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This will be a power point presentation. Each section will be a slide.

Instant Lead System 101 www.InstantLeadSystem.com

* What is Co-Registration
* Selecting The Right Provider
* Building Strong Relationships
* E-Mail Marketing vs. Spam
* Advanced Tools

What is Co-Registration

Co-registration leads are e-mail addresses of people who have expressed a desire to receive e-mail information from you. They are different from the addresses you gather through opt in forms on your own website because they come from a much larger audience and are available in much larger quantities.

These are people who choose to be part of your mailing list as part of the check out or registration process for another product or web site.

You’ve probably seen a co-registration program in action if you have ever bought something on the internet and been offered the chance to receive additional information companies other than the one from which you make the purchase.

Why should you use co-registration leads?

The simplest answer is because they really work. Unlike other general e-mail lists you can buy, these leads are already pre-screened to be people who have expressed an interest in hearing from you.

And this means you spend less wasted time and money communicating with people who have no interest in your products or services. Every co-registration lead is a solid lead, not just a shot in the dark.

You might think it is enough to gather e-mail addresses using an opt-in form on your website, but the reality is quite different. An opt-in form is absolutely vital and should be an integral part of your website, but you will never generate enough leads that way to make the huge profits that you so richly deserve.

This is not a get rich quick scheme because you do have to put some time and effort into e-mail marketing to your co-registration leads. But the results can be dramatic, to say the least.

You have an amazing opportunity to find out exactly how to generate huge amounts of cash from co-registration leads, starting right away!

Selecting The Right Provider

Co-registration leads are a rich but untapped source of profits for your business. There is no shortage of companies out there who are anxious to sell you these leads, but how do you know which one is best for you?

This is a vital question to answer because you can only maximize your profits if you use the provider that can supply the most targeted leads at an economical price.

Start by checking out the most popular co-registration lead providers, examining their rates and other terms in close detail. The least expensive provider is not necessarily the best choice if their leads are not of the sort that are best for your needs.

Selecting The Right Provider (2)

Only draw on a provider that does not use the dreaded ‘select all’ feature for capturing leads, because these lists are not going to be targeted or specific enough for your needs.

Pay attention to minimum and maximum orders, too. Some providers quote a very low per lead price, but require such a huge minimum number per order that the cost can quickly end up too high for your budget.

Look at the pricing and potential returns in terms of how often you intend to collect co-registration leads. Are you looking for a recurring order every month, two months, etc.? Or do you want to pick and choose when you receive co-registration leads?

These are just a few of the vital factors you must consider before selecting a co-registration lead provider. The InstantLeadSystem contains a complete, step by step collection of information that will have you starting down the road to lead abundance in no time at all!

Building Strong Relationships

You probably already understand the importance of good customer service when it comes to making money. You couldn’t stay in business for very long if you didn’t treat your customers well.

But there is a profit-generating customer service secret that most people don’t know about or simply don’t understand its vital importance.

What is this deep, dark secret? I’ll tell you all about it, and you just might be surprised at what it is…It’s relationships!

Great profits come from great relationships, and great relationships are built long term, one interaction at a time, on a continual basis. When you establish and build a strong relationship with a customer, that person comes to view you as a preferred source for products and services and will return to buy from you over and over again.

Building Strong Relationships (2)

You can use co-registration leads to establish strong customer relationships and continue using them to strengthen those relationships, generating huge profits for your business along the way.

There is one huge mistake, though, that most people make when starting to build relationships with a co-registration lead list. Avoid this mistake and you will soon see cash flowing into your bank account like a flooding river.

Everything you need to know about avoiding this major mistake and building huge profits from co-registration leads can be found simply by clicking the “InstantLeadSystem” link in your members area.

E-Mail Marketing vs. Spam

E-mail marketing is a legitimate, practical, and very effective way to promote your business and generate huge profits. Unfortunately for responsible people like you, there are thousands and thousands of unscrupulous people out there whose e-mail marketing consists of huge amounts of unwanted spam.

Cyber security experts tell us that nearly 5.5 million spam attacks are launched each month – and the number continues to increase month after month. Nearly 20% of all email messages are spam, according to some estimates, with a few experts saying the true number is somewhere closer to 50% or higher.

E-Mail Marketing vs. Spam (2)

These are stunning numbers. It’s no wonder so many people are reluctant to receive legitimate e-mail marketing messages and so many businesses are wary of using e-mail marketing strategies for fear of being incorrectly labeled as a spammer.

The fact is, though, that e-mail marketing is extremely effective and profitable when it is done correctly and in compliance with anti-spam regulations. You cannot afford to pass up this huge money making strategy just because you are not sure how to do it legitimately and responsibly.

InstantLeadSystem contains detailed information about how to avoid “the kiss of death” label as a spammer, while actively using e-mail marketing to dramatically increase your financial success. You know e-mail marketing is a “must do” if you want to make a lot of money, so that means you absolutely need to pay attention to the step by step information in this amazing course.

Advanced Tools - www.eAutomatedBusiness.com

You now have a good understanding of how to use co-registration leads and consistent e-mail marketing to make huge profits.

Now it’s time to turn those huge profits into insanely huge profits, and the way to do that is to multiply your efforts with advanced tools and strategies.

Advanced does not mean difficult, however. It just means using tools and tactics that make you even more money without using up more of your valuable personal time.

Advanced Tools (2) - www.eAutomatedBusiness.com

The most important advanced tools are Autoresponders and using secondary co-registration leads services. Autoresponders alone can grow your profits exponentially, and when coupled with secondary co-registration leads services they can practically inundated you with cash.

The key to Autoresponder success is choosing the service that best meets your needs. From cost to convenience, there are many factors that should influence your final decision.

The key to successfully using secondary co-registration lead services is, once again, looking at what each provider has to offer and weighing those offerings against your specific needs.

We’ve laid it all out for you in the InstantLeadSystem Course. You can get started now, simply click on the link in your members area that says… “Instant Lead System Course”.

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