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Job # 3648 Point of sale Software demo voice over

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May 24, 2007 @ 13:30
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May 31, 2007
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Welcome to SHINE Point of Sale release 3.1 flash presentation demo.

We, the SHINE Point of Sale development team are proud to present to you our new user friendly and cutting edge soft ware called SHINE Point of Sale release 3.1.

With the end user always in mind, we have employed business professionals of the retail industry and end users of various Point of Sale systems in order to make SHINE Point of Sale an easy and intuitive user experience.

SHINE Point of Sale allows the end user to organize stock items in categories, identify fast moving items and offers an extensive and easy to use search engine where the end user can search for a product by item code, name, color, size or quantity on hand.

Upon scanning the selected items the end user can complete a sale quickly and easily at the press of only three buttons.

This can either be done with the use of a standard mouse or by using the touch. SHINE Point of Sale can cater for various types of returns, for example, return by sales. Again we ask, what if the customer knows the date and the approximate time the purchase was made but has misplaced the receipt? SHINE Point of Sale gives you the ability to search for a receipt by date and period of time.

While scanning, the end user can mark the returned item as Damaged or simply proceed with the return if the product is just out of favor with the customer. The overall return process is once again a simple three button process with the end user having the option to either issue cashback, a gift voucher or an exchange with an alternative item.

Regarding user friendliness, SHINE Point of Sale answers yet another “what if” question. What if the person at the front of the queue has forgotten an item but has already started checking out? SHINE Point of Sale can hold a receipt allowing you to service another customer while the first customer retrieves the forgotten item. The first customer’s receipt can be recalled and the transaction completed.

SHINE Point of Sale can pay for itself through advertising in the means of the customer display. The developers understand that a customer screen display should play advertisements when in the standby mode, while at the same time displaying all the necessary information when making a sale, such as information about the item being scanned or the grand total at the end of the sale transaction.

SHINE Point of Sale considers that gift vouchers should be purchased and issued at the counter and at the demand of a customer. When a customer requests a gift voucher, the cashier selects the value of the gift voucher and issues it to the customer, so that it can be redeemed at a future date.

Upon presenting the gift voucher to the cashier, it can be redeemed for the full amount. Should there be an excess balance, the customer can settle the difference using alternative payment methods.

SHINE Point of Sale also caters for the use of loyalty cards. With the ability to customize the number of points earned by product category, the user can process a loyalty card sale quickly and easily. SHINE Point of Sale records the relevant points of a given sales transaction and collects all the information that is linked to it.

SHINE Point of Sale handles various types of bundles and promotions. Let’s start with bundles. Wouldn’t you like to get rid or your old stock? What better way to do this, than to offer those old hard to sell items at a special price if they were sold as a group. SHINE Point of Sale allows you to do this simply by setting the price at which you wish to sell the bundle for and then indicate the item you wish to include in the bundle.

Similarly, you can setup stock item promotions. SHINE Point of Sale allows for four different kinds of promotions in the form of “Buy one get the same product free”, “Buy one get another product free”, receive a benefit based on the total amount spent, or even on a specific item category.

Implementing promotions is a simple task. Just add the items that will trigger the promotion, then identify the items on offer and simply attribute one of the four types of offers available; free quantity, discount amount, a discount percentage, or a specific reduced item price.

SHINE Point of Sale comes with an in depth simple to use, back-office system. At a glance, the back-office system allows the end user to access simple on-screen information featuring reorder levels of stock items, amounts outstanding and information regarding stock item availability in all other branches. Once again, SHINE Point of Sale answers another “what if” question. What if on a multiple work station setup, there is a connection failure? How are the end users going to process their day to day tasks?

SHINE Point of Sale handles all these issues with a real-time online and offline mode.

In online mode, all data is processed by the local work station and will get recorded in real time in both the local and the central server database. If while operating the connection is lost, SHINE Point of Sale will automatically turn to offline mode without interrupting any of the user’s normal operations, since it will draw all the information from the local database. When the connection is restored, SHINE Point of Sale will automatically switch back to online mode and synchronize all the data processed while offline.

SHINE Point of Sale also comes with a built-in web-based stock control system where the end user can access vital information regarding stock. Information can be drawn for all branches or even the head office, offering the end user the luxury of obtaining important information from anywhere in the world, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

SHINE Point of Sale can also handle multiple branches. It comes with a built-in barcode generation system, serial number tracking, expiry dates, sizes and colours.

Talking about size and colour, the web-based stock control system considers that items have to be created quickly and easily. This can be done through the size and colour matrix, where you can specify the different colours and sizes that an item is available in. After the information is defined, with the press of only two buttons, all the relevant items are created in the system.

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