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Jun 25, 2011 @ 02:17
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Jun 29, 2011
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US South (Deep South, Dixie, Delta)
English (North American)
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We're specifically interested in actors with older sounding voices. We are also interested in having the actors try takes in a creole or southern accent if it is in their range (although we'd like to have their "straight" take as well.)

Below is a description of the character, as well as some copy to read.

Thanks, and please let me know if you need any more information!

Character: Trickster

The Trickster tries to come off as affable and helpful, but is a little
unhinged. The read should not be slow paced in any of the examples; at his core,
he's a salesman, and everything he says is "sales patter" of some kind -
he's always trying to sell you or convince you of something. The Trickster
is essentially a manipulative sociopath; he doesn't really understand
humanity, he's just well-versed in manipulating people toward his own end,
so when he gets outside of his well-rehearsed sales pitches, he's more
chaotic and out of his element.

We would like to steer away from a performance that sounds sinister -
although the third line below can emote a little frustration, in general
it should be pretty genial. Everything the Trickster says is just an honest
expression of who he is, and anything he says that's "funny" is him trying
and failing to relate to the player, something he just tosses off without
thinking too much about what he is saying. Sometimes he's saying what he's
thinking without even realizing he's saying it out loud.

The three lines below are from the three main "stages' of the game. The first
line, he tries to convince you he's someone else who was captured and
taken to this hospital. Second line, he admits that he wasn't honest at
first; he's trying to win you back and make you trust him, but he's in
unfamiliar territory; he doesn't know exactly how to be "nice". Third
line, it's out in the open that he's a demon who took your soul, but
you're still a threat to him and he knows it so he's alternating between
trying to win you over and trying to make you afraid of him.

Audition Sample:

"Finally, you're awake! ... You okay, fella? I bet you don’t remember a
thing. That’s how it works when they bring you here – believe me, I know.
Well, now there’s two of us, and maybe if we help each other we can get
out of this place."

"Look, about the whole thing before where I was kind of holding back on
you. The truth of this place is more complicated than I initially let on,
but only because I didn’t think you were ready! And I still don’t! Maybe
you should go back to that room of yours and lie down for a while. Take it
easy, you know. I’ll try to get you some orange juice to sip or something.
You like orange juice, right? I don’t know, something about you just
struck me as liking orange juice."

"Think you’re good with a crossbow and a blade? Maybe you’re planning to
try your skill out on me. Well come on, then! I welcome it! A bit of
sport, as they say across the pond. But it would only be fair to warn you
about something. So I won’t. It’ll be a fun surprise! Involving me turning
your body inside out and using you as a marionette. Whoops, sorry, I
ruined the surprise."


Matt Grimm

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