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This script is intended to provide listeners with an overview of the CCDN. It will be made accessible via a telephone number.

CCDN Overview Script

Welcome to the CCDN overview call. CCDN stands for Credit Collections Defense Network and was formed by attorneys Robert Lock Jr. and Phillip Manger to provide the best in expert debt reconciliation and credit repair.

Over the past four years we have given thousands of individuals overburdened with debt a second chance and a fresh start. Using our in-house team of paralegals and a nationwide network of attorneys, CCDN takes on third-party debt collectors for our clients, and if necessary, will even drag them into Federal Court.

We believe the average consumer who finds themselves drowning in debt deserves a second chance. We also believe that by enforcing consumers’ rights against third-party debt collectors, we are helping to reform an unregulated and out of control collection industry.

The CCDN Debt Reconciliation Program consists of three phases:

Phase I
Credit Restoration

Phase 1 begins with credit restoration and continues for 12 months thereafter.
Our experience has been that the majority of negatives will be removed from a typical client’s credit report within the first 4 to 6 months of this process, but we will continue to challenge unverified information and monitor all clients’ credit reports for the full 12 months.

Once their paperwork has been received at the CCDN Support Center, the support team will send their credit restoration application to The Fulfillment Center within two weeks. Following submission of their application, The Fulfillment Center will then begin the process of credit restoration with a client by contacting them via e-mail.

We think the best understanding and description of the Credit Restoration process can be gleaned by listening to the recorded call at 641-715-3900, code 8464. That number again is 641-715-3900, code 8464.

Phase II
Validation and Reconciliation

Validation and Reconciliation also begins as soon as a client’s paperwork is processed. The purpose of this phase is to create an administrative record and establish as much information as possible as to the ownership and validity of the alleged debt.

The process works through two levels. First, clients send out a series of proprietary letters at specific times to either the original creditor or the third-party debt collector in an attempt to have the original creditor or third-party debt collector provide validation of the alleged debt. If they are unable to do so, we demand that they zero out the customer’s account and mark it “paid as agreed”.

Second, these letters are also used to expedite the transfer of the account from the original creditor to the third-party debt collector at which time our correspondence is used to enhance our compliance audits in Phase Three.

Phase Two usually takes from 3 to 9 months depending on the status of the accounts when the individual enters the program, and the speed at which the various original creditors and third-party debt collectors respond to our correspondence.

When clients stop paying their creditors, they will begin to receive collection calls and letters from their creditors. The client will have to keep a log of the calls and fax any collection items or letters they receive in the mail to the Support Center Team so we can send clients appropriate responses. The same process applies to ALL third party debt collectors, as well.

The creditors, and especially third party debt collectors, typically violate several laws designed to protect the consumer and this serves as the basis for Phase Three of our program.


The process of using the tool of a Federal Lawsuit begins at the completion of Phase Two. In Phase Three, our paralegals conduct a compliance audit of each account for each client.

They then use their completed audits to compose a solid Federal Complaint, which is then sent on to one of our CCDN attorneys for filing in Federal Court.

The assigned CCDN attorney handles the matter from there. Our experience has been that a suit rarely needs to be filed and the matter is usually settled over the phone, out of court, within 1-2 months. In the rare cases when a suit does need to be filed, we have rarely had to actually go to court to settle the matter.

The three phases of the Debt Reconciliation Program can vary during the process, but should remain fairly consistent to the final outcome—the outcome being that a client’s credit scores will dramatically improve and their debt is resolved.


This concludes the overview call for the CCDN Debt Reconciliation Program. For eligibility and pricing information, please contact the CCDN agent that referred you to this call.

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