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Job # 3051 Product Demonstration

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Feb 28, 2007 @ 09:41
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About Us:

NetSupport Limited is the founder member of the NetSupport Group and was incorporated in 1989. It is a privately owned Limited Company registered in the United Kingdom.

The Company's worldwide HQ is located in Peterborough, United Kingdom. The focus at these offices is on product development and customer support. NetSupport also has international sales and support centres in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany and Japan.

We need a voice over for the following script. Each paragraph needs to be supplied as individual MP3 files.


Computers have transformed our classrooms, delivering new tools, opportunities and challenges. NetSupport School provides the tools to allow individual and collaborative teaching in a computer based classroom.

A Teacher needs to manage, supervise and teach within a classroom and NetSupport School is here to help them meet this challenge. In classrooms around the world, NetSupport School classroom management software has been working as the “eyes and ears” of teachers for over 12 years and our technology currently monitors over 6 million computers.

The foundation for NetSupport School and its undoubted success, is built on three core objectives, ease of use, flexibility and value. All of the features included are as standard, there are no add-ons or hidden costs. The Teacher interface can be customized and profiled by Teacher, so that only the features relevant to them are presented when they start the application.

To best explain and highlight the power of NetSupport School, let’s run through a typical lesson in our IT classroom.

It’s the start of the lesson and my first task is to prepare the computer lab. I can Power on all the PCs from my desktop.

From my console, I can also remotely log in or out of all lab computers and power them down at the end of the day.

Now I have my class ready I can monitor their activity using the monitor mode in NetSupport School. To see more I just move my mouse over a student thumbnail.

And a real- time Zoom window gives me a perfect view of my selected Student. I can change the size of the thumbnails, and Overlay them with current application or internet usage.

So who is in my class for this lesson? NetSupport School provides a student register, I decide what details I need to know, including custom fields and the students enter their details.

Once they have responded the names used in my console are updated and I can now print or save a lesson register. If I choose, I can also customize the Student icons and associate these with login names for future use.

One of the most powerful features is the ability to show my screen to the class. I can show my screen, a video file, just a selected application or even a replay of a previous presentation. During my presentation I can utilize a range of screen annotation tools to highlight key areas of the screen or make visible notes for attention.

When I have finished presenting to my students I can even leave a copy on their computer so they can review it at a later time, this will include my voice if I have used Audio during the presentation.

At times, I really need to gain full attention from my students. To do this I can select lock mode and instantly, in a single click all the students mice and keyboards are disabled.

It even provides a clear indication on the student’s screens that their attention is needed.

All our Lab computers have internet access and it is a very valuable resource, with NetSupport School I can control student access, limit which websites they can visit and block others. I know many schools have filtering in place already, but remember, even though a website may be deemed acceptable, it may not be during this specific lesson.

When a student opens their browser a list of approved websites is provided, if they visit another site, their browser window is blocked. At the same time I can see which site each student is visiting. I can even monitor all websites that are open in background and review a history of activity for the entire lesson.

I have exactly the same control over applications as I do for the internet. I can control which applications my students can use, block others and even open and close them from my console.

Just as before, if a student tries to use a restricted application they get a visible warning and it is blocked. At the same time, I can see exactly which applications are in use, and those open in background.

The survey mode lets me gauge student understanding during the lesson without the need to run a test. I can load existing questions or simply ask a new one on the fly.

My students are presented with a simple dialogue to respond with, and I can view in real-time each response and the overall results. I can even automatically create student groups in the class based on their responses.

Perhaps you are considering purchasing a dedicated whiteboard ? We were until we used NetSupport School, I can present ideas, images, text pictures and much more to the class, and unlike a whiteboard…..

I can pass control to a student so they can contribute to the presentation….without the disruption of leaving their desk and with a guarantee that everyone in the class can see exactly what is being discussed.

And now the best bit. After instructing my students on a subject I can deliver a real-time test or quiz to them covering the topic of the day. I have 12 different question types to choose from and I can share content with other teachers or schools. I can create resources and content well in advance of the lesson and even use the test designer directly from my USB memory stick.

While the test is in progress I can see exactly which question a student is working on, how many they have attempted so far and how many they have got correct. No more grading after hours !

When the test is over, I get a full scorecard for the class and each student, results details for each question and I can even send an individual copy to each student so they can see where they went wrong.

I could also show you the inbuilt lesson planner where I can pre-prepare content and keep my lesson schedule on track, or the Co-browse Feature we use to synchronise my web browser with my students, or the great file management tools for handing out and collecting coursework, but the best thing you can do is simply download a free 25 user trial copy and see for yourself.

Prepare to have a lot more time on your hands in class to do what you do best…Teach !

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