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Job # 5705 Actor for computer game - Salesman

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Dec 17, 2007 @ 20:26
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Dec 21, 2007
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I am the head of a company developing games for the blind and visually impaired community. The game that we are currently building is called Battle Crescendo, it is an action/strategy adventure set in medieval times.

This job is for a character in the game, a salesman who lives and works in a town that you come to in one of the levels. He walks around the streets shouting out his offerings for the world to hear, and it doesn't bother him that the interest in his stock is close to none. He's a cheery British guy with a rural accent, from whom the player can buy food.

The player can walk up to the salesman and will then get a list of all the things that he offers, and can choose what to buy by scrolling up and down in the list. Then you have different responses depending on what the player does, to add some variation to the dialog.

The game will not be sold in normal stores, it will only be distributed via our website at least as things look right now. We will need full buyout rights for these recordings, which is to say the right to use them for anything we like as long as they are associated with the game. There is also a great chance that audio snippets from the game will be broadcast on TV and Radio which may or may not include your recordings, but they will still be a part of the production.

The full script is attached, you can choose a part of it and use it for your audition; it's not realistic to record the entire thing. Only submit custom auditions; no generic demos please.

Please find a portion of the script below for audition purposes. Full script available in attachment.

I'm selling the very best cheese for the very lowest prices! Get yer cheese, yer bread, yer mead (sees a man and nods, laughing) I can see that interests you sir! (the man grunts, offended)
Why go anywhere else? Most sellers'd charge a king's ransom for this... Finest quality cheese! The best mead this side o' heaven... Guaranteed to give yer a thick head in the mornin'... (chuckle) Bread that's light as air but'll fill yer tummy till lunch time! Better than the chunks o' gravel they serve in the Flyin' 'Orse, let me tell ya!
Bread, miss? For someone so pretty let's be havin' 2 silver pieces for a loaf, whad'ya say? Thank'ee miss, good day to ya!
This mead won't drink itself, and the missus won't be letting me get rid of it... Come on! I'm givin' this away! I'm robbin' miself! 1 gold piece gets yer a barrel o' black ale, 3 silver pieces gets yer a nice thick loaf, 5 silver pieces gets yer a wheel of the most delicious cheese you've ever tasted... See? Givin' it away! A brown loaf, sir? No discount this time, I'm afraid, you're not as pretty! (laughs)

I'm selling the cheapest quality yer likely to find for miles! Melt in the mouth cheese... It 'urts me to be sellin' it; it's so good! This bread? (pauses while he lifts up a loaf to show people) See it? God 'Imself'd be happy to have this on his table! Not the same about the mead, o course... The Lord bein' the Lord n all! But you, (points) big burly man like you sir, bet yer like a drop of the old ale, am I right? (a man laughs) I knew it! Puts hairs on yer chest it does! Good for the blood too! Forget this new-fangled "medicine" mead's what yer need! And cheese! Did I mention the cheese? (sounds all breathless and in awe) And the bread...! Keeps fresh for days and tastes like a dream, believe me! Yer wunt think bread could taste so good... Trust me... Miss? Bread? Cheese for the little 'uns? Makes um strong and wise! Mead for the 'usband? Yer can always water it down! (chuckles again)
Pork! What about a little bit o' luxury? The tenderest, most juicy salt pork, and for only 2 gold pieces! Go on! Treat yerself, sir, live like a Prince in yer own 'ome for just 2 gold pieces! You can't be arguing with prices like this now can ya?
And (puts on a cute voice) for the little ladies with a sweet tooth... (pauses) honeycombs sweeter than sweet! Why not stock up for the winter months, a bit o' honey with some warm mead'll keep the frost away!

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