Firberan - The Tigers' Second Quest/After the Quest

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Job # 5081 Firberan - The Tigers' Second Quest/After the Quest

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Oct 8, 2007 @ 05:49
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Oct 12, 2007
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Everlasting Films is holding a Casting Call for voice over artists for its upcoming audio drama production of The Tigers' Second Quest and After the Quest

These are the continuing story of two tigers and their family and how they try to cope with the arrival of Man into their jungle domain.

This is a non-union production. Pay rate for this role is $141 USD plus royalties.

Auditions close Sunday, October 14, 2007.

The main website is at

The following is the character description and a short script which you will read for your audition.

Character name: FIRBERAN
Project: Audio Drama CD
Total number of lines: 282

Male tiger. Human years: 11. Firstborn of Tiggra and Clairese. Brother to Joshua, Claira, and Windie. As firstborn, he is supposed to be the leader of his siblings. But really, he's too young to take such responsibilities seriously. He does try at times, though, but he doesn't exactly command respect. (Firstborn)

Appears in both The Tigers' Second Quest and After the Quest

Please read the lines for FIRBERAN from this script excerpt:


About twenty minutes after the events of The Tigers' Second Quest. FIRBERAN is leading his siblings, JOSHUA, CLAIRA, and WINDIE, away
from where the killers had attacked. He is keeping up a quick pace; all the cubs are frightened and traumatised. But now, the shock of it all is beginning to set in and the cubs are beginning to tire from the running.

We hear a couple seconds of the CUBS approaching our POV.

JOSHUA: (Tiring) Firberan... (Beat, sees Firberan not answering) Firberan, we need to rest!

FIRBERAN: (Fiercely determined but tired as well) No!

CLAIRA: I can't go on anymore!

FIRBERAN: (Sharp) I said no!

The other three CUBS stop. FIRBERAN stops and turns.

FIRBERAN: What are you doing?!

JOSHUA: (Defiant) We're stopping!

CLAIRA: (Tired) Just for a minute.

FIRBERAN: (Beat) All right. Just for a minute.

FIRBERAN sits down.

CLAIRA: (Tentatively) Firberan, what are we going to do?

WINDIE: We have to go back!

JOSHUA: What?!

WINDIE: Mother needs us! She may...she may still--

She's not.

WINDIE: How can you say that?!

She's dead!


JOSHUA: We all saw it! They killed her!

WINDIE: No!! (Crying) She's alive! She has to be! We have to help her!

CLAIRA: (To Firberan) What if Windie's right?

JOSHUA: We can't go back there! There may be other Killers!

WINDIE: We can't just leave her!

FIRBERAN: Joshua's right. We can never go back.

CLAIRA: How can you be so cold?!

FIRBERAN: (Trying very hard not to cry) Because mother wanted us to survive, Claira! She gave her life to protect us! Just like father
did. We have to go on...without her.

CLAIRA: (Shaking) I don't think I can.

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