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Job # 6118 Personal Trainer Audio Course

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Feb 2, 2008 @ 01:13
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Feb 5, 2008
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This posting is for San Diego/Orange County area voices only, as we will need to go into a recording studio with our client present here in San Diego.

It's a training program for Personal Trainers. It's lengthy, about 7 hours of copy. We plan to record over two days, 3 hours in a morning session... lunch break... 3 hours in an afternoon session.

There is a lot of anatomy and technical terms. Voice can be male or female... should sound friendly, easy to listen to, knowledgeable about human anatomy.

Here's some sample copy. Please provide either a read of this copy or an appropriate sample of your work:

Sample Copy:

Aerobic glycolysis is the most efficient way to produce ATP but it takes the most time. Before aerobic glycolysis can take place, oxygen must be delivered to the muscle in order to facilitate the use of glycogen for energy.

Slow-twitch (or Type 1) muscle fiber is characterized by its slow speed of contraction, a high capacity for aerobic glycolysis, and its ability to not fatigue quickly. These fibers are recruited for low-intensity, longer-duration activities. A marathon runner, for example, would have a high percentage of slow-twitch muscle fibers. It is interesting to note that slow-twitch muscle fiber is red in appearance because of its rich supply of blood and oxygen. Fast-twitch (or Type 2) muscle fiber is characterized by its fast speed of contraction and high capacity to anaerobically produce energy (either through the phosphagen system or glycolysis). These fibers, which fatigue quickly, are recruited for rapid, powerful movements such as jumping, throwing, and sprinting. For example, a 100-meter dash is anaerobic in nature and relies on this muscle type. Unlike slow-twitch muscle fiber, fast-twitch muscle fiber is not richly supplied with blood and oxygen. As a result, Type 2 muscle fibers appear white in color.

Our budget is $550-650/per day.

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