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Job # 40291 image database movie

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Aug 8, 2011 @ 14:23
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Aug 9, 2011
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Voiceover for our image database presentation movie.

Here is the text:
Hi, and welcome to our new image database. You will be amazed be the ease of use and capabilities. First of all you need a username and password, which you have received from a administrator or a person responsible in you organization. Please note that the username and password are case-sensitive.
After logging on you get an overview of the catalogs available to you. The collapsible subjects menu shows you to the way to the required images. Images are as standard displayed in order of modification date. This order can be changed by choosing an alternative in the pulldown menu.
This order can be changed by choosing an alternative in the pulldown menu. For instance: .....
The thumbnail size can be adapted interactively. You will see that the thumbnails are rebuilt to the quality needed for the thumbnail size. This improves performance without compromising quality.
On the bottom of the page, the number of items per page can be set.
Please note the paging on the bottom right of the page: the number of items per page combined with a certain screen size can cause a seemingly limited number of items. To make sure that all images are displayed, check the pages indicator to see if more pages are available.
Now, let’s check out the navigation of the subjects or categories: by clicking on a category, you get the subcategory. Which means a finer search. As long as triangles are visible, subcategories are available.
To navigate more easily through the categories, breadcrumbs are shown: click and hold the triangle next to the breadcrumb, and a list of available alternatives will pop up. Using the breadcrumbs, you will navigate more swiftly through the categories, and get a better general impression of the available options.
On the top left side of the screen, there is a simple search function: type the file name or category or subject or note, and you will get the result within seconds. Note that the searching goes on as long as the wheel on the right is spinning. Do not click on anything as long as this wheel is spinning.
When clicking the advanced search button, you get a more sophisticated search function. You can combine different search options to get a very concentrated result. Don’t forget to delete all search functions to get a full overview of available images. The same goes for the simple search function.
Now, we want to get find out more about the selcted thumbnails. By simply passing the mouse over an image, and waiting for a second or so, you get more details about the image, like image size in pixels, creation and modification date, and file format. When clicking on the thumbnail, you get a larger preview.
To navigate through the previews, you can choose between the left and right arrows in the top menu, or click on the right or left side of the image to flip through the images. A green arrow will appear when another image is available.
One of the more impressive function of the database is the ability to zoom in on the images. By clicking on the magnifying glass, you are able to zoom in on the image. It is a great tool to check the sharpness and detail of an image. On the bottom right of the zoom window, you will notice a navigation pane: this will ease the navigation of the zoomed in image.
You will also notice a one on one button: the image will be zoomed in until a pixel in the image fits a pixel on the screen: this shows the maximal detail of an image.
The fullscreen button switches - as you might have suspected - to a fullscreen view of the image. You keep all functions of zoomviewer, but with a generous overview.
To exit this fullscreen view, you can either click on the exit button, or simply hit the escape key.
Now, let’s have a look at the slideshow button: this button is only visible in standard preview mode, not in the zoom mode. by double clicking, you can set the time an image will be visible. By single clicking, the slideshow starts. This is an easy way of getting a first impression of available images.
The print button enables you to print pages with images on the desired size. Especially useful for creating contact sheets. But contact sheets are best created from a collection basket, which will be tackled in our second movie about selection, download and printing of images. Enjoy the database!

Welcome to the second part of the fotovdb image database instruction movies. We will have a closer look at the selection of images, the print and the download options.
We will start with the direct download button right under the thumbnail. The down-arrow or download button brings you to a window where you can pick the resolution you need for a certain job. You can pick A4 or A5 size for a professional print run, powerpoint format for use in online presentations, maximum size for poster printing, and finally you can choose edit before download if you need to crop the image or need more exotic file formats.
Another possibility is to download images when you are in the preview window. Click on the same download icon, and you get the exact same download window.
If more than one image is needed for download, you may want to use the collection basket.
Under the thumbnails you will see the “add to collection basket” icon. When clicking on this one, you add the image to the collection. Notice that the downward arrow changes to an upward arrow, and the color switches from blue to green. Also, the collection basket on the top right of the screen will show the number of images you already put in the collection.
If all images on the page need to be added to the basket, click on the “add page to basket” icon.
If ALL images of ALL pages you preselected need to be added to the basket, click on the “add ALL to basket” button. It is best to take a look at the number of items in the preselected category before using this button.
Now, let’s have a closer look at the collection basket. Clicking on the collection basket you get an overview of the images you selected.It is always possible to remove images from your collection by clicking on the “remove item” button. If all images need to be removed, click on the “remove all” button. All images will be cleared from the collection basket.
To actually download the selected images, click on the obvious download button, and again you will be prompted to select the required download format. Note that the “edit before download” option is not available, since this option contains settings to be made PER image.
You might have noticed a mail button: using this button, you can send the images contained in the collection basket to the person or group of persons of your choice. They will be able to download only the images you selected for them, in the possible resolutions you selected for them. All this without them needing a login or password.
Only the fields with an asterisk are obliged to be filled out. First of all: the base url: You can leave this to the default, since this is the only option. You are asked to give the collection a name. Now we’ll use “demo”. In the “to” field, you type the email address of your recipient. For instance: Email addresses can also be cc’d or bcc’d. Another required field is the subject. I will type “demosubject” here. Some more body text can be added in the text area. Next you are be able to select an embargo date: the date from which the download link will be active. And an expiration date. If the images are very sensitive, you can add a password. This password can be sent in a separate email or be communicated by thelephone if you want to absolutely sure that only the recipient will be able to use the selected images. Next, the preview, print and download options can be set.
The recipient will receive a mail with an encrypted link to your selection. By clicking on this link he will only see the intended images, with the options you predefined. You will probably use this great option quite a lot for sending images to colleagues, press, the advertising agency, and whomever you might think of.
Another interesting feature of the collection basket is the option to print a collection of images. By is achieved by clicking on the print icon (who would have guessed...). Now you can print the selection as on image per page on A4 or A3 size paper, or you can print contact sheets of the selected images. This is another option that you will probably use quite often.
Thank you for watching this movie. I have you will enjoy these exciting features.
As a reference for speed, you can have a look at the computer voice versions:


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