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Job # 3689 Dora Loves Boots

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May 30, 2007 @ 17:22
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Jun 11, 2007
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English (North American)
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Please note*
This project is one of three that will be produced simultaneously.
These include "Dora's Book of Manners", "Dora's Dance to the Rescue" and this book
"Dora Loves Boots"
It will be necessary that the main character voices common to all three books be the same performer/s.
We would like one person to perform Dora, one person to narrate. All of the other voices may be one or more persons.
The budgets posted reflect the total budget per project/book.
We have never used this service before and are greatful for your patients.

Project: Dora Read Along
Title: Dora Loves Boots Based on the TV series Dora the Explorer®
Characters: Dora, Boots
Language: English, some Spanish

Voices are to match TV series Characters

The market is retail, children, North America

The best direction is to follow the TV series on Nick. Jr.

Quotes must include minor edits (pronunciation and inflection)

Page 2 - 
- Dora -
¡Hola! I’m Dora. Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to spend time with your friends.
I’m going to spend it with my best friend, Boots.

Page 3 -
- Dora -
Boots loves strawberries. Will you help me pick five yummy strawberries for his Valentine’s Day surprise? Great! Let’s count them in Spanish: 
- Dora and Boots -
¡Una, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco!
- Dora -
Good counting!

Page 4 - 
- Dora -
Boots and I are going to meet at Rainbow Rock. Will you help us both get there? Thanks!

Page 5 -
- Boots -
It’s me, Boots! I’m on my way to meet Dora at Rainbow Rock. I love spending time with my best friend, Dora – especially on Valentine’s Day!

Page 6 -
- Boots -
I’m going to bring Dora some chocolate from Chocolate Lake. Dora loves chocolate!

Page 7 - 
- Dora -
Boots and I both need to find a way to get to Rainbow Rock. Who do we ask for help when we don’t know which way to go?
That’s right, the Map! Say “Map!”

Page 8 -
- Dora -
Map says that I have to go through Valentine Gate. Boots has to go past the Rosy Red Crabs. That’s how we’ll both get to Rainbow Rock.
Will you help Boots get past the Rosy Red Crabs?

Page 9 - 
- Boots -
How am I going to get past all these Rosy Red Crabs? I can’t go under the crabs, so I have to go over them!
Do you see something I can use to swing over the crabs?

Page 10 -
- Boots -
Yeah! I can use the vines. Here I come, Dora!

Page 11 - 
- Dora -
I need to go through Valentine Gate but it’s locked. Do you see the key? There it is! Uh-oh. I hear Swiper the fox!
I think that sneaky fox is trying to swipe the key. If you see Swiper, say “Swiper, no swiping!”

Page 12 - 
- Dora -
Thanks! You stopped Swiper, and I made it through Valentine Gate. I can’t wait to see Boots!

Page 13 - 14 - 
- Boots-
All right, I made it past the Rosy Red Crabs. Now I can climb up Rainbow Rock. I’m on my way, Dora!

Page -15 - 
- Dora -
Boots and I are almost together. I need a rope, una cuerda, so I can climb to the top of Rainbow Rock. Let’s check Backpack for a rope. Can you say “Backpack”? Great!

Page 16 - 
- Dora -
Do you see a rope? You found it! Thanks!

Page 17-18 -
- Boots -
Oh, boy! Dora’s almost here. I’m going to help her climb up Rainbow Rock.

Page 19 - 20- 
- Dora -
Thanks for helping me, Boots. I made it to the top of Rainbow Rock! You’re the best friend in the whole world. Here’s a Valentine’s Day surprise just for you!

Page 21- 
- Boots -
Strawberries! I love strawberries! Thanks, Dora! I have a Valentine’s Day surprise for you too.

Page 22 - 
- Dora -
Chocolate! I love chocolate! ¡Gracias, Boots!

Page 23 - 
- Dora and Boots -
Mmmmm, we love strawberries and chocolate, but we love being together on Valentine’s Day most of all. We couldn’t have done it without your help. ¡Adiós!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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