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Job # 3028 M Raiban - Castilian Spanish

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Feb 22, 2007 @ 16:17
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Feb 27, 2007
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We need a quote for a Power Point presentation with notes below each slide. Our script is being translated, so only the English is available at this time. The notes are basically a summary of what appears on each slide. There are 34 slides with the word count for the total presentation being approximately 7000 words in length.

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Rob Millan

Sample of English Script for quoting purposes:

Slide 1 of 34

Welcome to Avoiding Collisions at Intersections! This lesson is part of the “One Second Advantage” series by Driving Dynamics.

Slide 2

Approximately one-third of all motor vehicle collisions occur at intersections. Traffic lanes crossing, vehicles turning, and drivers changing speed or stopping at signals make intersections more hazardous than other areas of the road. In fact, over 40% of all crash fatalities involved drivers either failing to yield the right of way, driving through a stop sign, or ignoring a traffic light – all intersection collisions!

The tips and scenarios presented in this lesson will help you avoid such accidents with a one second advantage. You will learn the skills that will prepare you to navigate intersections safely. When you have completed all the topics, you will be ready to take the test.

Slide 3

Intersections can be full of traffic signals and signs, as well as other drivers who may not be obeying the signals or who are distracted by the signs. In these circumstances, it is vital to use your eyes to look farther ahead to spot traffic signals or signs well in advance.

If you are looking ahead and seeing a situation sooner, you will have more time to process the information and make a decision about what to do at the intersection.

Seeing the traffic control device sooner, whether a stop light or a yield sign, allows you to be better prepared to react.

You should know the meaning of all road signs in the area where you will be driving.

Do you know these road signs? Roll your mouse over each sign to see its meaning.

Slide 4

•At intersections, it is very important to turn your head
•Look in all three mirrors to expand your field of vision.
•Turn your head to look out the side windows. Don’t let the windshield limit your view, especially when there are cars next to you or behind you.
•Before entering the intersection, be sure that no one is going to run the red light or stop sign. This is particularly important if you are stopped next to a vehicle that blocks your view in any direction.
•Be sure that there are no pedestrians or other hazards in the intersection or crosswalk.

Slide 5

When passing through an intersection, you must be alert to potential problems even if the light is green.

Be prepared for a green traffic light to turn yellow, then red.

The general rule is that when the signal turns yellow, it should remain yellow for one second for each ten miles per hour of speed limit on the road you are traveling.
For example, if the speed limit is 40 miles per hour, the traffic signal should stay yellow for four seconds before turning red.

Knowing this should help you anticipate how much time you have to either get through the signal, or to stop your vehicle.

Unfortunately, this rule is not absolute. Not all signals are timed according to this rule.
The safest bet, then, is when you see the light turn yellow, begin to slow down and stop, using 30% braking.

Do not enter an intersection after the signal has turned red.

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