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Job # 3206 wee-MINDER to Brush Your Teeth

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Mar 22, 2007 @ 23:28
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Mar 28, 2007
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This is a story for a DVD that accompanies a book, encouraging children to have good hygiene, eat healthy, and brush their teeth! You can find out more about the Wee-Minders system, and see some images of the characters, at WeeMinder.com.
This will potentially be sold in several big-box chains.

If you are able to offer post-production services as well, please provide a quote.

If you can 'voice' more than one character, I would be happy to hear them!

I have provided a couple lines for each character from the script, as well as the approximate word count per character.


Narrator. Male Australian voice, 431 words.
(intro)"Oy mates! That’s Dr. Al E. Gator DDS, Mama Gator, and Al E. (Edgar) Gator Junior, just finishing up a bowl of delicious Munch O’s cereal."
(narrative)"Al E. grins from eyeball to eyeball and feels so good inside he nearly flies to the soccer field to meet up with the gang. As Al E. arrives, Wally the Wallaby suggests going to Sydney’s Candy Store. "
"...they all chime in and begin happily hopping down the trail. "
"When they get to Sydney’s Candy Store, they are greeted by Hillary."

Al E. Gator: 7-9 year old alligator. 140 words.
“Mmmm…I love my Munch O’s!”
“Oh no Warthog, you really need to brush and floss. Your teeth are really dirty and you need to take good care of what teeth you have left, so you can chew up your food. My dad’s a dentist at Chomper’s R Us. He could help you out if you want.”

Dr. Gator: Al E’s dad, a dentist. 182 words.
“Day after day at Chompers R’Us, I see many neglected chompers and it always brings an alligator tear to my eye when I see young ones in so much agony. It could have easily been avoided by simply brushing and flossing.
Now come and give me a Tail Slappin, Jaw Smackin, Gator Grin. That’s my good lil’ gator!”

Wally: 4-6 year old wallaby. 75 words.
“Hillary Hippo told me about some new Aussie Chews that Sydney just got in. She said they were really good. You guys want to go try some?”
“Mmm, these are yummy and very chewy!”

Hillary: 5-7 year old hippo. 42 words.
“Hey gang! Whatcha been up to?”
(shyly)“I’ve never been taught how to floss my teeth.”

Harry: 6-8 year old hedgehog. 42 words
“Ya, but they keep getting stuck in my teeth!”
“Oh ya, that’s true. I’ll never complain about flossing my measly 57 teeth again!”

Stinky: antagonist adult warthog. 41 words.
“Hey kids, you don’t need to hop so fast to clean your teeth. I haven’t cleaned my teeth once and I still have four good chompers left.”
“Nah, I just want to lay here in my mud hole. See ya later.”

wee-MINDER gang: all young characters together. apx. 23 words in addition to above word counts.

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