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May 12, 2005 @ 20:05
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May 16, 2005
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Voice Over for Corporate Presentation for Novallo, Inc.

Don’t you think you deserve higher profits for the time and hard work you are putting in?

Let Novallo help you achieve this.

We can handle up to 100% of the back-end work for your debt settlement company at a price that is less than half of what it takes to serve your current clients.

Your revenues will stay the same or even increase Yet your profits will zoom by 300%-500%!!!

We have been in the debt settlement business for over 5 years. Through all these years, we have built up widespread reputation for keeping customer retention high, while massively increasing the profits for our clients.

Our agents are currently being certified by the NIFCE who established the first certification program for debt settlement counselors. This is just another of our continuous steps to assure you of the highest level of integrity and customer satisfaction. We also certify our agents on the Business Secrecy Act to ensure your customers complete confidentiality for their financial records.

Our esteemed and satisfied clients include:
Preferred Institute for Financial Freedom
National Consumers Union
Liberty Financial Services and many more.

We offer our clients a complete range of services.
We are specialists in handling initial after sales support, client services, creditor negotiations and even management of client funds.

Our costs are surely going to surprise you.
We charge a flat rate that covers not only all of the services just mentioned but also all rent, wages, telephone, infrastructure, overhead etc.
Yet it is a rate that is lower than the salary of most US negotiators!

Our primary office is in Bombay, the commercial capital of India and have been successfully operating from India for the past year.

You may ask “Why India”?

Well, it is no secret that US companies are moving many operations to India. One recent report by the consulting firm McKinsey & Co. estimates outsourcing in India to total $21 Billion by 2008. In fact, the number of collection agencies within India has exploded. This is good for us, and for you, as most of the people we hire have at least one year of collection experience. They are very qualified for this position.

Our agents understand the scrupulous practices of these collection agencies and use their tactics against them to obtain the best settlements possible.

Our operations have been growing consistently. Today, we have a current seating capacity for 400 employees and we expect to fully reach this capacity by the end of 2005.

Now you might ask: “How are you different than other companies that have moved to India and their customer service has significantly dropped?”

WELL, most firms outsource to 3rd party call centers. They will rarely, if ever, see the face on the American company. We actually came over to India and set up the company from the ground up. Many of our senior management works directly at our Bombay office. The other top management visits so often that it is considered a second home.

These managers are responsible for constantly instilling American Values and Accents into our employees. It is challenging teaching Indians how to take care of a customer at the level we demand, yet our team has been successful in teaching this attitude. We also hire the best agents available. A typical agent will have worked at a collections agency for 1-2 years. We also pay our agents more than double the industry average to keep our turnover low. Finally, over ninety percent of our employees are college graduates.

Our main objective is to take care of the client at the highest economically viable level.
We found that greater interaction with a live human dramatically lowers our cancellation rate. Since our cost per employee is lower, we can actually increase the quality of customer service by INCREASING the employee-to-customer level.

Are you ready to increase your profits by 400%

Its easy for us to get started in the least possible time. We can be fully operational within 30 days since we already handle customers from multiple Debt Settlement Firms. The process is simple.

First, decide which section of your company you want to outsource. The most popular section is the CREDITOR NEGOTIATION side.

Second, get our staff trained on your specific program and procedures. 90% of our clients do the all of the training over the phone and computer.

Next, our staff is deployed for your project. Close monitoring is maintained by both sides to verify we do everything to your standards. Our staff and management are in
constant contact with your office for training and development.

Finally, full transfer is given to our staff. This typically takes 30-45 days.

YES, its that simple.

In less than 45 days we can easily transfer your entire back-end.
YES, your costs WILL reduce dramatically and your profits will massively increase. The typical increase in PROFITS is 400% Now you have the freedom to work less and earn MORE!

So get started TODAY by calling our toll free number at : 1-(888)-248-9891

If you want some additional information, click on the FAQ button located on the screen to answer your most important questions.

Thank You!!

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