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Job # 4906 Vodka Training 2 - age 21 - 29

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Sep 20, 2007 @ 12:09
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Sep 24, 2007
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Looking for male, ages 21-29 sounding, neo-yuppie to reflect their target consumer, slight attitude, able to inflect interest and passion in the read. This is a training video, so please no 'radio' reads. We received auditions earlier for a more mature sound and client would now like to hear younger, neo-yuppie type sound as an alternative.

For the demo, please read any FOUR consecutive paragraphs of your choice.

Pay scale is $100 per hour.


“Welcome … ABSOLUT vodka brand training – and our new interactive educational tool created specifically for you, our Front Line Team.

ABSOLUT Vodka is one of the most famous brands in the world. And how well we tell our story to our customers is essential to our success.

In this presentation, we’ve outlined ABSOLUT’s history …. production processes …selling points …. and marketing strategies – some of the essential elements you’ll need to master as an ABSOLUT ambassador.

So let’s begin … with the ‘story of ABSOLUT.’ When you’re ready, click the forward button below.”


"The history of spirit distillation follows a pattern beginning with the Chinese who used locally abundant crops, like rice, to experiment with producing alcohol – first for medicines and later for wider consumption.

In the 8th or 9th centuries, distillation spread to Eastern Europe. In Russia, they distilled the abundant locally grown wheat, calling it ‘vodka’ a term meaning ‘little water’ ….. and in Poland, they used both locally grown wheat and potatoes.

Early vodkas were harsh and often poor quality. So, in order to make them palatable, makers would frequently flavor them with fruits, herbs and spices.

In the 15th century, Swedish distillers began using their locally grown wheat to produce a form of neutral distilled spirit they referred to as ‘bränvin [BRAHN-VEEN] or “burnt wine”. This bränvin was also originally used for medicinal purposes – but later on, because of the pleasing effects, gained popularity for general consumption.

Thereafter, in the 16th and 17th centuries, vodka consumption grew dramatically, as vodka became the national drink of not only Russia and Poland, but also of Sweden."

[The Birth of ABSOLUT]

"The story of ABSOLUT begins in 1844, when a wealthy Swedish merchant named Consul Carl Smith raised a young man named Lars Olsson Smith, ABSOLUT’s founder.

Smith put Lars to work in a local grocery store. As early as ten, Lars was showing amazing promise as an entrepreneur -- doubling the store’s revenue. At 14, Lars began acting as a shipping broker, dealing in the commercial vodka trade. And by the age of 22, Lars had become a highly successful vodka maker controlling 50% of Sweden’s vodka production and becoming known as “The Vodka King.”

Then, in 1879, something revolutionary happened -- Lars started making vodka with a new method called continuous distillation. Using continuous distillation, Lars was able to distill the spirit over and over again… hundreds of times… eliminating more impurities and distasteful byproducts each time. The result: a far smoother, cleaner and more “true” tasting vodka than any the Swedes had ever known.

Lars called his new vodka “ABSOLUT Rent Bränvin,” which means Absolute Pure Vodka.” ABSOLUT vodka was born -- earning him his place in history. Today Lars Olsen Smith’s portrait occupies the place of honor on the medallions of every bottle of ABSOLUT vodka produced.
Lars remained in Stockholm for a brief while, and then relocated his business empire to Southern Sweden, in a town called Ahus – a medieval village with over 400 years of vodka-making tradition.

The Ahus area boasts rich wheat fields, fertile soil, and some of the finest water in Europe... the perfect location for ABSOLUT’s production, from distillation to final blending.

And since that time, every single drop of ABSOLUT Vodka has been produced in Southern Sweden. Southern Sweden is the only source- the One Source- of ABSOLUT Vodka."

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