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Job # 3083 Hannah

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Mar 7, 2007 @ 07:16
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Mar 31, 2007
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English (British)
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We are creating a British female character for an animated project. The character is supposed to be young and perky.

I would like to work with someone to develop this character who can help with the actual wording of the scripts based on her own knowledge of the culture and language of England.

We would like to try both Cockney and Queen's English before deciding which we prefer, so if you can do either, this is a plus.

You can take creative license with this project and, if you have any ideas that we can work into the show, those will be welcomed. The lines that Billybob and Looney Bird perform can be changed to work with whatever you come up with at your end.



Thank you

Hannah: Welcome everybody to another great show here at Hannah Banana's, the entertainment center named after me, Hannah Banana! Now, as many of you know, I have personally toured the world, looking for an act that I could bring back to England that would both entertain and, possibly, educate my wonderful guests!

Now I'm told, that back in the 80's, these guys played exclusively for Chuck E. Cheese restaurants in the United States, but, in the tradition of many of today's biggest stars, Billybob and Looney Bird wanted to return to their roots, playing the little clubs and gas stations around the country, and that's where I found them, at Smitty's Super Service Station in Spit in the Bucket Tenn! Now, here they are, for your pleasure, let's welcome Billybob and Looney Bird!!

SFX: Appluase, cheering!

Billybob: Why thank ya' Hannah..thank ya' everbody, Why, we're plumb tickled to be here!

Hannah: Now, Billybob, you and Looney Bird, you're from the southern portion of the Eastern United States. Is that not correct?

Billybob: It shore nuf is, and that's what we just call "The South."

Hannah: Indeed, "the South". And, I have found that you good people from... "The South" have a special way of expressing yourselves that I, for one, find rather charming.

Looney: I'm not from the south. I only fly there for the Winter.

Billybob: Yes, That's right, ..Looney aint from the South. He's actually from Canada. In fact, Looney was nick-named after the Canadian $1.00 coin because, inside that feather covered head lies the brain of a financial genius!

Hannah: Oh reallllly! I thought someone named "Looney Bird" must be named as such due to a certain wacky charm to his personality.

Looney: A common misconception my dear banana brain! I was named after the Canadian coin called the Looney! I also can tell you the "meaning of life",
if you care to ask.

Hannah: Ah yes, "the meaning of life". I'm sure we will want to hear all about that from someone named Looney Bird, so hold that thought, but are you quite sure the Canadians call their dollar coin "a Looney"?

Looney: Absolutely! See, you can LEARN something someone named Looney Bird! The $1 coin is called a Looney and the $2 coin is called a "Tooney"!

Billybob: And I live in the Boonies!

Hannah: And what, pray tell, is the Boonies, Billybob?

Billybob: You know the woods! That's Where bears usually live!

Hannah: Loonie, Toonie, Boonies! Oh! Do me a favour!

Billybob: Sure..what do you want?

Hannah: No! In England, That means "You must be kidding with me"!

Billybob: Huh! Any body ever tell ya' Ya'll talk funny over here!

Hannah: WE talk funny!

Looney: Well, at least you guys agree on that...

Hannah: No! I didn't mean to say "we talk funny", I meant ...oh never mind...Looney Bird...are you really a financial genius,?

Looney: Indubitably! And I also know "the meaning of life", if you ever care to ask.

Hannah: Then, why, Mr. Bird, do you have a plant growing out of your head?

Looney: Gee, no one's ever asked me about that before.

Hannah: Well, it IS rather remarkable, I mean to have a plant growing out of
your head, wouldn't you say?

Looney: Is it that noticeable?

Billybob: Oh Hannah, Looney is very sensitive about that , uh...small growth you're pointing out.

Hannah: Oh, I'm so sorry. No Looney, I hardly noticed it at all..

looney: Gee, do you think so? I do try to keep it nicely trimmed,

Hannah: Maybe that's because your head's filled with fertilizer! Har har

Looney: Yea..and yours is filled with bananas! A ha ha ha

(all laugh)

Billybob: Well that just brings us to the point, Looney Bird, It doesn't matter what you have growing out the top of your head.

Looney: Or what your head is filled with!

Hannah: Or even how funny you talk.

Billybob: What matters that we're ...Happy Together!

(song Happy Together)

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