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Job # 5411 Narrator for game

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Nov 13, 2007 @ 19:24
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Nov 20, 2007
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I am the head of a company developing games for the blind and visually impaired community.

The game that we are currently building is called Battle Crescendo, it is an action/strategy adventure set in medieval times.

This job is for the narrator voice in the game, which helps to fill in gaps in the story when you are changing locations for instance. I do not have all the narrator parts written out yet, so please make sure that you are available for more work as the game continues to develop.

The script provided below is the introductory storyline. The narrator will have a few more things to say throughout the game however, so when quoting please quote per page and not for this part only. I don't think the narrator lines alone in the intro even amount to one page.

The game will not be sold in normal stores, it will only be distributed via our website at least as things look right now. We will need full buyout rights for these recordings, which is to say the right to use them for anything we like as long as they are associated with the game. There is also a great chance that audio snippets from the game will be broadcast on TV and Radio which may or may not include your recordings, but they will still be a part of the production.

---Start of Script---

SFX: Faint wind.
Music: A slow, foreboding orchestration with large drums reverberating far away in the distance.

Narrator (speaking slowly and calmly): Imagine yourself 900 years ago, in a nameless country now buried in bad memories and long forgotten tragedies. The moon looks down on a little village, its inhabitants sleeping peacefully in their cottages and the horses pacing restlessly back and forth in the hard-packed snow.

Brief pause.
SFX: A single arrow flies through the air.
Music: Seamlessly transforms into an epic, orchestral war theme.

Narrator (continues as the sounds of battle grow louder): A single arrow makes its way through the frozen night, a frightful messenger informing anyone with watchful eyes of the impending disaster. The arrow selects a target, it's fire engulfing the dry thatched rooftops and spreading. Soon, night becomes day as the flames swell into an all-consuming inferno, flushing the villagers from their beds and their homes and into the streets. And here in their vulnerability the inhabitants are set upon as the flimsy village defenses are toppled by maurauding soldiers, armed with swords, bows and bloodlust.

SFX: Sounds of medieval battle take over, but are muffled after a few seconds as our point of view moves inside a hut.

"Gareth, a young boy, is sound asleep in a little hut at the far end of the village. His rest will be short lived however, for even though he does not know it, in a matter of seconds his life is about to change forever."

---End of Script---

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