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Mar 20, 2007 @ 02:03
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Mar 21, 2007
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This voiceover is for a corporate marketing video presentation for Digital Defense Group, a developer and supplier of cutting edge biometric security products.

We are seeking a male voice with a North American accent. We are open to different voice styles, but with a 'paced patience' in the read. The script has a word count of 585.

Please submit a custom demo of a portion of the voiceover script.

VO: (Male; with paced patience)

Before we begin your fingerprint enrollment on the world’s safest, most secure biometric device, let me show you how to get the best results.

This is the center of your fingerprint area.

It’s where your fingerprint is on your finger.

Everybody’s fingerprint area is the same distance from this finger joint.

Using this edge guide, place your finger joint on this edge.

This edge guide will precisely place your finger on the sensor for an accurate read – every time.

This raised nib area and contoured sides will allow you to feel your precise placement – even in the dark.

User medium pressure on the sensor. Remember, it’s a sensor – not a push button.

This sensor reads your live tissue. It may take a sub-second or two – or about a deep breath for authentication.

Too much pressure gives a distorted image.
Not enough pressure gives a poor image.
Medium pressure gives your best image.

Use the edge guide. The contoured cradle. And the nibs. They will guide you to your best reading – every time.

Remember to use the edge guide to place your finger on the sensor. Every time.

To start your on-card enrollment, you’ll need to choose three fingers. It’s our factory default setting.

Enrolling a thumb on your favored hand as your Primary finger gives you more flexibility.

Using your other thumb as your Secondary is recommended. It’s your back up in case one hand is holding something – or it’s injured.

Your favored hand’s index finger is recommended for your third finger to enroll.

The index finger is easier to use at the desktop for logging on to your computer.

Let’s wake up your Biocard.

This light tells you the Biocard is ready to enroll. If you see a green light, this means the Biocard is already enrolled. See your systems manager if you see a green light.

During enrollment, the light will change from amber —

Then to green telling you to enroll your second finger —

Then to amber for your third finger —

Then it will flash green telling you that you successfully enrolled on your Biocard.

Remember, each finger will take between 5 to 7 readings before the next finger.

To begin, wake up your biocard.
Using the edge guide and the contoured finger area, place your first finger on the sensor.
When the light goes off, take your finger off.
When the light goes on, put your finger on.

Light off. Finger off. Light on. Finger on.


Now enroll your second finger — use the edge guide.

Light off. Finger off. Light on. Finger on.


Now your third finger.
Light off. Finger off. Light on. Finger on.


Congratulations. You’ve successfully completed your on-card enrollment.

You are now ready to use the most advanced

Biometric identity device in the world.

Before you begin using your Biocard, there’s just a few other tips.

A successful authentication will give you a green light.

If you get a red light, it means to try again. Make sure your finger is on the sensor as when you enrolled. Use the edge guide.

If you see this error signal during enrollment, it means you need to begin enrollment from the beginning.

Your Biocard’s sensor reads live tissue. If you have circulatory problems, warm up your hands and fingers before enrolling.

If you have any questions, please call us.

From everyone at Digital Defense Group, we thank you for using the most secure biometric identity management device in the world.


Thank you in advance,

Note from It is suggested that you watermark custom demo work to protect it.

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