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Sample of Script. VO would do "Narrations" below. Narration is for business themed TV show airing on PBS station for The Greater Washington Baltimore Region.
Thank you.


Narration: The human toll from 9-11 was devastating. Disasters like the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, Hurricane Katrina and the anthrax incident on Capitol Hill also forced government and business to re-examine their disaster preparedness and their ability to recover. And in some cases, their ability to survive.

Langer SOT Tape 1 02:13:05 In the commercial world, the generally accepted percentage is that customers who don't have a tested, viable disaster recovery plan and who experience a disaster, go out of business within three years at a rate of 50% or greater. So it's a requirement, a real need. 02:13:22

Narration: Marc Langer is president of Recovery Point Systems--developer of the nation's largest Integrated Disaster Recovery Site. The unprecedented 115-thousand square foot hot site is one of two secure company facilities located in the Mid-Atlantic area--serving federal, municipal, Fortune 500 and other commercial customers.

Langer SOT Tape 1 02:11:54 Recovery Point is the only company that has integrated all the pieces of disaster recovery - which previously were accomplished by multiple vendors, often in different geographic locations--into single secure facilities. The purpose of that is to execute the recovery safer and faster. 02:12:08

Narration: Redundancy is built in. The buildings are miles apart, but linked by dark fiber to prepare for any eventuality. For security reasons, the buildings are not marked, and we will not show the building exteriors. Langer says the structures are built to Homeland Security and federal standards for blast protection and physical security.

Langer SOT Tape 2 03:26:05 There are inner and outer security rings. This is an inner ring. This is a bollard line that maintains a distance between the parking and the building so that no vehicles can be closer to the building without being vetted. 03:26:16

Narration: The bollards pack impressive stopping power.

Narration: According to consulting engineer Weidlander Associates, the architect and designer of the building, the highest levels of security also are in place throughout the building:

Narration: If there is a mantra at Recovery Point--it is testing. Careful, methodical testing. That's at the heart of the firm's relationship with its customers.

Sandy SOT Tape 1 01:57:10 (We 2x) We really harp on and we strive to have our customers test. And testing is the ultimate evaluation tool to determine whether a company will survive in the event of a disaster. 01:57:25

Randy Thompson SOT Tape 1 02:02:55 The core ethic here at Recovery Point is customer success. Number One, above all else, we want the customers to be successful. We prepare for that by having a hot site that's ready to go at all times. We work with customers to put together tests, some test scenarios that will work well for them and they actually test their applications. 2:03:18

Narration: Dave Merritt is an experienced IT manager who heads Information Management for a multi-billion dollar private pension fund based in Washington.

Merritt SOT (NOTE: Time code running backward: 0:36:13 You want somebody that's got their act together. They've got a mission; they understand what their customers are all about. They have a plan in place. They have very secure facilities. And our biggest concern was--making sure whoever we give our data to we knew we could take care of it. 35:56

Nat sound at control console:

Tape 1 02:35:55 Phone rings

Buddy: Good evening, Recovery Point Systems. How may I help you? Yes sir, and can I have your name and badge number? OK. I understand you're declaring a disaster…And your call back number, please. 36:14 Butt to

Buddy tight shot nat sound 02:35:28 Hi, Mr. Thompson. It's Buddy over in Operations. Account # 1264 is declaring a disaster… OK, will do. (hangs up phone) 02:35:38

Narration: Recovery Point is simulating a customer disaster test. In a matter of seconds, it verifies the disaster declaration through its call back sequence. In minutes, Randy Thompson's Operations team is meeting to review the customer's prepared recovery plan.

Thompson nat sound Tape 1 :02:46:09

We've had a declaration of an emergency from customer 1264. We've validated their information and they're en route to the Center right now. So we have a number of things to do. 02:46:18 Butt

Thompson 02:46:25 But first and foremost they'll need tapes out of the vault. Keith, you need to get those. 02:46:30

Narration: The customer's data is assembled from nearby certified vaults, where Recovery Point has both electronic and physical storage.

Mike Murphy SOT Tape 1 :02:39:43 The advantage we have over other vendors is our co-location. The proximity to the recovery process with the tapes cuts down on the outside influences of weather, bad traffic, multiple vendors, etc and provides for a quick recovery process. 02:40:00

Narration: Recovery Point aims to make the recovery process seamless, integrated and fast.

Langer SOT 02:13:39 Today, recovery time objectives are often measured in hours, in days, and frequently in what we call highly available or continuously available operations in which there can't be any

down-time. 02:13:50

Narration: Employees of the disaster-stricken company or agency soon begin arriving at the Recovery Point hot site.

Mike Ober Tape 1 02:54:00 We have the ability to fully recover a customer all the way from their tape storage, through total integration of their people, recovering their servers, work stations. The facility has clearances both from the federal, and GSA situations. So it truly is the ability to recover a customer all in one place. 02:54:24

Langer SOT 02:15:47 (So) We (Delete also) provide redundant hardware configurations which are equivalent to what our customers have in their own shops. And we're therefore in a position to take hardware and mate it to the data and begin the recovery. When that's happened, the customer has to have a place for its people to come and work. And so we also provide comprehensive work area facilities, which include desk, chair, telephone, private offices, conference facilities, etc. 02:16:11

Sandy SOT: 1:58:57 In addition, we have built facilities with full kitchens, with lounges, lockers for the folks that are there recovering. We cater their meals, we feel that it's important to have them go back to work in as best an environment as they can. And it may be 4-5-6 weeks they might be here. 1:59:22.

Narration: Marc Langer says--what ultimately separates Recovery Point from its largest competitors is not bricks and mortar--it's the commitment to customer success.

Langer SOT Tape 1 02:19:33 We have a team of people who are passionately committed to making sure the customers simulate, test and train successfully. It isn't enough to check the box and indicate you have a plan. In a real disaster, if the plan hasn't been tested, and you haven't trained and trained and trained on it, it won't work in time to save the enterprise. It won't save the mission for the federal customer and it won't save the business for the commercial customer. 02:19:55

I'm Len Deibert, Business Now.


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