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Job # 5029 Penumbra: Black Plague

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Oct 2, 2007 @ 15:22
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Oct 4, 2007
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Our player character, Philip, has journeyed into a research base deep beneath the Greenland snow, looking for his father, a world class linguist. The research base was installed by a shady organisation which seeks to find and secure alien evidence on earth – his father worked for them. One year ago, and alien virus infected most of the staff on the base – the virus is sentient, and operates as a hive mind. Most humans have been killed or converted, and only a few survive by the time Philip arrives. Philip becomes infected, and is contacted by a Dr Swanson, who is trapped in another part of the base, but has information on a cure.

The voice to be done:

Dr Amabel Swanson is one of the few survivors left on the base. In trying to escape with other survivors, she became separated, and recently was forced to secure herself inside a security door, and has no way out. When she detects that Philip has entered the base, she contacts him via video screen, explaining a little about events. She is a doctor of geology, something we might find really boring, but that she is really passionate about.

Swanson is our attempt at a ‘rescue the princess’ type character, without actually just resorting to stereotype, going for a bland sort of generic safeness, or making her a helpless goon. However, she does need to be motivational for the player – he needs to like her, to want to save her, and to be livid when Clarence kills her. The latter is our priority.

In order to achieve this, I’ve positioned Swanson as resilient, and mentally strong / optimistic, but in need of help through no fault of her own. She has been through indescribable horrors during the infection, but she’s come out the other side positive, and in one piece. She is a little bit of a stereotypical geeky doctor(she’ll make a bad joke, and feel immediately shy about it), but we avoid her being too cliché by having her be aware of this fact. She’s very bright, but not arrogant (though she’ll occasionally show off). No matter how bad a situation is, she’ll put a positive spin on it (a very endearing feature, I hope, but also, in the context, a little sombre). If she has a flaw, it’s that she lacks usual social skills (which I hope will again endear her to the player, rather than alienate). She shows off at times, tells bad jokes, is stupidly optimistic, and is too bright for her own good.

Sample dialog:

[excited, child like] I think I’ve got a cure! Well [bashful], it’s not really what you’d call a cure cure, but it should be enough to help you. I don’t think I’m infected, I was careful, but... I guess if you come rescue me and I’m looking at you like you’re a roast chicken, I got it wrong. Sorry – that probably wasn’t funny, was it? No, I suppose not.

Look. I [sad smile] I need you, and, well... if you do come find me, I’ll give you the biggest hug of your life.

Hope to see you soon.


Other info:

We are yet 2 weeks away from having a complete script but this character is calculated to have about 5-7 minutes of dialog.

At the moment we would like to find a fit for this character and arrange for the recording to be completed during October.

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