical manufacturing or Pharmaceutical Industry.

This session shows you how you can deliver online training for safety topics.

This session covers some points around safety in the laboratory.

However, It does not cover every aspect of safety in the laboratory and has been prepared only as an example of how learning can be applied to this area.

This approach can be customised for you particular needs in many safety areas and also applied to topics for GMP and cGMP areas.

File 7

The key areas for Safety in the laboratory can be summarised as follows:

Plan safety in all of your laboratory areas. Remember if you have no plan, safety cannot go to plan.

Ensure that you have thought of the necessary controls for your laboratory areas

All reagents must be stored correctly and storage areas must be adequately maintained.

All employees must be fully trained and aware of all policies and procedures relating to emergency response activities

File 8

Research indicates that 90% of training needs are driven by changes to documentation and in particular to policies and procedures.

This simple session shows you how training can be provided on the basic requirements of a training procedure.

For your customised needs a more in depth training programme can be designed for your major Policies, Procedures and post test questions designed to ensure that employees have assimilated the knowledge.
Likewise, through the attachment section on the top right hand toolbar, employees can visit the full text of the procedure before progressing to the test section.

This approach demonstrates a very effective way of making sure that employees are fully trained on procedures related to their job requirements and is a simple way of keeping employees up to date on relevant procedures.

File 9

The terminology used in companies can often provide a barrier to effective communications.

The use of acronyms and technical jargon can impact on discussions at meetings in particular where the meeting is a cross functional forum. It can also prove difficult and frustrating for new employees.

An easy remedy for this is to research you company acronyms, jargon and other terminology and use an e-learning glossary of terms approach. This simple approach can help minimise the gap that can occur in communications in your organisation.

File 10

The following quiz, will give you a small appreciation of how you can conduct an evaluation of training on e-learning.
The format of this quiz is multiple choice questions.

When customising quizzes for your particular needs the are many options to choose from, including simple quizzes and games.

You can also include a process of feedback from each person on the training,

Each quiz, requires an 80% pass mark.

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