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Sometimes the Beach
by Scott C. Johnson

Morning Beach
Sometimes the beach is quiet. The morning sky looks pink and light blue. The air is cool, and smells fresh and salty. Only the sounds of flying birds and the ocean tide can be heard. Pigeons line the sandy walkways looking for food. Tiny seashells rest in the cool beach sand. Soon the sun will rise, bringing light to the leafy palm trees.

Mom gives us oatmeal and apple slices for breakfast. I put on my cap and get ready to play!

Sunny Beach
Sometimes the beach is sunny. Soft clouds glide through the bright blue sky. The ocean sparkles in the sun. Light waves splash against the seashore, washing the sand to and fro. Dry sand is warm and cozy; wet sand squishes between my toes! Palm trees shade us from the sun, and sometimes a gentle breeze brushes against my face.

Mom helps me put on my swimming gear and sun block so I can play in the!

Cloudy Beach
Sometimes the beach is cloudy. The taste of salt fills the cool misty air. The bright sun hides in the thick white clouds, and sometimes it peeks out for a while. Ocean waves crash up against the rocks. Dry sand is cool now, wet sand is cold! The soft wind rustles the palm tree leaves. Seagulls glide gracefully through the air.

My shadow looks faded and hard to find. "No swimming this time", says Mom, "we'll walk the pier today."

I toss breadcrumbs to the seagulls. They swoop down and gobble them up!

Stormy Beach
Sometimes the beach is stormy. Dark grey clouds cover the sky. The sound of thunder fills the air. The palm trees bend in the rushing wind. Raindrops fall from the clouds above and waves crash hard against the shore. All the sand is wet now.

Mom says the storm helps the plants to grow. It also cleans the air so it is cool and fresh. I look out the window and watch the rain pour. We will have to wait until the storm ends to play at the beach again.

Sunset Beach
Sometimes the beach is dreamy. The bright blue sky is now filled with color! Orange, pink, red, yellow, and navy blue. The clouds look dark against the sinking sun. A few boats sail distant on the ocean. Long shadows extend from the palm trees. My shadow is taller than me! Everything seems to slow down now. It is dreamy.

The tide is coming. I toss a beach ball far into the ocean. And the waves push it right back to me! I am playing catch with the sea!

Moonlit Beach
Sometimes the beach is starry. The bright white moon reflects on the ocean waves. The air is cool, and a crisp breeze comes and goes. Tiny stars twinkle above the tall dark palm trees. Bright lights shine from the amphitheater, where a band is playing in concert. The air is full of music.

Mom brings us blankets and hot cocoa so we can keep warm. We snuggle close and enjoy the tunes of the night.

I love my times at the beach. I want to stay all the time. But now Mom says we must go home, and wave the beach goodbye.


About six pages of text. 545 words




This story is really meant to capture the moods and feelings of the beach. In each scene, try to imagine yourself as a young child experiencing the unique wonder of that environment for the first time. Don't over exaggerate, but be genuine. This story also focuses on the natural WHILE being surrounded by the social. Yes, there are siblings around, other children, parents, friends, people at the beach, cars, buses, activities going on, yet in that the child still finds time to focus on the serenity of nature surrounding him.

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