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Job # 3311 Video Narration #1

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Apr 11, 2007 @ 21:56
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Apr 24, 2007
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Script for Video – Free Printer Program Overview

NOTE: this job has been reopened as of April 23 in the PM as no auditions could be submitted over the weekend.
Approximately 1200 words.

---Slide #1: The Free Printer Program---

Thanks for taking a couple of minutes to learn more about the Free Printer program from This short video is the fastest way to learn about the free color printer program. In just a couple of minutes you will discover the secret to how you can qualify for FREE high performance color printers and copiers.

------Slide #2: Program Overview------

We will review the following:

How does the free printer program work?

How do you qualify?

What’s included?

What’s required?

And, How fast can you get a printer?

------Slide #3: Program Specifics------ takes the work out of selecting a new printer or copier for your business. We do the research and testing and bring you the best products in the market.
These are serious printers for serious color printing.

By Using the Free Printer program you are taking advantage of the latest color printer technology available.

How do we do this? I hear you asking.

By leveraging the collective purchasing power of thousands of clients, can eliminate the out of pocket expense of purchasing high end color printers and copiers.

Even Better! You will be provided with Free on-site service & support for the duration of the program. has made this program the preferred method of printer acquisition for thousands of organizations in the US. It no longer makes sense for ANY organization to purchase printers or copiers when you can get the benefit of ownership with on-site service for FREE!

If getting free equipment and service was not enough reason for you to consider using this program then maybe this will help. As a participant in the program you will also save up to 30% off the cost of your supplies.

You will also get free membership in the Exclusive Alliance program that provides additional benefits such as automatic reminders when your printer needs attention.

At the end of the 24 month program, the printer or copier is yours to keep without further obligation. You can continue to use the equipment and purchase supplies as needed, or upgrade to a new unit and continue to receive onsite service and supplies.

----------Slide #4: The Printers---------- uses the latest color printer technology from Xerox. Featuring both the 8560 color printers and the 8560 multi-function printer that offers high speed color printing. Copying, scanning and faxing capabilities. More information is available about each specific printer in the program.

-Slide #5: How Does the Program Work?-

How Does the Program Work?

Using the program is very easy! First you select the printer and program that best meets your needs. Do you need the multifunction capabilities of the 8560MFP or the high performance color printing of the 8560 printers?

Apply on-line, via fax or phone – Once we receive your application we’ll do a brief credit review of the business.

Once approved, we will send you your agreements as an attachment to an e-mail. Since the program is structured as a lease, you will have two agreements. One, that covers the on-site service and support and one that covers the monthly payment for the supplies cost.

Just sign, and fax back your agreements and we will ship your new printer!

Is that easy enough?

-----Slide #6: Who can qualify for the program?-----

Who can qualify for the program?

The Free Printer program is designed for US based businesses and organizations.

The program is perfect for Churches, Real Estate professionals, schools, photography studios, associations and virtually any business that wants to take control of their printing expense!

It’s perfect for things like flyer's, programs, brochures, presentations, reports, advertising and media kits to name just a few!

We do require established credit in the business or strong personal credit of the owner or officer.

Non-profit organizations are required to be established for 5 years with a good credit standing before applying to the program.

-----Slide #7: What’s included in the program?-----

What are you going get with the program? .

As an approved client in the program you will receive:

• A Free High Performance Color Printer or Copier depending on which one you select
• Free on-site repair service
• Free Technical support
• A Free Network upgrade
• A Free Duplex Upgrade for automatic two sided printing.
• Free shipping via UPS ground
• Free membership to the exclusive alliance program.
• And a quarterly shipment of ink. The cost of supplies will vary from $99 to $199 depending on the program you select.

Applicable taxes & Maintenance kits are not included.

-----Slide #8: What’s required in the program?-----

What’s required of you in the program? Let me first tell you what is not required of you.

There is no minimum number of prints required

There is no maximum number of prints

There is no usage report required

Your only obligation is to purchase your supplies at a savings of up to 30%.

Here’s how it works:
Every 90 days, quarterly, you will receive a base level of supplies shipped to you. These will be billed monthly at a cost of $99 to $199 depending on which printer and program you initially select. The shipping cost is included!

There is also a one time documentation fee of only $50 which is billed with your first invoice.
At the end of the 24 month program the printer is yours to keep without further obligation.

-----Slide #9: What’s the Next Step-----

So what do you need to do next?


Select a FREE printer program

Submit you application

Fax back your agreements

and, Enjoy your new printer!

----------Slide #10: Questions----------

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about the program.

Can I get more than one printer?
Yes, you can add additional units as needed or apply for multiple units up front.

What if I need more ink?
No problem, you can order on-line 24/7 at

Am I going to receive a NEW printer?
Yes these are new printers! Each unit is tested and your welcome kit is inserted before it is shipped to you.

How can I get print samples?
Easy – Send your request to Attached a PDF of the information you would like to see printed.

Can I return the unit and cancel the program?
Since the program is structured as an equipment lease you would need to work with the leasing company for early payoff of the lease. You cannot return the unit once the lease goes into place. You will receive a phone call within a few days of receiving your new unit to verify it has been received and you are ready to move forward with the program.

If you have any other questions please contact us.

---------Slide #11: Contact us---------

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about the free printer program from I think you will agree that this is hands down the best way to acquire color printers for your organization. Please do not hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions.

What are you waiting for? Submit your application at today and we can ship your new printer tomorrow. Let us improve your image!

Note from Should you choose to submit a custom demo, it is recommended that you watermark your work.

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