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Job # 36044 Education Video for Minority Leadership

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May 12, 2011 @ 22:04
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May 14, 2011
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Hi, how's it going?

I'm creating a web video for a non-profit organization that focuses on Minority Leadership for education.

Per their request, they would like an African-American voice to do the narration. We're imagining a voice that sounds like they're in their early-30's but we're open to other options.

As for the voice direction, we're going for something that is genuine and conversational (not announcer-y and fake sounding). The voice will be reading the script at a slower pace and should be caring, thoughtful, but serious because this is an issue that they really believe in.

I would love to hear a quick demo of the first few lines from you. Also, please indicate your preferred method of working and if you're open to taking direction or receiving feedback for revisions on words. Thanks!

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Partners Developing Futures Video – Rough Script

Title card: Open with Partners Developing Futures motion graphics logo.

Music with a mild/contemplative tone fades in.

[Cut to general shots of a school: children playing outside, people walking through school hallways, etc.]

Voiceover: Since 1992, public charter schools have had a proven track record of success at closing the achievement gap.

[Close-up shots of students of color paying attention in class.]

VO: Most charter schools serve minority and low-income communities.

VO: But there are not enough charter school leaders from these communities. And even fewer in the pipeline.

[Shots of students of color playing with one another, talking to each other]

VO: Minority leaders are more likely to understand the intricacies of a school’s cultural and community relations. Intricacies needed for a successful school.

[Cut to close up panning shots of school objects: pencils and papers on a teachers desk, schoolwork on the walls, textbooks, etc.]

VO: But due to conditions such as poverty and lack of resources, these minority leaders are often overwhelmed to the breaking point.

[Cut to shot of the front of the school with the camera panning up towards the sky]

VO: They need to be freed from crisis management mode so they can steer their schools to high educational achievement.

[Screen fades to white]

Title Card: That’s where we come in.

Music kicks in, uplifting and inspiring.

[Montage of shots of investors walking and interacting with the school, shots of teachers interacting with students, shots of students smiling and laughing]

VO: Partners Developing Futures is a social venture investment fund with one mission: to identify, recruit, and support people of color in growing high quality charter schools for underserved students.

[Cut to shots of various educational leaders of color, all looking right into the camera. While the leaders speak, cut in shots of the investors walking through the school and with feel-good shots: inspirational images of school and students]

Leader 1: Minority leadership matters because kids need role models they can identify with.

Leader 2: Minority leadership matters because cultural competence is necessary for the development of these students.

Leader 3: …because to these kids, I look like the head of their household. They respect that.

Leader 4: …because there aren’t enough leaders of color.

Leader 5: …because kids need role models they can identify with.

Leader 6: Minority leadership matters because when kids see me, they see themselves in the future.

[Cut to shots of students and teachers engaged in learning]

VO: We hope you will partner with your community charter school the best way you know how...volunteering…teaching…leading…coaching…becoming a board member…providing financial support.

[Cut back to shots of minority leaders looking into camera]

Leader 1: Because minority leadership…

Leader 2: …minority leadership…

Leader 3: …in education…

Leader 4: …matters…

Leader 5: …matters…

Leader 6: Because minority leadership in education matters.

Title card: Motion graphics outro of Partners Developing Future logo.

Title card: Display website and final call to action.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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