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May 24, 2007 @ 15:50
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Jul 31, 2007
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English (British)
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This is an animated short film - Pixar style - it will be used to pitch a feature length film with the same characters. The directors are Jonas Dahlbeck and Boris Nawratil of

The audience for this film will be ages 12+. Since this is an effort to pitch a feature length film, we will keep looking until we are satisfied we found the right voices. The sooner the better, but it has to be right. Please, custom demos only!

The two Characters are George and Jack.

George is British and much like Michael Kaine's character in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels". But NOT a Michael Kaine impression! George has 80 words.

Jack is American and is more like Cary Grant or Clark Gable (basically an interesting male voice reminiscent of classic American actors). Jack has 28 words.


By a river side clearing a camp has been set up. Out of one of the luxurious tents comes Jack.

JACK: Morning George!

we pan over to George who is sitting at an eloquently decorated table, he's already got a martini in one hand, with which he salutes Jack, in-front of him a map is laid out.

GEORGE: Good morning Jack, have some breakfast! You're going to need it today.

Jack comes up to the table and sees what is for breakfast , some grey-green eggs lay in a basket labeled "1000 year old eggs"

JACK: Thousand year old eggs? Are they safe?

GEORGE: it's the local specialty, (George slaps Jack on the back) where's your sense of adventure?

Jack gives George an evil eye and begins to peel one of the eggs. George looks down at the map in front of him

GEORGE: This cave is no picnic my friend, very dangerous! But we have a doctor standing by, should something happen to you. (casually said as if he was saying "happen to us")

JACK (with a mouth full of eggs- not certain he heard right): me?

Behind them a beautiful blond woman in a nurse uniform is setting up her medical station.

GEORGE (changing the subject): Good news is, this incredibly ancient map will take us right to the entrance! and I don't think we'll run into any trouble on the way, I have found this place to be quite friendly.

George leans back, smells the air and takes in the surroundings.

Right then a crocodile lunges out of the river and snaps up Jack.
Jack is helplessly being tossed about by the crocodile

GEORGE: Poke him in the eye!

JACK: I'm trying!

GEORGE: Wiggle your toes!!!

The nurse standing next to george puts her hand up to her mouth and looks concerned,

JACK: He won't let go!

George steps up to the nurse and takes her in his arms

GEORGE (to Jack): just keep at him!

George starts kissing the nurse

In the Crocodile's mouth George suddenly gets a new concern

JACK: George, I don't think those eggs agree with me

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