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Job # 496 Stix Quartet (Full Length Animated Movie)

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Jun 10, 2005 @ 23:17
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(The following is a rough draft of the first part of the script. It's pretty short, and needs revision, but it captures the main points and has all the main characters.

This is going to be a full-length animated movie. We're hoping for a wide release within the next year. We can't pay much, but if it's successful then the voice actors will be the first to be paid extra.

Right now we need voices for the main roles of Stix, Johnny Boy, Sal, Wu, Mo, and Female Assassin.

The story focuses around Stix Leone, an everyman, who works in a shop in Chinatown. When the shop is attacked suddenly with no clues to the assailants he goes to the mafia for help. From there, Stix begins the transformation from a good guy to a mafia hit man.

For the auditions, just e-mail me an mp3 of some of the lines from the character you want to play.)

Here are some notes about the characters:

Stix: Deep, cool, voice, similar to Steven Blum's voice acting. 25 years old. Spiky hair and stubble.

Wu: Old Chinese man. Think Fu Man Chu. Long mustache, wide brimmed hat.

Mo: Jamacian. Early twenties.

Johnny Boy: Mid-twenties. Italian. Real slick.

Sal: Fat Italian. Mid-forties. No class.

Female Assassin: Preferably a Russian accent, but other accents could do just as well.

If there are any questions, just e-mail me

[Stix Quartet]
[By Alex G.]

(A shop in Chinatown. Ancient Wu is sitting on a stool, reading a Chinese newspaper. Stix is at the front register, laying his head on the table. He looks like he’s about to fall asleep.)

(Outside the shop, a woman in a blue dress exits her car.)

(We see Stix, inside the shop, checking her out.)

(She opens her trunk, and bends over.)

(Stix is starting to pay close attention.)

(In one swift motion, she pulls out a fully automatic rifle and aims at the store.)

(We see stix’s eyes widen.)

(A flurry of bullets shatters the two front windows and splinters the door. The bottled items explode, and leak onto the floor. The cash register bursts open and begins spewing Chinese currency.)

(The bullets stop)

(Stix and Wu are on the floor, behind the table.)

(Stix looks up, and hears a ding as a grenade in lobbed into the floor)

(Cut to Stix and Wu bursting through the back door and running down an alleyway)

(Cut to an aerial view of all of Chinatown, just as the shop explodes in a massive fireball)

(Roll opening credits.)

Guard1: Ok, listen up, cause I’m only gonna say this once.

(Fade in. We see a close-up of a man’s face. Stay on his face the entire scene.)

Guard1: You will address Don Rossi as Don Rossi, and nothing other than Don Rossi. You will state your problem to him clearly and concisely. You will not make any negative remarks towards Don Rossi, his family, or his home. Do you understand so far?”

Stix: Uh…yes.

Guard1: “After you finish speaking, sit in the chair to your left. It is very important that you not sit in the chair to you right, for that is reserved for Don Rossi’s son, Johnny Boy. Understood?

Stix: Yes.

Guard1: Don Rossi will consider your problem, and remove a cigar from his cigar case. Now this is the important part. If he should give you the cigar, then he will be your ally, but if he instead smokes the cigar himself, you are to stand and leave without any further questions. Understood?”

Stix: I think so.

Guard1: Up the stairs, second door on the left.

(The ‘camera’ tracks Stix’s feet into the house, up the stairs, and to the double doors of Don Rossi’s room. He pauses for a second, takes a deep breath, then knocks.)

Sal: Come in.

(Stix enters to find Sal sprawled out on the couch, potato chips on his stomach, watching golf on TV.)

Sal: yeah what’da you want…

Stix: Um…Don Rossi. I come here today…

(Loud crunch as Sal chews his chips)

Stix: …to ask your assistance. You see the store at which I work was attacked just the other day. There’s barely anything left… I want you to help me find out who did it.

(Sal gazes at the TV, apparently uninteresting in Stix’s problem)

Stix: See, the owner raised me from the age of six. That’s when my parents died. I think he might be in trouble with some of the local gangs, but he’s not saying anything to me. He didn’t even want me to come to see you.

Sal: Then why did you?

Stix: I heard that you solve problems…

(A long pause. Stix remembers, and sits in the seat to his left.)

(Sal turns the TV off and slowly sits up to face Stix. He slowly removes a cigar from his case, and starts playing with it in his hands.)

Sal: I’m familiar with your situation. Whether you know it or not, you father worked for me for many years.

(Close up, side view of Sal’s face)

Sal: He was a great man.

(Reaction shot of Stix, clenching his fist.)

Sal: But I hold no grudge against you. And that is why…

(He tosses the cigar to Stix, who catches it.)

Sal: I’m going to help you find the people responsible. Take my son with you. He’s in the room down the hallway.

Stix: Thank you. This really means a lot.

(Stix stands up, and exits the room, walks down the hall.)

(He opens the door at the end)

(JB fumbles around for a second, clearing the stuff off the table.)

JB: What the!

Stix: I’m Stix…Your dad said for me to come get you.

JB: Must be some sort of protection job. Alright, I’m coming, just give me a second.

(JB pours the substance into a baggie and stands up.)

(Stix and JB walk into the hallway, and down the stairs.)

JB: So where are we going?

Stix: Chinatown.

(A faraway shot of the two leaving the mansion pans over to reveal Mo smoking a blunt whilst leaning against a car.)

JB: Mo! We’re going to Chinatown.

Mo: Man! How you gonna just pick me outta the line up, like I’m yo personal chauffeur…

JB: It’s Lou’s day off, and besides, all you do is sit around all day. It’s about time you did something.

Mo: At least let me finish this!

JB: You can smoke while you drive, come on.

(JB gets into the car.)

Mo: Yes, masta Jo.

(Mo gets in the drivers seat. Stix gets in the back.)

(The car drives away.)

(An aerial view follows the car briefly as it parks in Chinatown, the three exit and enter an apartment building.)

(Inside a very cramped apartment with all sorts of Chinese artifacts scattered around.)

(Ancient Wu is in the kitchen making Ginseng tea.)

(Wu doesn’t turn around when speaking.)

Wu: Who are these people?

JB: We’re here to keep you two safe. I’m Johnny and this is Mo…

Wu: I specifically told you not to ask Salvatore for assistance, Stix.

Stix: Well, yeah…but…

(Wu holds out a piece of paper.)

Wu: Here. Now that my store’s gone, people have been coming up here for their herbal remedies. You need to buy me these ingredients.

(JB steps forward.)

JB: I would advise against that. I was sent here to protect you two, and it’s not a good idea to…

(Wu spins around and point s tea pot at JB)

Wu: I did not ask for your help! Stay out of my affairs!

JB: Ok, ok. Mo, you go with him.

Mo: Yeah, yeah…

JB: I’ll stay here and have some ginseng, right ‘Fu Man Chu’?

Wu: Tea is for guests! You came here uninvited, so no tea!

(Mo and Stix walk out of the apartment and into the crowds of Chinatown.)

Mo: You know, it’s always like this in the mafia. Always making the niggers do everything, while Uncle Tom sits in his mansion sipping mint juleps. You know I’m a driver, I mean a Emilio Farina! And just look what they got me doing? Hmm? Babysitting, no offense.

Stix: None taken.

Mo: Hey, why’s there so many people on the streets?

Stix: It’s the Moon Festival. Everyone’s celebrating.

(Wide, slightly high shot revealing the lanterns and people dancing and other festivities.)

Mo: Man, these Chinese’ll find any reason to throw a party, am I right?

Stix: I guess…

Mo: You can find this stuff ok by yourself, right?

Stix: What?

(Mo runs through the crowd towards the women.)

Stix: Some protection…

(Stix continued on his way through the crowd, until we spot the signature blue dress again.)

(The woman carefully removes a syringe from her purse and begins trailing Stix.)

(Stix walks over to a dry market, glances at his list, and begins putting items in small bags.)

(The woman is inches from Stix, when he drops his bag and bends down to pick it up.)

(She thrusts the syringe forward, but because he crouched, she accidentally injects the store’s owner.)

(Stix glances up, and sees the same blue dress as at the shop. He rolls away from her, just as the storeowner begins foaming at the mouth.)

(She removes an automatic pistol from her thigh and aims at Stix.)

(Stix runs like hell. He’s trailed hundreds of bullets that destroy everything in the store.)

(Every in the street begins running after hearing the gunshots.)

(Mo sees the crowds running, realizes something’s happened, and begins fighting his way against the flow of people towards Stix.)

(Stix ducks away in an alleyway with a dozen Porto-Johns.)

(The woman in blue follows him to the alley, but he’s gone.)

(We see Stix in the John, fumbling with his cell phone)

(We see JB in Wu’s apartment watching TV, ignoring his phone ringing.)

(The woman in Blue fires into one side of the Porto-Johns, and theres a horrible scream. An old guy with his pants down falls out. She fires at the other side, but is out of ammunition, and begins reloading.)

(We see JB in the apartment again.)

JB: sigh

(Picks up his phone.)

JB: Yeah?

Stix: (whispering): Get down here right now.

JB: What? I can’t here you.

(The woman in blue finishes reloading her gun)


(Stix kicks his door open, knocking the gun out of the woman’s hands.)

(Stix dives for it, and gets it. He aims it shakily at her.)

Woman: You know how to use that?

Stix: Shut up!

(She reaches slowly around her back, where an extra gun is.)

Woman: You gonna hurt me?

(She walks slowly towards him.)

Stix: Stop moving!

Woman: Make me.

Mo: Hold it right there, lady.

(Pan over to Mo, pointing the gun directly at her.)

Woman: Oh no. I guess you’ve got me.

(The woman pulls the gun out in one swift motion, and shoots Mo through the neck. He stumbled backwards, grabs his throat, looks down at his blood-soaked hands, and collapses.)

(She turns the gun to Stix, but he fires back. He closes his eyes, and empties an entire clip towards her. When he opens his eyes, she’s still there.)

Woman: You’ll never hit anything with your hand shaking like that.

(She points her gun at him again.)

(Suddenly a car appears with blue and red lights flashing directly behind her.)

Woman: Guess we’ll have to reschedule.

(She fires a batman-like grappling hook at the roof of one of the near-by building, and zips into the sky.)

(Johnny gets out of the supposed cop car.)

Johnny: God have mercy…

(Stix closes his eyes and faints dramatically)

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