Legacy of the Confederation 3

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Job # 5625 Legacy of the Confederation 3

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Dec 8, 2007 @ 20:55
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Dec 31, 2007
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This project is based upon a video game which has yet to be released titled "Starcraft 2" made by Blizzard Entertainment. This project is NOT affiliated with Blizzard and will be made using their proprietary software editing tool for use with their game. As such, this project is a freeware distribution and no revenue may be garnered by me as a result of the distribution or I shall be in violation of the end user license agreement. As a result, I can not pay royalties and I require unlimited license to distribute finished voice copies.

This project is for the recording of a series of scripted lines as two characters, both female.

The first character is a commander in the military, the second is a senator. If necessary I can hire two separate voice talents to complete each of these voices but I would like for it to be combined if the voice actor has sufficient breadth in making themselves sound young and old.

This project is for dry recordings only. I'll be handling post-production work on the vocals.

There are many lines which, combined among both characters, will likely be 1.5 - 2 hours worth of dialogue.

If you are interested and would like to submit a demo, please use the following script:

For Commander XYZ - (Militaristic, stern and serious, communicating by radio)

"Permission to speak freely ma'am (pause). I've got fourteen greenhorns on my crew and they've got crack troops outnumbering us five to one. Those guys can snipe a wasp at a thousand yards, mine are lucky to hit a beer can five feet away. I recommend you consider a different tactical option. (pause - frustrated). Roger that, moving out. (To team louder) Alright people let's go!"

Senator XYZ - (British accent preferable, not necessary)

(Matter of fact) "While I share the admiral's goal to exterminate the roaches, I can not condone his methods. His transgressions amount to more than mutiny and treason. His ability to freely move about as a rogue agent weakens the credibility of earth in the eyes of our outlying colonies. Erode that credibility for long enough and we may start to see these colonies ride on the admiral's coattails and secede from ConFed themselves. This can not be allowed to pass. (Grim resolve). You must alter your methods Karla. Your cautious campaign against the admiral's fleet must be supplanted by total warfare. Use whatever means necessary but I want to see an end to this conflict within the next thirty days."

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