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Job # 5979 The Good Hearted Prince children's story VO

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Apr 22, 2008 @ 12:02
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Apr 28, 2008
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The Good Hearted Prince is a children's fairy tale involving six main characters and many secondary characters. It will be combined with illustrations so below you'll see the frame descriptions for the illustration to help inspire you hopefully!

Many characters are animals, all requiring distinguishable voices.

The piece will be some twenty minutes long.

The successful VO artist will be capable of providing many distinctive accents and tones.

The successful VO will accept that the resulting VO shall be the exclusive property of Taletube.

The target group for this fairy tale is children from age 5 through 11.

We're initially thinking of a female talent, but we'll consider males. For the audition, please consider doing all or parts or the following:


The next morning, Jonathan said, "Uncle Charles would you like to make a bet?"
"A bet?" King Charles asked. "What kind of bet? What do you have that I could possibly want and just couldn't take from you anyway?" he added, leaning over and looking right at Jonathan with those mean green eyes.

Illustration: Here we see King Charles and Jonathan standing outside on a veranda with a large mountain visible in the background. King Charles has a suspicious look on his face and Jonathan looks confident with a trace of a smile.

"Well," Jonathan said, taking off his very special ring that had belonged to his grandfather. "I bet you that you could throw this ring off the top of that mountain," he added, pointing to a big mountain a few miles away, "and I will find it by tomorrow night."

"That's ridiculous!" King Charles roared, as he pounded his fist into his hand. "No one can do that."

"I can," Jonathan said quietly. "But, if I do find the ring by tomorrow night, you must agree to let me leave with food enough for us until next year's crop."

Illustration: In this scene we see Jonathan holding a beautiful ruby ring, surrounded by diamonds in his hand, which stretched out towards King Charles. Jonathan has a confident look on his face. King Charles is starring at the ring with a greedy look on his face. They are only seen from the waist up, to concentrate on the ring and their expressions. The mountain remains in the background.

"That's a bet, young Prince! It will be impossible for you to find that ring," King Charles said laughing, "especially since you've got to stay here while I go throw the ring." The King grabbed the beautiful ring and examined it closely. "You know, I could have just taken this from you and made it mine, but I like bets and this will be fun," he said before walking out.

Later that night, when Jonathan was sure everyone was asleep; he opened the window and signaled for the eagle with his lantern.

Additional examples:

Less than two minutes later, the eagle arrived and landed on the table. "Good evening Prince. What can I do for you?"

Jonathan explained the bet he had made with King Charles and said with a worried look, "Is there any chance you could find the ring? It's gold with a large red ruby in it and lots of diamonds."

"Hmm… we won't know until I try, but my eyesight is very good," the eagle said cocking his head. "I can spot a mouse from five thousand feet away!" He added, sounding proud. "Of course you really don't think that evil King is going to keep his word, do you—even if I find the ring?"

"I can only hope that he will. It's worth a try! Besides, my father should be here tomorrow. And he'll know what to do next."

Illustration: Here we should see the eagle leaping into the sky. Jonathan's is visible from the back as he waves to the eagle.

The word spread quickly among the animals in both kingdoms. It was amazing how many different animals Jonathan had helped over the years. Horses, wolves, monkeys, rabbits, sheep, insects, and many, many others….Jonathan had helped them all at some time or another. All the animals pledged to assist him in any way they could.

Illustration: Here we see all kinds of animals, birds and insects together in the forest listening intently to the eagle, which is perched on what was left of a tree that was cut down by lightening during the storm. The animals should look thin. Many kinds of animals should be included. Deer, horses, wolves, rabbits, squirrels, ducks, geese, oxen, small birds, bobcats.

The next morning, King Charles was in a very bad mood. He heard there were rumors going all around the kingdom that he had cheated his brother and nephew out of food they desperately needed.

He was so upset by this, he ordered King Richard and Prince Jonathan be brought up to the public square. When they arrived, Charles explained the bet he had made with Prince Jonathan to the crowd that had gathered at the square. "Does anyone here believe that Prince Jonathan could have found this ring without cheating?" King Charles shouted.

Most of the crowd just shook their heads and stayed silent, but a few said, "But you have no proof that he cheated!"

Illustration: Here we see King Charles sitting on a throne in the public square in his outlandish clothes. He is pointing at Richard and Jonathan who are standing in modest clothes. They are being held by guards standing on each side of them. Charles is red faced and clearly yelling. The crowd should be large including men women and children, all dressed as peasants. Several in the front are talking back to Charles with angry faces.

Angered by these comments, King Charles held the ring up and, shaking his fist, he threw it into the rapidly flowing river that ran by the public square— knowing that it would be swept away by the current. "Now, Prince Jonathan, bring me the ring by dinner time this evening and I will let you and your father leave with plenty of food. But, on the other had, if you don't bring me the ring by dinner, I will put both you and your no good father in jail for the rest of your lives," King Charles shouted as he stormed inside his castle.

IllustrationL In this scene we see Charles standing and throwing the ring toward the river. The river should be large and clearly flowing fast. The ring should be in the air just above the water. Richard and Jonathan are both standing with shocked looks on their faces. The crowd should be in the background with the closest ones looking surprised and angry.

Both King Richard and Jonathan ran straight to river and dove in.

Illustration: Here we see both Jonathan and Richard diving into the river. They should be dressed and be in mid-air above the river.

They searched near and far for hours, but couldn't find anything. In the late afternoon, while Jonathan was making one final dive, two fish swam up to him.

"We heard you were in trouble. Is there anything that we can do to help?" they asked, bobbing up and down below the surface to get a breath.

Looking forward to reviewing auditions for this exciting project!

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