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Jul 4, 2005 @ 11:24
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11 minute presentation, for a non-profit Christian organisation, with a limited internal, private use. Brief: to provide a resource that will encourage seminaries and theological colleges to run a course in Holistic Child Development.

The voiceover needs to be spoken by a North American male and should be spoken deliberately, with fluidity and feeling. The film, with guide voiceover track, can be viewed at http://www.prospectarts.com. Click on GRAPHITE FILM SHARING then COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL and HCD SCRIPT (BIG or SMALL).


Across the world children are in great need. Around 50% of the population of the developing world is under the age of 20, and many of these are alone, abandoned, or orphaned, due to the mounting AIDS crisis.

Oppression of children abounds, in slave labour, child soldiers, rape and sexual abuse, abduction and trafficking to name a few. Precious children have become a worthless commodity, objects to be bought, sold, trafficked or thrown away.

Right now a billion children are living in desperate poverty, vulnerable to malnutrition and poor healthcare, present illiteracy and future unemployment. Struggling for daily survival.

Our children are perhaps the world’s most oppressed, marginalised group.

It has often been overlooked that children are very prominent and significant in the Bible. We know that Jesus loved children, and he drew them near, inviting them to ‘come’ to Him. They are a “sign” of the kingdom; Jesus said that the Kingdom belongs to such as these. Remarkably, the Psalms say that children are “ordained” to praise God, and that the praise from children and even infants “silences the foe and the enemy”. We think of Jeremiah, Samuel, and David, and we see how powerfully God uses children.

The Bible also speaks about hurting children. Indeed, God is outraged at what is happening to children. Jesus tells us that when we hurt ‘the least of these’, we reach right to his heart as well. It is clear that God is the protector and friend of needy children, and he expects Christians today to be their protectors and friends as well.

But this is only part of the story. The fact is, the vast majority of people who become Christians do so between the ages of 4 and 14. Children are not just the future of the Church, they are a significant part of our mission and ministry today. We cannot afford to ignore them. At Compassion we believe in the Gospel Mandate to care for children.
We feel called to this mission with all our heart, through all our resources, in all that we do.

We know that Compassion, along with other child-development organisations, is making a real difference in the lives of children across the world. Standing together, determined and resolute, working step-by-step, day-by-day. The change isn’t simply coming. It’s already here.

But we want to do more. And we want to do it better.

The causes of poverty are never simple. And neither is its relief. There are different economic, religious and political challenges involved in ministering to children, and even these are changing all the time. Each situation may be different, but God’s call on His Church is clear.

We need to support, train and equip workers who care for children. After all, for thousands of children living in poverty, it is they who light the way. It is their love and care that touches tiny hearts in the darkest of places. It is they who organise, direct and co-ordinate development. They are the arms and legs of ministry.

At Compassion we have a vision to see workers trained in holistic child development, so that we may be able to better meet the needs of children in the developing world.

In 2001 Compassion Asia, in partnership with Malaysian Baptist Theological Seminary, launched the first Masters degree in Holistic Child Development. This was the first graduate level program of its kind in Asia, providing training and support for those on the frontline, working with children at risk. This course challenges church leaders and others to improve and increase the Church’s effectiveness in caring for children. Our program is holistic, because we look at the whole child, and his physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs, within the context of his local environment, exploring how best to impact that child long-term and for eternity.

To date, over 130 students from 17 different countries have participated in courses, and twelve students from four countries were in the first to graduate in June 2004.

This is Daniel’s story. His father was a fisherman and his mother a housekeeper. The family relied on the river for food to keep them alive, but there was no money for school. Registered in Compassion’s Philippines program at 10 years of age, Daniel was linked with loving, caring sponsors from the United Kingdom. Daniel excelled at school and grew in stature and in faith. Graduating from school, and later university, thanks to Compassion’s Leadership Development Program, Daniel was amongst the first graduates in the Masters in Holistic Child Development . Today, he and his family run an independent child development project in the Philippines. He serves as a teacher and the project director and ministers to more than 180 children, from ages 3 to 16.

Already the Masters in Holistic Child Development has produced much fruit. Now, many seminaries and Bible colleges across the world are taking notice. They are better understanding that the Church does, in fact, have an important role in caring for hurting children, and that it is the responsibility of seminaries and other Christian training institutions to equip them for that role.

Now Compassion is preparing to help establish similar courses across the world, in order to educate, train and equip individuals in all aspects of child development.

We want to encourage all those who intend to work with Children at Risk (or are already doing so) to participate in the program. We hope that many Compassion staff members and project workers from the countries where Compassion has child projects we assist will take part, as well as qualified child-care workers from many other countries.

Students on the MA course at the graduate level are required to have an undergraduate degree, but the Module courses may also be taken for a Certificate or Diploma for those without undergraduate qualifications. Participants must be Christians and must be recommended by a church or by the leaders of a child-focused organization.

Our program is special because …
• We are committed to high-level training of those already at work in the ministry of child development, as well as those who intend to be in the future.
• We help learners critically analyse their work against current development theory as well as disciplines including theology, sociology, economics, and cultural anthropology.
• We combine practical experience with academic study, to encourage and inform both.
• We aim to equip students with a wide range of competencies and understandings related to Holistic Child Development, and to develop and apply Bible principles to current child development theories and practices.

Our program will equip students to:
• Reflect on children’s needs in light of Scripture, culture, and development theories.
• View poverty in spiritual as well as physical terms.
• Identify systems and structures of poverty in communities and ways in which children are affected
• Apply relevant theories and processes of child development to specific child development programs for or ministries to children in need.
• Relate Christian child development programs and strategies to the wider context of the Church and Mission.
• Provide leadership in a wide range of roles in Christian child development ministries and organizations.

For over 50 years, our sponsorship programs have helped over a million children across the world reach their God-given potential. We work with local churches to release children from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty, enabling them to become responsible fulfilled Christian adults. Our work is unashamedly resolute: we are Christ-centered, child-focused and church-based, taking the Gospel, and tools for daily survival, to the neediest, most vulnerable children in our world.

We are thrilled with this new development, because we want to continue to bring change to children across the world, using our resources to best possible effect.
Our vision for this program is that child-care workers will be encouraged and equipped as never before. That they will both learn and contribute to the next chapter in Holistic Child Development. We believe this is an essential part of the Gospel Mandate to reach out to the poor and oppressed. After all, it is Christians who are the hands and arms of Christ, reaching out to those tender, loving, precious, growing children to whom the Kingdom of God belongs.

Join us; we want YOU to be a part of it.

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