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Job # 5272 Spanish Video Dub

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Oct 30, 2007 @ 10:53
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Oct 30, 2007
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Spanish (Latin American)
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The 4 video dub's are found on these sites:

We expect to get each paragraph or video cut into 4 or 5 separate WAV files. TBD. We would also like for someone translate the file to Spanish Mexican dialect.


"Hi, I'm Chef John Warren. I have been in the food service industry for 26 years, 15 of those years as an executive chef. During that timeframe I have created buffets that serve 10, up to thousands, small buffets up to very elaborate buffets. One problem that we'd always run into on these buffets is keeping the cold foods cold and keeping them at the quality level that you would expect for your patrons. This is a problem that chef's have all over in the supermarket industry, food service industry, whether it be hotels, restaurants, caterers. We've tried ice. Ice doesn't work real well, and it's messy, it's sloppy. So we put foods out on buffets and we're basically playing Russian Roulette. We'll put foods out and take them back and then we realize that they're reaching temperatures that are unsafe. So I've designed the cold holding system which consists of tray and bowl modules that are hooked together by flexible cooling lines. The NSF certified cold holding system is far superior to anything in the marketplace offered today, for design, versatility, and felxibilty, while maintaining safe temperatures on buffets and with other food products."


"The Thermaflex Serving System's patented technology uses recirculating thermal solution to keep cold food cold, reducing the risk of food borne illness while eloquently showcasing your cold food display."


"Clean the modules with commercial ware washing and sanitizing solution, using non abrasive cloths. Your Thermaflex Serving Systems Modules are not dishwasher safe. Do not immerse the modules."

Features: (watch video)

"The traditional ladle design was basically a cup on a stick, but Rubbermaid realized it can be so much more effective. Look, this new triladle design gets into the corners and the sides of every pan. It's a portioning tool. It's a precision spout. It's a comfortable, well-balanced tool. It's a workhorse in the back of the house, and it's a showpiece in the front of the house. The new Rubbermaid Tri-ladle paid for itself on it's first day in my kitchen, what will it do in yours?"

"The portioning spoon is another great new idea from Rubbermaid. Look! It's easy to use as a spoon, but it has the accurate portion control of a ladle, plus an ingenius shape to get into the sides and corners of the pan. The spoon can single handedly can make your kitchen service faster and help you control your food cost better. Look at everything Rubbermaid has done here! The handle stays cool to the touch, even under high heat. There's a pan catch at the bottom of the handle which reduces cross contamination. It's one piece for easy cleaning, NSF certified, designed by chefs, and precisely engineered by Rubbermaid. Rubbermaid has thought of everything, who know's what they'll think of next."

Features: (watch video)

"It's about time someone redesigned the commercial kitchen spoon. Unlike its predecessor, this new Rubbermaid stainless steel spoon has a deeper bowl for scooping and a flat end for scraping. The flat sides make it easier to cut and serve foods. The hook on the end keeps the spoon from slipping into the pan, reducing cross contamination, plus you can use the hook or the eye for storage. Of course it's built for tough commercial use, yet it's handsome enough for the front of the house. Put a few of these around and if your kitchen is like mine, you'll notice all your chef's are reaching for them, and that is the strongest vote of all. Rubbermaid is working closely with chefs around the country to create the tools that will make your kitchen safer, more productive, and more profitable. You've always known Rubbermaid for durability and products you can trust. Now you'll see more and more innovative tools that will really make a difference in your kitchen.

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