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Job # 33216 Animation Short Clips

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Mar 15, 2011 @ 06:15
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Mar 21, 2011
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PLease note we've extended the deadline because of some technical difficulties with the site.

This is paid work
We are sponsoring an Animation contest for which we need a few dialog tracks with which animators can work. This work will not be broadcast on radio or tv directly and is non-commercial in nature. Most of the contestants, who are competeing for prizes, will be students who may or may not use the work on their demo reels while applying for jobs in the animation and visual effects industry.
We are looking to provide dynamic and contrasting voices as they provide some of the most inspirational content for animation. As mentioned each piece is only a couple of lines and there is even room for improv. Shots may be single or multiple character so if you are able to do multiple voices please indicate as such. Good examples of what we mean by contrast and dynamic. Gollum fighting with his two selves. Will Arnett. An argument increasing in intensity. Captain Jack Sparrow. Syndrome talking to Mr Incredible. Jafar and Iago, Jack Black, The Genie (Aladdin), Jeff Dunham, etc etc
If you would prefer to improv something zany, scary, dramatic, off the wall, we will happily hear your ideas out, but can also provide scripted guidance. There really are no bounds. Some off the cuff examples:

Lisa: How come he can carry on a conversation and play games at the same time and you can't

Joe: Because he hasn't had 5 years of practice tuning you out

Lisa: Gasp
captain: Looks like we're pretty much dead

private: dead?

captain: yes

private: you mean die?

captain: yep

private: as in no breathing

captain: yep

private: as in

captain: as in I'm about to kill you myself

private: but I don't want to die....


gunner: I'm sittin there soaked in jet fuel, about to set down in a hot LZ, bullet tracers everywhere, leg twitching, and some whack job lit up a cigar and damn near killed us all. Whole darn chopper was goin thermo-nuclear-launch on us...


Hysterical breakdown of any kind
->woman breaks down after finding out unicorns aren't real

A man who speaks to himself in different languages...

A rant about luggage wheelies
rantor: I hate luggage wheelie deals. First they fill them too full and can't even lift them by themselves. Then when they take em down, they stop in the isle, lift the handle, then they hit every seat as they walk down the isle AND if they don't do that they STOP at the door to lift the handle. GET OUT OF MY WAY!

We want these to be fun. We'll be looking for your creative reads and even input.

We would like to have final audio files by March 31st. If earlier is possible then that is great. Please note that budget below is flexible based on final arrangement and how many dialog tracks are done.

Note from job posting has been reviewed and approved by staff. recommends that you slate and name your audition file for this job posting to assist the client in selecting an appropriate candidate.

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