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Job # 5989 Game character - insane commander

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Jan 18, 2008 @ 20:23
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Jan 27, 2008
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I am the head of a company developing games for the blind and visually impaired community. The game that we are currently building is called Battle Crescendo, it is an action/strategy adventure set in medieval times.

This job is for a character in the game, an insane commander who leads the attack on the village in which the player lives. He's standing at the village gate, bellowing orders and encouragement to the soldiers.

For this character I would love a voice actor who isn't afraid to go over the top and really give the character life! There are no visuals that accompany this game so it is very dependent on voice work.

A portion of the script is below (full script is approximately 125 words). Some of the script has been removed due to somewhat violent content - please take this into consideration BEFORE auditioning!

The game will not be sold in normal stores, it will only be distributed via our website at least as things look right now. We will need full buyout rights for these recordings, which is to say the right to use them for anything we like as long as they are associated with the game. There is also a great chance that audio snippets from the game will be broadcast on TV and Radio which may or may not include your recordings, but they will still be a part of the production.

My budget for this job is between 100 and 150 dollars.

Only submit custom auditions please, responses with generic demos will not be considered.

---Start of Script---

(Commander bellowing to his soldiers. His voice is deep and almost cracking with exertion and excitement. There is more than a little insanity in his tone. Throughout the monologue his voice remains loud and manic.)

(Sounding very excited and like he is enjoying himself)

"Leave no-one alive! Mercy is for the cowards and the women of this world. Burn it all!

"Take what you can! More torches! Why is that house still standing!"

"Fire! I want to see the stars burning!"

"Find the boy! No survivors! They're all vermin! (Spits out) Rats! (His insane tone lowers slightly) Flush them from their holes!"

"Quickly! Find the boy before we roast! FIND HIM!"

"Hurry up, men, we need this boy! (Resolute) He's here and we'll find him!"

"Don't stand around, spread the flames! Raze this rats-nest to the ground! Come on! Get the boy, and get out! I said spread the flames!

(Furious) "Where is he? Come on!"

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