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Job # 6088 Vision Maker

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Jan 31, 2008 @ 01:04
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Jan 31, 2008
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A seven minute video of a pre-visualization of a theme park based on the pillars of Islam.

The script:

An inspiring, entertaining, and exciting adventure is about to begin... Dreamers and designers from VisionMaker Worldwide and Makan are planning The Crescent Center, a new resort destination of epic proportions.

Crescent Center will offer its guests: breathtaking hotels and residential resort facilities, amazing attractions, shows and rides, and unique retail, dining, and entertainment venues.

At the heart of Crescent Center is Al Buraq Adventure --a new, culturally immersive adventure where guests will embark on an educational and enlightening Journey of Islam.

Focusing on families and traditional values while exhibiting a unique character, Al Buraq Adventure has entertainment offerings for everyone, whether learning about the miracles of the Quran or exploring exciting themed play areas, guests are transported into Al Buraq’s extraordinary world of adventure, fun and innovation.

Come with us now as we take you through this exciting journey...
Now, come with us as we go on a journey through the magnificent history of Islam that lies at the heart of the Crescent Center experience.

“Allah says, “Be! And it is.”
The universe presents an ever changing set of questions to humankind.
From the very beginning God sent His Prophets to bring the light of revelation.

Worship began with Prophet Adam who built the first alter to God

But humankind went astray and the alter was lost

Prophet Abraham returned to rebuild the Altar…

…and restored the worship of God.

God’s last prophet, Muhammad, Peace and Blessings be upon him, brought the Glorious Qur’an as final guidance …

He destroyed the idols and reestablished the worship of the one, true God.

This is the story of Islam – found in books and in the hearts of believers.

It is also the story at the heart of Al Buraq Adventure at Crescent Center.

Al Buraq Adventure at Crescent Center is a unique entertainment experience that will enlighten the senses. As you travel through the various pavilions of Al Buraq, you will witness one-of-a-kind attractions that entertain you, bazaars that will immerse you into the culture and you will experience firsthand the history of Makkah, Medina and Jerusalem. All of this will be told in a through a wonderful series of themed attractions, rides and pavilions.

Hard to miss and impossible to ignore, the captivating Dome of Wonders will be filled with delectable restaurants, unique shops and authentic market stalls overflowing with an abundance of cultural and inspirational riches. Guests from around the world will be captivated by the beauty and inspiration of Al Buraq.

As guests continue their adventure, aboard a magical boat they will travel on an aquatic voyage that wanders through the park and its pavilions which portray the five pillars of Islam. Disembarking you will be inspired by the detailed architecture, exciting adventures and beautiful gardens of Al Buraq. As you travel the streets and alleys you will find adventure at every turn.

In the Fantastic Journey, in the Tower of Wisdom, the Fabulous Time Machine will toss you and turn you in a whimsical vehicle that will transport you to Islam’s wonderful history and will definitely leave you with a new perspective on the golden age of Islam.

On your next move, in the House of Heavenly Light, a breathtaking 4D movie attraction will amaze your senses with a holovision experience that will transcend the stories of Islam into a new dimension never seen before.

The Citadel of Glory, a spectacular 360-degree virtual theatre will take guests on an exciting journey to the holy places of Islam. This amazing journey takes us to Makkah, Medina and Jerusalem – places where we experience historical events in rich and exciting details.

As our guest, you might find your next adventure in The Palace of Splendor! There you will board a flying machine that will take you to the pinnacle of the sky like a soaring falcon where you can then witness the Islamic world unfold before your very eyes in all its richness and glory.

Next, in the Adventure Zone, a lightning fast exotic coaster ride will fly you gracefully through the sky in a soaring chariot drawn by Al Buraq, the magical winged horse. As dawn breaks your magical horse will land you safely back to reality.
As you catch your breath, you then take a boat journey through Grandfather’s Tales. This fantasy boat ride will travel through your favorite childhood adventures, stories and fairy tales in a humorous and memorable way.

Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy luxury accommodations at four- and five- stars hotels that are well equipped with world class business facilities, restaurants, beautiful gardens and a state of the art Mosque.

From the breath taking Al Buraq Adventure, to the luxurious accommodations, to the world-class business and retail facilities, Crescent Center will become a destination for people around the world Muslims and non- Muslims. It will enlighten the mind, fill the heart, inspire the soul and...

... demonstrates to all the positive message of Islam.

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