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Job # 4139 Need Police Chief voice for movie project

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Jul 9, 2007 @ 18:46
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Jul 13, 2007
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We're making a movie! In fact, most of the movie is already done. We're in the final stages of post-production with hopes of finishing the film in September. The feature film is called Fissure. You can read more about it at Also, you can click on Media to watch the trailer.

Our lead character, Detective Paul Grunning, is asked to investigate a disturbance, but quickly gets pulled into a strange situation where things don't make sense. He must navigate a fractured reality to solve the mystery before it's too late. While trying to solve the mystery, Detective Grunning speaks with Police Chief Hudson by way of his cell phone.

We're looking for our Police Chief Hudson voice.

We have six scenes that need Police Chief Hudson's voice on the cell phone. The scenes are one to two pages in length. The total read time for all six scenes is between 3 and 4 minutes.

And, to help in the character development of Hudson, we will be able to provide actual video clips of Grunning's phone conversation. This will help you get into character better and read against the actual edit of the movie.

As producer/director, here's what I'm looking for:

1. Our selected actor must read the entire script before recording any voice work. This will help you get a feel for the story.

2. I'm looking for a dramatic voice actor. Police Chief Hudson is having a bad day, and things aren't normal. This distractedness and frustration must be subtle with good sub text in Hudson's voice.

3. I don't want a flat police chief voice. I need character with this role, something distinguishably different. I expect you to bring some good, strong character to Police Chief Hudson.

4. The key thing I'm going to look for in the audition is naturalness. Not forced. Not read. Not memorized. Natural. The phone conversation must sound natural. Yes, a bit distracted and frustrated at times, but natural.

5. Expect to be directed with multiple takes. This is a movie production. All of the actors did multiple takes till we got the performance we needed, and it's really paying off with a great movie! I expect nothing less with your performance. You shouldn't either.

Included with this posting are two scenes:

Scene 4: Grunning gets a call from Police Chief Hudson to check out a disturbance. Hudson is swamped with lots of strange calls, and is hesitant about calling Grunning knowing that he had a traumatic event just months earlier. Grunning hasn't worked since then. Hudson wants to ease him back in.

Scene 61: Hudson is getting frustrated. Things are getting more and more confusing for him. Grunning isn't making sense, either, but starts to figure out that something is off.

I have uploaded these two video scenes to the Fissure website for you to see Grunning's phone conversation with Hudson. They are Quicktime movies.

Scene 4

Scene 61

Fissure is a SAG production, but the project qualifies for the Ultra Low Independent agreement. That means we can hire both SAG and non-SAG actors. So, if you're SAG, it'll be a SAG credit for you. If you're not SAG, we can still use you.

If selected, you will receive a screen credit in the film. You will be expected to sign a deal memo and contract. Payment will be immediate upon signing the contract. Our budget for this role is US $500.


Grunning pulls it from his pocket and looks at the screen. It reads: “Hudson.”

Hey, Chief. I thought you were done checking up on me.

You just now getting out?

Yeah. Ya know, just doing what I need to do, sir.

How’s Sarah doing?

She's….she's hanging in there.
What’s up?

Listen, I need a favor. Can you check out a disturbance over in your area?


HUDSON (cont’d)

HUDSON (cont’d)

Yeah, I heard you.

It’s just a disturbance. And it’s over your way. C’mon, let’s ease you back in. What do you say?

Did you check with Internal Affairs? Did they clear me?

There’s nothing to clear.
Just go see...
(digging through his papers)
a Mrs. Ulster, take the report, and then come on in. Things are a bit crazy here this morning, and we could use your help.

Alright. What’s the address?

(trying to find the paper)
4922 Oakmead Lane.

Hold on. (writing) 4922 Oakmead Lane.

Alright. I'll talk to you in a bit.

Okay. See ya.


Two units just drove by and didn't stop!

Dammit, Grunning, I’ve been trying to reach you!

Where do you think I've been, sir?

I sent a car and they said no one was home.

Did they come inside?

Yeah, they checked the place out and said it was empty. No body. No nothing. No you.

Well then they went to the wrong house!

Grunning, I have nothing but sympathy for what happened. You know that.

(Hudson falls silent for a moment.)

But, you’re not making any sense. I don’t know where you are right now, but go home... just go home. Take all the time you need and we’ll talk later.

I’m working a murder case here.

(getting more frustrated)
What case?!! Am I not getting through to you. It’s just another crank call.

(his wheels spinning)
Wait a minute. You getting a lot of strange calls today?

More than normal. But, there’s no pattern. Missing persons. Stolen property.

(more to himself)
Something’s off.

No shit, Grunning.

Map it.


Put all those crazy complaints on a map. See if they’re happening in the same area.

Grunning, I don’t have time for this.

Just Do it, Chief. Call me when you’ve got something.

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