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Job # 5194 Yoropen Corporate Presentation

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Oct 19, 2007 @ 09:16
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This is Lef from Taiwan, I'm a sound producer, I just got a project and need a Voice-over talent to record a product promotion, the name of the project is "Yoropen", the script contains 1591 words, calculated by office word application, the feeling of the work is all up to you.

I would like ask for a quote

here is the script

Yoropen Products Presentation


Yoropen (was invented by Mr. Liu), the driving force behind the invention
was to ensure a user friendly writing instrument and hence the shape of the pen reconfigured from letter “I” shape to letter “Z”.

Yoropen won the Gold Medal at the Geneva International Invention Awards.
In 2002, Mr. Liu won the Gold Medal at the Geneva International Invention Awards.

â–³ Picture: The gift from God

Pen is the most important writing implement that we have.
From childhood onwards, we write to encourage better learning and memory skills.

Since regular pens are generally shaped like the letter I. We often encounter problems like our fingers slipping down the pen when we hold too loose. If we hold the pen too tightly, we can suffer writing strain. For adult so, what about disabled people or children whose muscles are underdeveloped and which affects coordination, writing can become laborious. That's why children have a tendency to slip towards to tip of a pen, and grip a pen very tightly.

Since regular pens are generally better with the 'I' shape, we often encounter problems like our fingers slipping down the pen. and obstruct your visibility. Children want to see what they are writing. Children learn with their heads close to the desk in order to see what they are writing. Poor postures affect their visual health and bone development.

From the research of Dr. Hideki Oshiki, Joetsu University of Education in Japan,
the data is confirmed that over 90% of people hold their pen incorrectly. Because you care about your children, Do you understand your children’s uncomfortable writing experience?

Yoropen understands children’s afflictions and Yoropen can remove their writing problems, one being poort posture, and the poor visibility. Yoropen understands traditional writing problems, and turn two corners. To make the revolutionary Yoropen from letter i shape into z.

Firstly,Yoropen allows the ballpoint/pencil to work at a comfortable angle. Thus Yoropen overcomes the main writing problem – poor posture. The unique finger support relaxes the grip and reduces writing strain, hand cramps and muscle fatigue. Certainly Yoropen is the best solution to this problems.

Secondly, the problem of poor visibility. Yoropen gives greater visual space. When you are writing with Yoropen, your fingers or pen tip don't obstruct your visual space and you can see what you are writing. This better angle makes children's writing easier, as they can see the letters being formed.

Furthermore, Yoropen improves posture as the children no longer have to lean their heads to see what is being written and causing undue stress on the neck and spine.
which may lead to myopia problems.

From I shaped into Z shaped, Yoropen's smart & user friendly angle catches the attention of well-known writing experts like Dr. Rosemary Sassoon who has written 30 books on childrens handwriting in the UK.

Dr. Rosemary Sassoon says “The Yoropen’s innovatively designed barrel allows a ballpoint to work at a comfortable angle. As well as the general writer of any age, the Yoropen might be of special use to those with real writing problems caused by arthritic hands, writer's cramp, stroke and other medical conditions”. When you use Yoropen you will only then appreciate a comfortable writing experience!

From Dr. Rosemary Sassoon's words, we could understand how important the relationship between writing and health is. Dr Sassoon considered the effect of people using different writing pens and encourages us to challenge and to try to remedy hidden writing problems such as poor posture and myopia. If ignored, these problems will adversely affect children’s learning and confidence. When you are the educator to your children, are you concerned about the above for your children?

Frankly, we seldom notice the fact, Children are weak in writing and holding a pen.

Due to children's lack coordination and undeveloped muscles. Often times they just need to meet their parent's request for good handwriting. Traditional parents who care their children very much, but not so considerate, they just bought regular pens for children. Do parents care about children's home work and children performance ?

But parents ignore children's writing problem, poor posture, poor visibility and their poor postures might be wrong for a long time. During that time, they can also have overstretched muscles. Certainly these poor conditions can make children feel uncomfortable, experiencing pain on their shoulders, or in their hands like adults. Long-term problems such as children's bone development can also occur. When children try to see what they are writing, they easily ignore their posture. Under these conditions, children can develop myopia problems.?

Now, Yoropen can overcome the problems mentioned above? Yoropen is the best buy to express your cares for children. No more pressure and pain for children when they are writing.

Humans have written with pens for many centuries and children have suffered when learning to write. Why has this problem been ignored for so long? Because most pens are designed by inventors who are adults. As people grow up and become adults, they have already forgotten their own troubles while they were writing from childhood.

Yoropen is designed like the letter z, and even the inventor is an adult. But Yoropen's inventor has two daughters who suffered from Cerebral Palsy. The inventor has broke the situation of what might be causing the writing problems associated with regular pens. Yoropen successfully changes the facts of ordinary pens that are shaped like the letter I.

Yoropen is not only a gift from God, but also the design and invention of Yoropen has won many international invention & design awards throughout the world. Let’s introduce the awards that Yoropen won:

● Yoropen won the Gold Medal winner in Geneva 2002 Salon International Invention Awards

● First prize from the Concours Lepine Innovation for Children in Salon Univers D'Enfants 2005, Paris.

● First prize from ISPA (International Stationery Press Association) Award in writing instruments.

● iF Design Award
(In design field, iF Awards could be as Oscar Awards in movies.)
● First prize from 2005 Stylographe in design category.
(Yoropen competed with Montblanc, Cartier, Parker, Waterman, Pelikan to get this award.)

● CIREC France 2005 Award in educational research and development.
(Yoropen is special dedication to those who are with writing difficulty)

● Yoropen has been nominated by INDEX, the biggest design award in the world.

Why has Yoropen won numerous awards? The main reasons are from Patented structures:

1. Patented structure like the letter “Z” shape
Yoropen offers a revolutionary design to guide your natural writing, you only need a light grip when writing. The Patented “Z” shaped design offers a finger support system that allows your finger to be supported, thus reducing the amount of pressure required to hold the pen and write.
Thus Yoropen overcomes many writing problems associated with conventional pens, like writing strains, hand cramps and muscle fatigue, etc.

2. Patented luxury grip
Yoropen offer another Patented “Luxury Grip” which can be twisted and molded into position to provide the most comfortable grip for your preferred writing position.
Fingers were braced with Z shape for natural writing. Thus Yoropen can encourages correct grip. Using the luxury grip,which can be twisted and molded into position to fit your fingers and make everyone feel comfortable & benefits from Yoropen.

Yoropen can provide the most comfortable grip for your preferred writing position.
Left-handers just twist the grip to left, right-handers can twist the grip to right. Yoropen is the only pen in the world, that allows you to see what you are writing avoiding smudging.

3: Patented visual space can provide greater visibility:
Yoropen's patented “Z” shape allows you greater visual space, so your fingers or pen tip won't obstruct your view. You can see what you are writing. Children is in the age-learning to write and they have good hand writing and most importantly will improve children's poor postures like lying on the desk when writing. Otherwise, poor posture will cause poor visual heath and effect your back development.

For left-handers, Yoropen is the best solution for overcoming their writing problems. They won't worry anymore and will be able to see what they are writing and won't smudge their work!

Yoropen is full functions, Yoropen pencil can create the fun from different thickness.
You just rotate Yoropen pencil, it's easy to create different thickness of lines. You will have great fun using Yoropen!

Are you concerned about your children?
Yoropen has been endorsed by famous international Professors, writing experts and also received a lot of media coverage around the world.
To study hard for a good future, it's common sense. But writing is a very important skill for children and encourages better learning and memory skills.
As we know, once children enjoy writing, they will love reading & learning different things because
they are confident in learning. Yoropen is the value asset of wisdom.
Yoropen is one of the most important tools in the learning process for children.
Don’t hesitate …

Share Yoropen with your children to encourage their better health, excellent performance. Yoropen is your best choice!
Writing should be pleasurable, easy and relaxed. The multi-award Yoropen is not only a great revolutionary invention, but also allows people to write in a healthy way.
There are so many wonderful Yoropen designs to choose from depending on your taste and style.

Do you want to give your children a better start on their learning path?
Yoropen helps your children by giving them stronger health, ease of use, and happiness when writing to make them a confident student.

Don’t hesitate to enjoy Yoropen.
Yoropen is your best choice!

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