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Dec 28, 2007 @ 16:50
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Jan 4, 2008
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I need a documentary voice.

The concept for the project is to emulate the voice and tone of D.B. Sweeney with the theme of Fox Sports' Beyond The Glory.

It will be used on the internet and runs approximately 6 minutes.


"Mark MacKenzie is not into following trends, he’s into getting investment results for his clients.

He is real estate’s boy wonder. The rock star of residential real estate investments.

At just 30 years of age Mark has already been recognized by National REALTOR Magazine as a life-time investment advisor.

And REALTOR Magazine is not the only one to discover Mark.

In just 30 days over 1,300 seasoned agents from across the country applied to work with Mark in the National Marketopoly System for investment real estate that Mark single handedly pioneered.

He has always been the man with the plan and has never been afraid to fail.

Mark was born in rural Granby, Connecticut on May 1, 1977, with a chip on his shoulder.

He grew up the youngest of three boys.

A scrawny kid with a head of blond hair and a pale white complexion, Mark was one of the smaller kids in his class throughout most of grade school.

He was consistently the recipient of fraternal attacks from his older brothers until he discovered the weight room the summer before his Junior year of high school.

Over the summer he reinvented himself and his body. The following school year he played three varsity sports, Soccer, Basketball, and Track. He went on to break the school record in the 800M run, a record that had stood for almost two decades.

Mark left home in the summer of 1995 and moved to Tempe, Arizona sight unseen to attend Arizona State University. He had never been to the state of Arizona before he arrived there for orientation in August of 1995.

His leap of faith and fearlessness would become a defining character trait for Mark.

Mark never looked back on his decision to attend Arizona State and he graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Upon graduating he quickly transitioned to working full time with a fitness center that he had been employed by while a student.

In just three years he quickly worked his way up from cleaning fitness equipment to becoming the youngest Manager in the history of the company.

While working at the fitness center both as a personal trainer and manager, most days working from 5AM to 7PM, Mark was also studying for his real estate license with whatever time was left in the day. He had an unparalleled work ethic. It didn’t leave much time for sleep or a social life however.

Often times he slept on the bedroom floor of his apartment with the lights on, so that it would be easier for him to wake up to his alarm clock that would go off at 4:15AM every weekday morning so that he could make it to the gym for his 5:00AM appointment.

Having accomplished his goal of becoming the manager, and despite the time constraints, Mark was determined to reinvent himself and his life once again.

Mark failed the real estate exam the first four times he took the test, missing a passing grade by just 2-3 points each time he took it. But he refused to give up and he continued to immerse himself in the curriculum.

Finally in February of 2001, Mark passed the exam and a brash new agent emerged on the real estate landscape.

His first objective was to acquire investment properties. He didn’t care that he was only 24 and that he was only making a salary of $24,000 a year. He made up his mind he was going to make it happen.

Mark obtained a line of credit on his home that he had purchased his first year out of college. The line of credit allowed him the capital to acquire two more properties.

He knew he was onto something with this strategy. The only problem was that all of his waking hours were still committed to managing the fitness center.

This all changed on a fateful day in 2002 when the owner of the gym gave Mark an ultimatum. He told Mark, either he quits investing in real estate and he never hears another rumor about him doing anything real estate related or Mark would need to quit his job with the fitness center.

Life all comes down to a few moments. For Mark, this was one of them.

Two weeks later, after the owner of the gym had found a replacement for him, Mark was out of a job. But he did have a plan. He knew that if a 24 year old making a salary of $24,000 a year could acquire investment property, then anybody could do it, and he was going to show them how.

But as Mark soon learned, making a living in real estate would not be easy.

He was young and inexperienced when it came to the business of selling real estate.

But he showed courage when it mattered most.

So rather than try to list and sell real estate and compete with all of the other real estate agents, based on his personal experience and successes, he committed himself to becoming an expert at just one thing, investment real estate.

Over the next year he read anything and everything he could get his hands on when it came to finance, investing, economics, and real estate.

Investment real estate became an obsession for him, it moved to front and center in Mark’s life and he sacrificed everything for it.

Enter, Mark’s first book.

In 2003, at the age of 26, he authored, The New Gold Rush – Real Estate.

Writing this book also meant that his life would never be the same.

In just 12 months, his business had tripled.

The kid from Granby had struck gold.

But Mark wasn’t satisfied yet.

He continued to grow his business and his expertise.

Mark hosted a call in radio show, conducted seminars, and earned industry designations held only by the elite achievers of the real estate industry.

Ultimately, he once again committed himself to the task of writing his second book in the Fall of 2007, Marketopoly.

Marketopoly was Mark’s solution for how investors can continue to make profitable investments despite a national real estate recession.

Marketopoly impacted the real estate industry and gave birth to a movement, the National Marketopoly System for investment real estate.

In just four short years Mark MacKenzie rose from obscurity and is now recognized nationally as THE go to guy for residential real estate investments.

It is the great American success story.

Today, Mark lives in Phoenix with his wife of three years Sarah, and their two boys Jackson and Carter.

The key to Mark’s success lies in the struggles he endured to get here.

His ambitions and fierce competitive spirit fuel his relentless desire to be the best.

This is Mark MacKenzie - Back Page Story."

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