Interactive Math Lesson for Third Grade

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Job # 3438 Interactive Math Lesson for Third Grade

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May 2, 2007 @ 01:44
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May 5, 2007
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Looking for a clear, child-friendly voice. This will be made available as online educational content for home and/or classrooms.

Each enumerated sentence will need to be saved as a separate MP3 file, as should each word listed below the sentences.


1. Follow along as each block is counted.
2. Let's start counting.
3. Good, now let's count more blocks.
4. Time to count all of these blocks.
5. But, wait a moment...
6. This looks like a lot of counting!
7. Let's take this step by step.
8. First, we already counted the red blocks, so we'll put them off to the side in one group of ten.
9. Let's continue by making more groups of ten as we count. We'll make as many as we can.
10a. We have ________ (pause)...
10b. ... blocks.
11. Now look at our groups..
12a. We have ________(pause)
12b. ... groups of ten.
13. And we have one group of ____________ (pause).
14a. One group of ________ (pause)...
14b. ... is also the same as having _______(pause).
14c. ...groups of one.
14d. of one.
15a. So we have ________(pause)...
15b. .... groups of ten and...
16a. How do we write number _______ (pause)?
16b. We use a ______(pause)...
16c. This is called the standard form.
17. We have to use a two-digit number to write ______(pause).
18a. Look at where the _______(pause)...
18b. and ______(pause)..
18c. ..are placed.
19. Each digit of a number has a place value.
20a. The ________(pause)...
20b. in the tens place.
21. The tens place shows us how many groups of ten there are.
22a. The ______(pause)...
22b.... is in the ones place.
23. The ones place shows us how many groups of one there are.


24. Let's figure out how to write the number for this many blocks.
25a. There are _______ .......
25b. ...groups of ten, so the number in tens place is a __________.
26c. ... groups of one, so the number in the ones place is a _______.
27. How many groups of ten are there?
28a. The number _________...
28b. .. is in the tens place, so there are ______ ...
29. How many groups of one are there?

30a. _________ is in the ones place.
30b. So, there is _____


1. one
2. two
3. three
4. four
5. five
6. six
7. seven
8. eight
9. nine
10. ten
11. twenty
12. thirty
13. forty
14. fifty
15. sixty
16. seventy
17. eighty
18. ninety

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