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Job # 5834 Children's Poems

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Jan 4, 2008 @ 18:35
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Jan 25, 2008
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Voice artist sought to read children's poems for animation. I am an independent producer/writer with approximately 40 poems that owe a debt of inspiration to Shel Silverstein and Edward Gorey. I will probably start with 2-3 poems, so this is a small project to start, with the potential for more work down the line.

Attached are 3 samples for you to work with. I'd love to hear what you would do with them. I'm looking for a voice (or voices) with a ton of personality and an ability to bring out the drama. Don't be afraid to push it...And feel free to try multiple readings, since I don't know yet exactly what I'm looking for.


Mary Melissa Miranda McGurk

Mary Melissa Miranda McGurk
Was uncommonly fond of homework.
Nothing whatever could bring her more glee,
Than reading ‘bout boring old battles from French history,
And the easiest way to incur Mary’s wrath
Was to switch on TV while she was doing her math.
After each spelling test, she’d ask, “When’s the next?”
Before immersing herself in some dusty old text.

Soon Mary noticed that to study and to figure
Only made her head grow thicker and bigger.
This pleased our young scholar immensely
And spurred her to labor ever more intensely.
At first the enlargement was steady and slow,
And everyone cheered to watch her head grow.
But then she undertook to read War and Peace,
Which caused the rate of expansion to increase.

Pretty soon Mary’s head was a bit too wide
To fit through the door to get outside.
Her pretty head was pretty darn near full
Of information, arcane and unusable:
Asian capitals and historical dates,
The official flowers of all 50 states,
The locations of stars, the names of Popes,
And the chemical make-up of dishwashing soaps.

The morning that Mary felt a pain in her mind,
A crack in her skull the doctor did find.
Two hours later– Oh, her fate was the worst!—
Mary picked up a book and her head simply burst.
All over the room were pieces of brain
And blood fell from above like a midsummer rain.
So next time your mother says, “Go do your homework”
Remind her what happened to poor Mary McGurk.

The Boy on the Hill

The boy on the hill
Grew a gill.
"Why, that is absurd!"
Said the Bird.
"Of use might it be
In the sea,
But you haven't a prayer
In the air."
So the boy with the gill
Left his hill,
Ran down to the bay,
And swam away.

A Message for You

One day after school I came home to see
A note by the phone addressed to me.
It said, “God called this afternoon for you.
Call Him back at 555-4692.”

Hmmmm, I thought, this is mighty queer,
For He and I haven’t spoken in many a year.
And as I dialled the number I got kind of nervous,
Half-hoping the line would be out-of-service.

But His secretary answered after only two rings,
And she put me right through to the King of all Kings
Who said, “Hello there, can you wait just a while?
Ah! No need, I just found your file…

“Kid, I want you to know that you’re doin’ fine.
You’re responsible, mature, and generally kind.
You’re nice to your parents, especially your mother,
And I’ve often seen you share with your annoying little brother.

At school, I see that you’re getting A’s and B’s
And rarely do you forget to say ‘thank you’ and ‘please.’
According to my reports, you’re a pretty good guy,
And I look forward to seeing you up here when you die.”

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