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Job # 3708 Tradeshow presentation

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May 31, 2007 @ 17:43
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Jun 6, 2007
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English (North American)
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These recordings will be for a company called Checkpoint RFID. They will be used in a presentation at the ALA tradeshow.

The two female characters we need are:
Age 12-14
Age 25-30

Included is a sample of the script of Susie, the 14-yr old female. It has just over 450 words.

As the scripts are not yet written for the other female character, a generic demo is great.

Thank you!

Patron Profile:

Age: 14
Sex: F
Ethnicity: Asian-American
Interests: Painting, writing, taking pictures, chatting online, reading
Family: M, F, one brother, two sisters
Education: Starting high school
Living region: Suburban


Frame 1:

Hey, I’m Susie, and my parents take me to the library ‘cause they know I love taking its painting classes with my friends.


Frame 2:

So, a little while ago, my parents took me to the library to find a book on painting to help me with my class and something really cool happened.

I found a great book on painting and ran up to the checkout counter.

The guy who checked me out, who was totally cute, by the way, told me about this new service from their library called uniquely for you [Youniquely 4 Uâ„¢].


Frame 3:

When he gave me the book, he also gave me a new checkout receipt and pointed out a message asking me to go to their Website and sign up for uniquely for you.

He told me it was free to sign up and I would find lots of cool stuff, like painting classes, book recommendations, coupons for paints and so much more!

All I needed to do was type in my category number, which happened to be nine.

He also told me that my invitation to join and my category number had been triggered by the subject of my book, and not by the title or any of my personal information. I guess the library is concerned with my privacy, which is cool.


Frame 4:

When I got home, I went to my library’s Website and clicked on the sign up button for uniquely 4 u.

It was all really simple. I put in the category number from my receipt, and you wouldn’t believe what happened next…

The Website took me to a page that told me all about an upcoming painting tutorial featuring a totally awesome painter from my hometown!

As if that weren’t cool enough, I signed up for the tutorial and reserved my spot, right from the Website.

I found lots of other great stuff, too, like a book review from the librarian that teaches my painting class on another book I could check out and coupons for buying paints and brushes.

Of course, my friends all heard about this right away. I’m a text messaging maniac!


Frame 5:

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, I ended up going to that painting tutorial and had a great time.

The painter was way talented and I think I picked up a couple new tricks.


Frame 6:

I knew my library had a lot of great stuff, but I never expected all of this! It seems like my library really understands me.

I wish my library would have had uniquely for you a while ago. I can’t image all the awesome stuff I’ve been missing out on.


Frame 7:

Well, thanks for listening to my story. No time to waste… I gotta get back to my library. We’re painting portraits today!

Catch ya lata!

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