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Feb 27, 2007 @ 20:20
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Mar 6, 2007
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Athena Video is a production company with more than 15 years experience working with corporations, cable companies and broadcasters.

This is for a corporate video. We are looking for a strong voice that conveys seriousness, depth and emotion.


The measure of a life is many times not realized until future generations….

The accomplishments of great civilizations are looked back upon with wonder and awe…

Could the same be said for great companies?

[---Transition as full timeline comes into view ---]

In 1957, man was reaching for the heavens, exploring the oceans and conquering the land. While the march of technology brought amazing discoveries, miraculous cures and seemingly unlimited possibilities, our fragile ecosystem was under stress.

---Abrupt Transition---


By the time Haley & Aldrich was 50 years old, once mighty rivers that rushed to the sea were diminished to trickles…

--images of dried riverbeds--


Rising temperatures were shrinking our forests…

--images of blighted timber and deforestation--


Energy demand and costs were skyrocketing….

--Power plants, massive cities, heat waves rising above them--

And the air we breathe was being assaulted…

--Air pollution in China, poor visibility at the Grand Canyon--


The world’s tough issues had no borders. And our solutions had no boundaries. It was business unusual!



In its first 50 years Haley & Aldrich contributed to the forward march of human endeavor.

But it was at the turn of the millennium that we began to address the legacy of technology’s advance on our planet.

--Transition to employee voices as they recount past achievements--


The Company became a leader in renewable energy, harvesting power from the sun through wind, solar and bio-mass technologies.

--Transition to employee voices as they recount past achievements--


Haley & Aldrich learned that water can be reclaimed, recycled… thirsts quenched by technology and leadership.

--Transition to employee voices as they recount past achievements--


Over the last 50 years sustainable use of our resources became a mantra… and as leaders, Haley & Aldrich made it a way of business!

Bold steps the company took helped to clean our air… rejuvenate our oceans… and improve the human condition.

The initiatives Haley & Aldrich implemented at the turn of the century unleashed creative energies, enabling the pursuit of business whose core purpose is supporting sustainable quality of life. As a result, the company achieved its vision to become the company most sought after to integrate technology and human potential to tackle tough issues facing the world. This was achieved by taking a personal stake in the outcome and providing a platform for others to learn and join in.

Haley & Aldrich…
Business Unusual!

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